You can use your T-Mobile or AT&T SIM in a Verizon HTC 8X


File this under Windows Phone awesome. T-Mobile and AT&T customers who want a wireless charging capable HTC 8X are out of luck, as it's a Verizon exclusive. In addition, some folks may want a black or red version and instead have to settle for “California Blue” or yellow. Don't worry, we've got some good news for T-Mobile and AT&T customers.

What you'll see below is a screenshot from the Verizon model 8X (HTC6990LVW), but working perfectly fine with a micro-SIM from T-Mobile. The shot comes courtesy of Windows Phone Central reader WinDroidGuy, who won the 8X in a contest from HTC. It came in the typical retail packaging for Verizon and unlocked as he was able to access T-Mobile's HSPA+ network in the Pacific Northwest.

T-Mobile HSPA+ on Verizon HTC 8X

Is this magic? Nope, just looks like the 8X's being sold from Verizon might be unlocked. Which is great for customers who may want a different color or wireless charging, a feature exclusive to the Verizon branded 8X. On top of that, he's getting some fast speeds on the network. Check out the bottom right screenshot above and you can see it varies from 2.33 Mbps to 24.02 Mbps down. As pointed out below, the fast speeds were when he was connected to Verizon and not T-Mobile, anyone want to send in screenshots of the speeds they get with an ATT or T-Mobile SIM to get more data? 

T-Mobile HSPA+ on Verizon HTC 8X

Unfortunately, I didn't have have a Verizon 8X to test it on and was planning on hitting up my local Verizon store today, but WinDroidGuy went one step further and hopped down to his local store and tried it with his AT&T and T-Mobile SIM. At first I was dubious as to whether or not his 8X was special as it was directly from HTC, but twice is no coincidence and they must be unlocked at this point. Any of you on T-Mobile or AT&T considering getting a Verizon branded 8X now for wireless charging and some different colors? Or anyone with one want to send some more confirmations in? Let us know below.

Thanks for the tip WinDroidGuy 


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You can use your T-Mobile or AT&T SIM in a Verizon HTC 8X


Right? I'm on T-Mobile but have the 920 from //BUILD/. Otherwise I'd be all over that 8X from Verizon. Screw purple and give me red and wireless charging. 

Hmm I have an AT&T Lumia 920 and a Verizon 8x. Let me swap SIMs and see if AT&T LTE works....that would be awesome because I really like the 8x, but Verizon is terrible in my area and I don't want California Blue.

So far no go on AT&T LTE. It works with data, I had to manually enter an APN and get "H+" in the icon, but no LTE. It also doesn't give me LTE as an option in the 'highest connection speed' drop down. Anyone else have luck?

AT&T LTE shouldn't be working on the Verizon one as the SOC that's compatible with Verizon's LTE frequency is different from the one for AT&T.

what are the APN settings that you entered with the ATT card to make it work. i do have a verizon HTC 8X it shows H+ but does not access data . i appreciate your help

The VZW phones operate on their unique network in the US, but also have bands for int'l use. The TMO/AT&T SIM's are taking advantage of the int'l bands and making use of the phone that way.
Makes me wonder if I can get a friend to use their upgrade on VZW and let me get the phone that way! That will save a lot of money over buying one unlocked.

Yeah, the Verizon 8x apparently has quad-band UMTS support (850, 900, 1900, 2100).
The 850 and 1900 are there because those frequencies are in common use around the Americas and not just in the USA (Canada, Argentina, etc.). So, the fact that it works on AT&T is just a side-effect of preparing the phones to roam in Canada and Latin America.
It kinda makes sense that Verizon doesn't bother with a SIM lock on their devices -- the devices have GSM and UMTS *ONLY* for int'l roaming and locking the handsets to Verizon SIMs defeats the whole purpose.

Probably has to do with it being lte and Verizon having to leave it open as part of tr deal when they got the spectrum 

I think you're exactly right here.  It's the same as Verizon's iPhone 5's come unlocked as well.
However, AT&T and Verizon use different bands for LTE.  I wonder if it's possible to flash the radio with different firmware so it would work with AT&T?

This seems legit, I remember reading that its 3g specs are the penta band 850,900,1700,2100 ECT but also with a cdma chip inside and vrwz 4g network band.
hopefully works on XT in nz! :D

Going to the states at the end of the year.. would be awesome to know if these 8x's woudl work on nz's networks coz if so mite have to pick me up one!

Weird... in Australia HSPA/HSPA+ is still in the realm of 3G although sometimes HSPA+ is called 3.5G as it's faster than normal 3G. 4G is reserved for anything LTE - here it's actually called a "4G LTE Network". Telstra are planning on rolling out a LTE-A network in the near future that will probably be called 5G!
My HD7 isn't capable of 4G/LTE but it does show either 3G or H (HSPA) on the data symbol... I believe it is connecting at HSPA+ though

My brother wants a black 8x, but is stuck on AT&T...this would be great. Someone please provide results of using an AT&T sim in a Verizon 8x, and also do a speed test on LTE. Thanks!

I know the answer to AT&T LTE question. No, Verizon LTE devices will not support AT&T LTE even if it comes unlocked. They use different parts of the 700 MHz LTE spectrum that are incompatible. It will not work the other way either, i.e. AT&T LTE devices will not work on Verizon LTE even if you unlock it.

Quick someone find out and report back if the VZW 8X will work on ATT LTE, or if it would just be 3G.

This is because all verizons new phones are what they call world phones.  My 2 year old HTC Trophy has a sim card to access GSM networks if I travel abroad.  Not new for Verizon

Not exactly. For instance even though an iphone has a gsm card slot unlocking it only works outside of the US. If you try a US sim like ATT it doesnt work. 

Word of note, although im sure we aren't concerned with legacy hardware here. But my friend's recently unlocked lumia 900 has been pulling t-mo's HSPA+ network in the Orlando area, which is a good sign. Shows 4g at the top and everything.

You can find a link to it on the wpcentral website. You can't search for it in the store, but still comes up if you have the URL.

I use to use that, but since I have switched to WP8 I have not been able to find it. I wish I could find how to get it again.

Why always be in the US if the Verizon phone is unlocked?
Would be way cool for those that want a 8X with wireless charging or a Verizon exclusive color.

This may be a stupid question but how do you buy a phone from another mobile carrier? Do you have to have a plan/account with them?

Not if you're buying at full price. You own the phone at that point so can walk away with no contract. The reason we have 2 year contracts is because the phones are heavily subsidized. That being setting I'm definitely seeing the full retail price of phone coming down compared to a few years ago. You can buy a 16GB iPhone 5 off contract from AT&T for $599, a couple of years ago it was like $799 to get one off contract. And just look at the L920, its $449 from AT&T off contract. That's a bloody good price for that kind of quality hardware.

Re: my earlier comment... I mean can you put your AT&T SIM in the 810 from TMO and have it work on the ATT network?

My Lumia 920 regularly tests at 7-10Mbit on T-Mobile's network.
I suspect that the refarmed 1900 doesn't yet offer the same throughput as T-Mobile's native AWS band.

Nervermind Verizon does not use a SIM card for their CDMA/LTE network. The simcard slot in some models are for giving the option to make it a world phone.

No.  Sprint doesn't use sim cards other than for lte, and Verizon and sprint lte aren't compatible.  Also, Sprint won't activate a phone on their network (other than a few very rare exceptions, that isn't Sprint branded.

because Verizon had a deal to buy all that new network spectrum a few months ago. Verizon is being forced by the FCC to sell all new lte phones unlocked. That's gonna be the same for HTC DNA and every other lte phone that comes out. Verizon can't legally lock them to the network

I've tried this on StraightTalk got HSPA+ voice and text, but no MMS, when adding MMS APN it'll allow you to enter the information but will not save it, anyone else have this issue?

Yes, my GF recently had her Tmo HTC 8x stolen while on a trip, knowing how much she hates the Blue (purple) version Tmo sells, I decided I would get her the black version from Verizon. Setup phone only to discover she could not send text or MMS messages. Following up with Tmo, Verizon and HTC provided no resolution other than, because of the way the phones are configured differently between the 2 providers there is no fix for this, thus rendering the phone useless. Needless to say I returned the phone to Verizon (-$35 for restocking fee), picked up a purple Tmo 8x and all is right with the world again. So word of caution to anyone else who may want to swap out, it wont work. 

So, reading this article... Does mobile a vzw service work at the same time? Example get calls and text via vzw and data via mobile?