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Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone experiencing battery life issues? [Poll]

There's a discussion going on over at the Windows Phone Central forums that has us a little concerned about the Lumia 920's battery performance. Some are seeing their batteries being sucked dry in a few hours while some aren't seeing any issues.

Our Dan Rubino refers to his 920's battery life as fantastic and I would have agreed up until today when my 920 barely made it six hours on a full charge.  Oddly the back of my Lumia 920 became warm during throughout the morning.  Made for a great hand warmer but I'd trade cold hands for better battery life any day.

Here are what other have shared in the forums.

Downhillrider reports,

"I unplugged my 920 at exactly noon roughly 5-5:30 it was at around 32%. No games or music. Very moderate use. I hate to be that guy, but my iPhone would go all day and I wouldn't have to charge it until 8 or 9 in the evening. I'm hoping charging it to 100% and letting it drain completely for a few days will improve the battery charge. I only have a couple of apps that I let run in the background."

Irrationaljay adds,

"So I received my Lumia 920 (cyan) today, gave it a full charge. Now it has been 1 hour since my last charge and I only have 5 hours estimated left. I've already dropped to 77% is this normal? All I've been doing is listening to music and texting, no phone calls. And a couple rounds of angry birds.......anyone else having the same battery drain?"

However, two days later, irrationaljay updates things and reports that his battery life has improved after a few re-charging cycles.

Apoc527 shares,

"I got mine on Friday at around 11 am. After Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with suspect battery life (though it showed improvement on Sunday actually), today seems MUCH better. I haven't really changed much, except I'm through that "honeymoon period" of unreasonable usage amounts. Unplugged at 8 am today, it's now 1:15 pm. Used it for videos, installed Skype, took some pictures, a lot of texting, several email checks and some replies, some Internet. What I consider to be fairly normal usage, really." 

Lastly, adebo offers this,

"I did a complete discharge of the battery yesterday. I waited for the phone to power off on its own and then I repowered it on and let it die on its own again. I did a complete recharge to 100% afterwards and my battery life has improved dramatically. I have had the phone off of the charger for over 11 hours with moderate use including downloading apps, games, browser, texting, and phone calls and I am at 53% at the moment."

Just scanning the nine pages of comments in the forums discussion, most who have had crummy battery life eventually see things turn around. The 920's battery may just need conditioning or breaking in before the Lumia 920's battery makes it past lunch.

So what has your battery life been like? Out of the box fantastic or has it been an uphill battle? Cast your vote in our poll** and add your two cents worth in the forums.


[**Editor's Note: We struggled to find an adequate way to word this poll e.g. by hours, emotion ("Are you happy?"), comparison ("Better than your old phone?" )vetc. and we finally agreed on hours. Granted, everybody uses their phone differently, so even that is far from an adequate way to judge things. Having said that, we agreed it was the best for this polling attempt.]


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Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone experiencing battery life issues? [Poll]


Unplugged my 920 at 5am, 1 hour local music over Bluetooth headphones. Read a couple emails, Bluetooth connected to Sync in my car for 40 minutes, voice read a couple text messages, 845 am battery at 43%. Web search for Nokia 920 battery problems, found and read this forum and wrote this comment, 6 hours and now at 18. Disabled all recommended in this forum, great tips. I have found with other phones that the best way to extend battery life is to turn off your phone.


Limited a 920 battery life was much worse than my old titan. I shut off all background tasks and it made no difference. Reduced screen brightness from high to auto and very little difference. Discharged battery until phone shut off then booted it a dozen times or so until it refused to boot at all. Recharged to 100% and battery life is radically better, even better than my titan.

My battery life on my new Nokia 920 is truly shocking.
I left home at 8.50am with a fully charged phone, its now 10am and I'm down to 82%! In fact I lost 5% in the last 5 minutes and I havent even used the phone!

Definitely some issue with the battery or software on this phone. It's really inconsistent for me. Some days I can go for hours and hours and still be in the mid 80's. Other days it'll go down at what seems like about 10% per hour or more. When it''s good, it's amazing, when it's bad, it's horrible. I've read up on every tip and trick and haven't found the thing that makes it switch into quick drain mode or keep it in long life mode. Hoping this is something they can figure out and fix in an update.

All- I posted this in the nfc thread and am copying it here hoping to help as thus *seems* to have worked for me. Good luck.

I have a red 920. From the start I was having the same issues. Very little use and only 6 to 8 hours of battery. I read through these and other forums. Turned off NFC, drained the battery completely, blocked all programs from background, etc. Nothing worked. For a week I got only 8 hours to a charge.

Then I found a post from someone saying they spoke with Microsoft and they suggested deleting and reinstalling Skype and Facebook and reinstalling then. Apparently something wrong with tbd software that was looping something or other. It made sense with the battery draining and the heat issues I've heard about. So, I deleted both, let the battery drain down and gave it a full charge.

I am now 20 hours since my last charge and 22% battery left with pretty heavy use including about 4 hours playing music via the phone's external speakers. Granted the battery meter has said 3 hours remaining all day but I don't care what it says as long as I get good battery life. I would assume this will fix itself as well.

hopefully this fix lasts when I reinstall Facebook and Skype. Hope this helps some of the rest of you. Honestly, a software issue makes the most sense from everything I have read. Good luck to the rest of you.

Thank you, this seems like the most useful comment on the battery issue so far. I am having the same issue with my 920. I am going to uninstall the apps and let the battery drain. Please update this thread and let me know how the re-installation went. Thank you

UPDATE:  I reinstalled Facebook and noticed a slight drop in battery life, but it was still better than it was prior to uninstalling Skype and Facebook.  In the Facebook settings, I turned off all push notifications and am now experienceing the best battery life yet.  Yesterday the phone was unplugged at 7AM and plugged back in before I went to bed at 1AM with 52% remaining.  My "Hours left" percentage has been steadily increasing as well.  (Again, I assume this number is based on learning; for example, the phone shut off due to low power, but I was able to get it to turn back on and it lasted another 2 hours before it died again).
I have yet to reinstall Skype, because I don;t have much occasion to use it, but eventually I will as I used to use facetime, until I got sick of Apple.  The Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8 interface completely outdoes the iPhone and ios.

it seems to me that when i browse the web, go on facebook or twitter this is when it runs hot and the battery really drains fast. once i back all the way out, it cools down and battery gets better. i test drove the 822 for a week and the battery on that was great. it would last from 7 am to after midnight with HEAVY use and still have 30 to 40% left. just wanted the 920.

I just got my Lumia 920 2 days ago and I had some terrible battery life. The battery was draining while I had it plugged in even. I thought I might have had to get it replaced but today after I put it to charge this time over night the battery problems are gone. Started using it this morning around 10 heavily. Listening to podcasts browsing the web downloading apps and now its almost 5 and I have about 48% battery. I think the battery just needs a good really long charge.

hi i bouth lumia 920 . i am facing many problems with this smart phone. my whole battery drains out with very normal use in 6-8 hours. ok fine but the most weird problme is if the battery drains out completly to 0% and phone switched off it takes 1-2 days to start up again  i hate it never going to spend money on such phone ever :'(

Nothing made a difference as far as settings go. Until...
I removed Skype; and restarted twice.
Then my phone went from fairly useless as far as battery was concerned, overheating and the auto brightness was concerned.
Now my phone performs like a rock star. It doesn't even get warm to the touch so far. And what would make it scream for the charger; a glove to wear(well almost), is at 78% battery. Auto brightness? As far as I can tell so far; no longer an issue.
Lumia 920
I guess "expirimental" is a literal in the description of skype.

My Lumia 920 runs for maximum 6hrs on 3g network. I kept my data connection on overnight with all the background apps blocked. I had gone to sleep with full battery at 12am and I woke up at 8am to find it drained to 64%. I dont think is normal. Can somebody try the same thing and lemme know..???

I'm on my second Nokia 920 after the first one - on airport mode - the battery drained from 100% to nothing, overnight with no usage. It did this within 2 weeks of ownership. All battery saving tips I believe had been set up.
The second one, after 4 weeks of fine usage has just done exactly the same. And meant I was late for work, as I use it as my alarm clock. It's made me pretty angry. I want nothing more to do with this phone.
Vodafone; my network, can't offer me a different phone - but will replace with same model or give me 130 quid to buy it off me that I can then put towards a new phone; but they refer me to Nokia who might know a fix, but as I don't even want the phone anymore, I don't care.
Any one else have this problem? Or advice?


I have nokia lumia 920. I did not charge it for 4 or 5 days and it said low battery and turned off, and i charge for 2 hours but it does not turn on. is it usual?

Thank you.

My lumia 920 is drainig at a high rate and getting highly heated near the camera while playing high graphic games, such as real football 2013, and when i keep the phone idle swithing off all the background tasks its giving a longer life. I'm not satisfied with this kind of battery, nokia could have equipped the phone with a higher power battery.