Microsoft riffs on Google’s pay-to-promote results in new Bing ad

Microsoft is getting feisty again with their Bing service as they’re taking the fight to Google with quite a snarky holiday ad released on YouTube.

With its "A Visit from St. Nicholas" style narration, the ad takes on Google’s practice of listing shopping results not so much based on lowest price or other reasonable metrics but rather who paid the most. As it turns out, some of the top results in Google are there because a company paid to have them there, as opposed to being what is best for the shopper. Or so that is what Microsoft alleges.

In turn, Bing is shown as an alternative whereby online shoppers will get the very best deal with no small print having to be observed.

We have to admit it’s a clever little short. Although going through the cesspool of YouTube comments you can tell the Google (ergo Android) fans are out in full force with some actually defending Google’s practice.

You do have to give Microsoft a little credit here though with Bing. It’s a solid search engine and although Google “owns” search, Microsoft is not letting it go to them completely. According to ComScore, in the US Bing has managed to get 16% of the search market while Google still commands 66%. By comparison to last year, Bing has crept up slightly by 1.5% displacing Yahoo! as the #2 search engine. In other words, it a slow war of attrition with no signs of either side giving up.

But hey, the only way is up, right?


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Microsoft riffs on Google’s pay-to-promote results in new Bing ad


I actually like this ad. There was another scroogled ad that was tacky and amateur. This one is a little classier in its presentation and I think people would pay attention thanks to the clever rhyming

Are you referring to that cheesy video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WIluNt0mvA ?
The Surface product placement in that one is hilarious.
(I just love the moment when the guy catches it and the kickstand closes with the iconic click sound, while the gal extinguishes the fire - reminds me of the stunning choreography in that musical Surface Movement ad)

I've always avoided Google. I was a longtime user if other engines before Google ever came to be, then I learned of some of their less savory practices. So I'm glad someone is out there reminding consumers that there are more choices than just Google, choices that are consumer friendly.

I used to use google and google only. Until their business practices and other less desirable tactics turned me away. I avoid google search now.

After Gmail issue on my 920 (I m sure premeditated by google) I banned all their services from my digital life. Bing is equally fast and precise, it only lacks search by date ;)

Ever since Google Search and their Open DNS servers started getting hijacked, I gave up on Google completely. I just don't trust their marketing and privacy policies.
This whole Scroogled business just proves I was right about their sleezy tactics.

I don't care for Google and their way of doing things, and Bing rewards me...so it's an easy choice.

Been using Bing for along time now. Deserted Google search in 2010, Gmail in 2011, and Google Calendar in 2012. The only time I see Google search results is on my touchpad and I hardly use that anymore because my Lumia just does things better.

Hmm, this was a catchy ad.  Kept me watching for sure.
Already been using Bing.  I wish it'd load better on my GNex's browser.

Umm, I may be mistaken, but doesn't Bing use shopping results from shopping.com? As far as I know, that's also paid listing so Bing does the same thing that MS is saying Google does, no?

I'm an ecommerce manager and always used Google Shopping for product placement when it was free and fair.  Have pulled all my product feeds from Google since they started charging a couple months ago.  Now I  just Bing Shopping and The Find.

Like it, but I never like it when you include your competitor in an add for your product. In a round about way it's advertising for your competitor even if you are slamming them. Well made ad though.

I was doing some advertising for my girlfriend on Google and realized how businesses were getting ripped off. For $300 a month she could get her business on the front page. This was just one category in a myrid of billions of folks trying to advertise. This was back in 2005. I guess everyone has caught up to their practices. Go Bing!

The attached screenshot id the proof of how Bing says it on their results also that search is not based on money. 


"Although going through the cesspool of YouTube comments you can tell the Google (ergo Android) fans are out in full force with some actually defending Google’s practice."

Well, it is on YouTube and we all know who owns that.