Win Phone 7.8 for Nokia only rolling out for pre-production devices

Yesterday we reported on a few cases of Nokia Lumia phones starting to receive Windows Phone 7.8 on their devices. At the time, Nokia (and Microsoft) were quiet on the matter having not announced anything official about the update, which seemingly was released early. Then again, with the updates sitting on Nokia’s servers, anything was plausible.

As it turns out, some devices did get the update but it was limited to pre-production and early non-branded devices, ones often found in reviewer’s hands. The rollout appears to have been limited to certain IMEI numbers, targeting only a select few for the early OS treat.

The rest of you will evidently have to wait until “early 2013” when carriers and Microsoft get on board with the rollout. So bad news if you were expecting 7.8 before Christmas, sorry folks.

Source: Tweakers.net; via WMPU


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Win Phone 7.8 for Nokia only rolling out for pre-production devices


We work with the information provided. Also, note our headline said "reportedly rolling out" and we even added

"Note: This could be a staggered rollout, dependent on carriers and OEMs, so don't get your hopes too high just yet. Microsoft has yet to announce anything official about this occurring, meaning this is still limited to just a few users and phones."

We can't be responsible for your emotional state nor can we ensure you actually read the whole post. Finally, may I remind you you are talking about your phone, not a human being. Perspective, dude. It's an OS update not a life changing event, Petulance is not endearing character trait.

Well said Daniel, but what's with the request use of "dude" as of late. Lol

Related to the article though. Would have been nice, but 2013 isn't far off.

Funny how Last Boy Scout completely changed his rude nasty post and now Daniel's looks very strange indeed.
Don't worry Daniel, I saw what he originally posted... :-)

Based on Daniel's reply to last boy scout one can have an idea of what he said before changing his post. I gotta say, it's this kind of behaviour and comments that I really really dislike about phone or tech enthusiasts. They forget that at the end it's just a piece of technology that's supposed to make your life easier. It's not something that you should worship as if it was God or something. People there is life after your phones. You won't die if you stop using them for a day or two. In fact you might start noticing things that you didn't notice before because you were too busy downloading that new OS, downloading that new game, downloading that new app and thn trying them all until you know everything there is to know about them. Y'all really need to calm down...

And thanks for nothing 'Last boy scout'! Here I was hoping you'd be our beacon of light, but alas its such a shame you turned out differently. I know its not your fault, but thanks for getting my hopes up!!.
Oh wait... Its just a random name on the interwebs you say???

It did sound too good to be TRUE. But it makes sense as I've previously stated that until wp8 has a good go at the market. Wp7.8 wont be released. Plus 7.8 ready handsets haven't been released. Only after that I think will we see wp7.8 update for legacy handsets. I'm waiting for HTC Titan sim-free update UK.

Updated mine with navifirm and Nokia suit was easy on my lumia 800 from 3 Sweden some German guy made an guide on YouTube took me 30 min approx. Have to say that iam pleased so far.

They have the technology they updated me :) and I updated my l800 with Zune i was surprised because i don't know why my phone gets an update it is just a normal T-Mobile Lumia 800 no special phone and I don't think I have an special IMEI.

Microsoft said many months ago that WP 7.8 would arrive approximately 90 days after WP8. Do you expect them to repeat it to you every time a rumor comes out?

Exactly. All these impatient children really annoy me. MS already said what they are going to say on the matter. Expecting an update every week on this is idiotic.

Exactly, if you want it sooner, go to XDA, unlock your phone and install a custom 7.8 rom and you could have it tonight !

Seriously some getting my hopes up. Skipping ever article until Microsoft confirms something. But it was a fun thought that 7.8 update.lol

I tried to calm down you ppl. But you wouldn't listen to me. Just sit tight and wait for it. 2013 is just around the corner!.

Oh well. Apparently if you want to have an update, you have to get it yourself from Nokia's server. And if you're not tech-savvy enough to do it, then "f**k you" is Microsoft answer.
I was finding this attitude of Microsoft and Nokia too good to be true. For a moment I thought they were leaving their douchbag-attitude behind and just release the update - which is already on their servers - to their clients who where stupid enough to support Windows Phone one and two years ago (in which I'm regrettably included). I thought perhaps they were taking the marketing chance and use the 21st of December - the "end of the world" day - to roll out 7.8 and mark the day as the "end of the 7.5" world. But apparently they still have a moron as head of their marketing.
Now I see everything's back to normal. They're still treating every 7.5 user as a second-class client.

Partially sarcasm, partially real ;) I do think Microsoft is mistreating it's existing costumers by retaining an update without any need for it and I do think it's utter stupidity not taking the chance to pull a marketing stunt on December 21st.

But I personally don't care anymore if WP 7.8 comes or not. I could just flash it to my phone if I cared enough to spend a few hours reading to learn how to properly flash the software, but once the new features were confirmed and none really appealed to me, I've decided that my Lumia 800 will last another year until the 2 years warranty expires, with or without 7.8. Honestly I really don't need new logos and resizable tiles.It's pretty but I don't *need* them. I had the hope they would fix more basic *useful* things like the lack of personalization of sms/email/alarm tunes - something my 10 year old Nokias are able to do - but apparently they won't even do that with WP8, let alone 7.8. So...meh.

This time next year I'll see what's in the market and chose another phone. If it will be an Windows Phone 9, an Android Lollipop or the iPhone 6, I'll see then.

I agree. I think that in next 2 months most people using WP7.5 will migrate to WP8 phones anyway. There is no need to release WP7.8 now. Only time when releasing WP7.8 would make sense would be before WP8 premiere or at same time as WP8.  Now its better to focus on fixing WP8.

Spare me the "MS didn't have to make this" argument. 'cause it's not really an argument.

Did Microsoft had to do this? No, of course not. They could have simply announced the abandonement of the OS and face the fact that they would be loosing even more customers than they did with this.

But they decided to do it. I bet more as a way to avoid a customer desertion than as a "token of appreciation" but if thinking that makes you happy, so be it.
Now, regardless of the motive, they decided to do it. And they announced it in June. The update is already available at Nokia's servers awaiting roll out. So WHY are they holding to it? No plausible reason, appart from expecting that the wait will make people get a WP8 instead.

That's the thing that pisses me off in all this. As Master Yoda *nerdalert* would say "Do or do not".
If they decided to announce the release of WP 7.8, then just release it when it's ready.
If they didn't really intended to do it, then they should have shut up about it. Actually, it would have been wiser if they had just shut up in June and said absolutely nothing reagarding the future of WP7, if they didn't intended to abandon it.
This way they are making customers angrier and angrier with this stupid and unecessary wait.
But here, again, lies the fault of the marketing department (or spokesman office, or whatever you call it in the country where you live).

As for me, I've already said what I'll be doing.

does anyone know, if updated via navifirm/caresuite will we still get further updates (if made available) via zune?

You should be able to get updates. It really depends on which rom/sku you flashed onto the device. if youhave a carrier specific image, it is up to the carrier if you will get future updates. This all depends on msoft making any more updates for wp7.

You will get future updates depending on your product code, no matter what offical firmware you flashed. However you won't be able to use official update if you run certain custom ROMs.

ah yes, always have to come out with a capitulating statement to ease those shriveled nerves of the carriers.

Wow people need to cool there jets the update will come for those carrying a Nokia device for sure but if you have anything else I wouldn't hold your breath especially if your on at&t I'm still waiting for tango for my titan 2.

Someone just need to capture the URL or cab file that is downloaded for 7.8 and everyone will have it in a few days......someone must have a Nokia that can capture the cab file for everyone out there !!!!!

Update is available at my local Nokia store - Mumbai, India and I'm sending this from a fully updated Lumia 800 :)

I don't get all this wpcentral bashing. If you are so ahead of them in terms of wp news go ahead with your own blog. :| *sigh*

I feel they are great. Follow them on a daily basis and get most of my wp goodness here.

Hey Daniel yesterday I talked to a Nokia Care Center guy and he told me that if I get my phone there he can update my phone to WP 7.8 but i will lose all my data. So I am confused.

He won't "update" your phone. He will flash you the software into your phone. The same you can do with Navifirm. The diference is that in the update you won't loose any data (installed apps, game scores, contacts etc) and when you flash the software it resets your phone to install the new software.

Microsoft should buy T-Mobile. Then no more carrier BS. After all, they're a "devices and services" company now, right? Buy T-Mobile and invest heavily in the network. I would imagine most people would be thrilled at having a new cell phone provider as all the current ones are rotten bastards.

While I am not really all that concerned and plan on waiting any how (to be honest, the rumor that the Zenith is among the handsets to be shelved by HTC)., what irks me just a bit is Nokia releasing it to any without any inkling to their customer base that this is what was happening. It appears there are enough of these handsets in the hands of journalists and devs to set off a general rumor that it was being rolled out, even if only for Nokia. To be honest, my first impulse was the evil, "Oh, great. Nokia will get 7.8 in 2012 and the rest of us wait until March." While I feel better that doesnot appear to be the case, I am a bit miffed that this was allowed to happen without someone sending up a flare. "Hey, chill guys! Just kidding" LOL

Flashed my Lumia 800 with an official rom from Nokia's Server. Enjoying the new start screen. Gotta say the option of 3 sized tiles can help accomodate a LOT on the start screen. :)

Here in Brazil, thought NavFirm and Nokia Care Suit we have a considered number Lumias with WP 7.8.
And we are using RingTone Maker and Bluetooth SHaring.

Those who already have the 7.8 update can tell us whats new?
It's only the new home screen or is there anything else?
IE10 maybe? 

Start screen, bing wallpaper option, google as default search (in IE), no IE10, no bluetooth file sharing at this moment nor ringtone maker, new tile colours. Third party apps cannot be wide tiled (yet), no wifi keep alive no sms draft.

Can someone explain this to me? :P
Dear Samuel,

Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care. The Service Request No. is 1-13572165058

This e-mail is in reference to upgrade the software of operating system Windows 7.8 in your Nokia Lumia 800.

In response to your e-mail, I would like to inform you that Windows 7.8 is available in Indian maerket and you can download free through zune or by visiting Nokia Care Centre so our technician will assist you in a best possible manner.

I recommend you to take along the proof of purchase/receipt while visiting the Nokia Care Centre.

Please note that Nokia Warranty Terms & Conditions may apply. To read, please visit http://www.nokia.co.in/warranty

For location of a Nokia Care Centre nearest to you, kindly access the following web link:


Before visiting at the Nokia Care Centre, I would request you to take a back up of your device with the help of Skydrive and you can also synchronize your device data through Zune PC software.

To back up your content, you can also sync your phone to your computer with Zune or Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac without updating your phone software.

Syncing does not back up your system settings or your apps. You can also set your phone to sync your contacts to Outlook, so you can restore them to your phone from your computer.

Note: You can save picture, music and video files in Zune software and can restore them from there in your device. Contacts will be saved on your live id you can import them from www.live.com

Kindly let me know if you require any further information.

Thanks & Regards,

Divya Cynthia
E-mail Specialist - Nokia Care India