Music video shot with the Nokia Lumia 920, Kermit would be jealous

We've seen plenty of impressive video footage captured by the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone and this time we see it used to make a music video.

Windows Phone Central reader Soundtweaker shared this video when commenting on the Fan Video on the Lumia 920 we posted earlier. Soundtweaker not only used the Lumia 920 to shoot the video but those magnetic lens attachments were used for the fish-eyed portions of the video.

Granted the movie out takes from Frogs wasn't shot with the Lumia 920 but the portions shot came out great. The wide angle lens attactment preformed well and Illogistical Resource Department's "The Attack of the Frogs" is a nice example of what the Nokia Lumia 920 is capable of.

Source: AphagiaRecordings; Thanks, Soundtweaker, for sharing!


Reader comments

Music video shot with the Nokia Lumia 920, Kermit would be jealous


Thanks for the writeup! I tryed to soften the Nokia footage slightly to match the vintage feel of the film clips.
Loving the camera on my 920 more everyday.

Couldn't view the HD version as it's on YouTube and I'm ON A WINDOWS PHONE! I'll take your word that it's shot well, though, George...

I sometimes think that Google just needs to be put in their place. I mean, the interface changes I couldn't care less about, but when I can't watch HD videos because their server upload is too slow or because they won't allow Windows Phone to simply hook into the already-in-place API, well that's when I get fed up with them. Sorry, I've just been dealing with this forever and it looks like it's not changing anytime soon. I don't know what happened, but speeds are abysmal on YouTube, as of late. It may be a regional thing, but I can't watch HD videos and haven't been able to for a couple months.

Not trying to be rude but leoberto we don't care what you think is better a comment on this video would make more sense

I like the video and the fact that it's shot by the L920 is amazing! Such creativity and so clear.
BTW, I am using my WP and I was able to view the video in HD.

This is the video WPC chooses to post to represent the WP8 platform? I love my Lumia, but this video is straight out of 1996, and I picture Bevis and Butthead making fun of it on MTV. This isn't going to make anyone go out and buy a Lumia. I worry more each day that the only thing that is going to keep it afloat is Microsoft's deep pockets.

This is just crap. Buying the phone and spending the money on it doesn't make me like that crappy video or crappy song the slightest bit.
WP-fanatics going wild because they have to like it.