Nokia updating a few Collection apps and more

Nokia Ringtone Maker

Nokia has been a busy bee indeed, and has begun rolling out a number of updates for its collection of apps and system apps available for Windows Phone hardware. Accessories, World of Redbull, Weather, Panorama and Ringtone Maker. We're not entirely sure what's new in the apps that have been bumped to a new version, and life is made that much more difficult with the Windows Phone Store being down.

Nokia recently updated its Accessories app to include a new lockscreen design for when a Lumia Windows Phone is docked to a wireless charging stand. A thread over on our community forum has already kicked off with a noticeable speed increase present in the latest update. You can download the apps using these direct links:

Have you noticed anything in the latest version of the apps listed? Be sure to let us know in the comments.


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Nokia updating a few Collection apps and more


I've experienced a bug with the updated RedBull app, where it won't exit the app if you press or double press the back button, you are able to go to the start screen however and holding the back button there shows the app open in the multi-task, however nothing will close it short of a restart.

I have had this problem with my 920 since day one. And it occurs with several different apps and even the web browser. Really annoying!

I have updates showing right now for Panorama and Accessories. The store is unavailable for Panorama but Accessories can be updated. Also updates for a couple of other apps, like Cocktail Flow.

I can't even see a "Panorama" app by Nokia, only "Camera Extras" and I am able to access apps fine via the store as of now (Lumia 900 USA region). I can't find it via search or by listing of Nokia apps. Are some of those apps for WP8 only? i.e. Panorama and Ringtone Maker...?

Panorama-got it, but I think Ringtone Maker was taken off the store, can't find it and with direct link its says unavailable (USA)

Finally Ringtone Maker works! And actually well, even now lets you use music downloaded through xbox music pass

No way! It doesn't on mine. Hmmmm! Maybe I need to uninstall and reinstall. Weird!
EDIT:Uninstall and reinstall still doesn't work.

Its down that's why. I managed to update the Nokia Weather App. - It still has ads so I deleted straight away and will use WeatherFlow again. Nokia drop the ads.

I don't think Nokia can do anything about Ads in it... The app is actually made by Weather.com, not Nokia.

I received an update for the panorama app, it is improved, but still no as easy to use as the ios panorama function.

It may not be "easier" but the quality of the images is better... every iOS panorama I've seen looks like a distorted fish eye effect.

Agreed, my iphone 4 was not so good at doing panoramics. The lumia isn't that much better but at least the photo created is rectangular and more consistent. 

That's if the ringtone maker is even available. I haven't seen it since it was initially released and then there were issues and then pulled

For some reason I can never see it in the market either, even when searching the exact name.  I have to use the links (as in this article).

I downloaded the Accessories update.  It is WAY faster.  Selecting the accessory within the setting and selecting the associated app from a list is almost instantanious.  And using the charging stand's NFC to launch the application is also improved greatly.  All in all a very welcom update

Ringtone Maker still doesn't work correctly for me.  Weird thing is the only songs I can get to show and do something with are from a Wale Mix tape from Datpiff.com.  The Genre shows up as unknown in the program and looking at the properties of the files in Windows almost everything shows up as unknown.  I am going to play around with the MP3s to see if I can get this to work correctly.

Well Pookie, let's hope that Nokia brings it to WP8 because that was one of the reason why I bought one, so that I could talk to my family abroad, and it can become another reason for me to purchase a Lumia, so that my wife can also do the same thing.
Fingers cross for the both of us!

Why does the panorama app have such bad reviews. I used it no problems couple days ago at the Capital One Bowl without fail. *shrugs*

I wonder what the update does..

ringtone maker- more stable but for some reason, under Songs, no songs come up, but I'm able to select songs from my playlists created in Xbox Music.  Weird...
Panorama--seems like there's a speed improvement.  Was the Creative Studio link there before in the menu? I think it was but don't remember. 

Accessories runs much faster now. Changes I have noticed on the clock and weather app. I have two NFC wireless cradles so it now makes a nice desktop and nightstand clock.

  1. The back, windows, and search button now turn off while the clock is on! Nice work! Now dimming the screen by swiping up and down can result in a dark bedroom. Before those lights stayed on and illuminated the room. OH and they come back on when it detects your hand waving in front of the phone. VERY COOL and nice sue of the proximity sensor!
  2. Registers every NFC tap and app launch now. Before it sometimes required a reboot before it would register the NFC Tap and app launching sometimes took forever.
  3. Stability was an issue before as I would set the clock before going to bed and would wake up the next morning to find that the app had crashed. Didn't effect the alarm though since that is handled by the native alarm app built into WP8. No issues yet but will need to see how it fares.

THANKS NOKIA!!!! This is a reason why I question why anyone would buy any other device for Windows Phone.

To be clear, what clock app are you talking about? The new accessories NFC screensaver screen does not turn off those buttons, which is what I figured you were talking about; And how I believe it should behave.

I got the second update for Accessories... it does not do as you described, OP! It's still glowing ever so brightly