627.AM updated to Windows Phone 8


627.AM is a nifty daily assistant that includes a wake-up alarm, daily weather forecasts, and notes. While the free, ad-supported version is still Windows Phone 7.x compatible, the paid version of 627.AM was recently updated to Windows Phone 8.

The version 1.6 update for the paid version of 627.AM adds fast app resume support, a few bug fixes, resolution support for 720 HD screens and live tile support.


The live tile support offers the multiple sized tiles and the tiles now show alarm time correctly for the various regions.  The wide tile displays the alarm, current temperature and a count of your notes.

There isn't a trial version for the Windows Phone 8 version of 627.AM and it is currently running $1.49. The free version of 627.AM is compatible with both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices.  The free version is ad supported and will give you a good feel for things if you're on the fence.

You can find the paid version of 627.AM here and the free version of 627.AM here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: 627.AM Paid                     QR: 627.AM Free


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627.AM updated to Windows Phone 8


Hi guys, I am the dev. Just so you know the free version will get the same update in about a weeks time, with exactly the same new features. The only difference is ( will always be) the ads. :)Hope you guys like it! :)

Hi Justin.  I've been using this app for about a year or so now and love it!  The only thing is on my Trophy with WP7 the volume of the alarm was directly related to the master volume of the phone.  However, since I've upgraded to an 8X there doesn't seem to be a way to change the alarm volume.  Do you know anything about that?  It's fairly annoying since I used to turn my phone down to about 3 or 4 but now the alarm goes off as if it's turned up to 15 regardless of the phone volume.  Just curious.  Either way, keep up the good work!

Cameron, Squatting Hen's right about that 3rd party alarm apps can't control the volume of the alarm; however, you should be able to set the volume by the phone's volume keys. I just tested it on my Lumia 920 n old HTC Trophy, surprisingly the vol of the alarm is directly related to vol of the phone for my Trophy but it's always the same vol on my Lumia 920... I think it's a new bug in the WP8 OS, it's like something going backwards... Unfortunately there's not much I can do to help. :(

Come to think of it, I found a thread on one of these blogs about this issue.  Seems a little ridiculous that I can't control the volume of the alarm.  Some people suggested just getting a quieter ring tone which I guess would work but I don't even know where to begin looking.  There was an alarm I had, can't remember if it was this one or one I had on my Incredible a while back, that would gradually increase the volume.  So it would start of real low and just get louder from there.  I would love it if this app could do the same thing, or possibly just include a ringtone that did that.

Oooh this sounds fantastic!! Overall I'm happy with my L920 but the fact that I can't control the alarm volume is incredibly annoying! I always have to wrap my phone in thick clothes for the night to avoid the huge shock when it goes off... Really hope you can make it work with the gradual increase ringtone - fingers crossed!

reminders for todo n other languages are top 2 priorities in my list. :) But for the latter I do need help from you guys, I can only do Chinese. :)

Love this app, but for some reason when I open the app and select a function it will not load up and I have to close the app and launch it again.  Any fix for this?

Yeah... The location service is a part of the weather service. It's not perfect atm but I believe it will get better over time.

Yeah I love this app as well. I have been using it since I first heard about it a long time ago. Good work Justin!

Is there anyway to add more detailed statistical info of what uses the battery most? Screen, GPS, cellular data, idle etc...? If I remember correctly, in Symbian^3 there was this kind of feature.

Hi Justin, just one problem I have with the app: on the homepage (with task list, time etc) you also have that small 5 day forecast thing and also tell us the conditions for tomorrow without us having to open up the entire weather view, but I'd much rather get today's forecast, because currently I have to open the weather thing up to actually get the relevant "now" info. That's about it, thanks.

Actually the forecast display on the main page will show either today's or tomorrow's forecast based on whether the alarm time is for today or for tomorrow. 

Say if your alarm time is 8:00AM this morning and it's 7:00AM now then it will show today's forecast; if your alarm time has passed within an hour (e.g. 8:45AM), it will still show today's forecast, otherwise (e.g. 9:30AM), it will show tomorrow's. Why 'an hour' here is because normally that's plenty of time for you to get up and go out. I designed it this way just wanted to make it smarter and give the most relavant data to the users (maybe this should be an option for the users? LOL).

Having said all this, there's actually a quicker way to see the current temperature - either use the wide live tile or, use the normal tile but change the tile design (on settings page) to include the current temperature. They both have the current temperature displayed on them. The weather data on the tile auto-refreshes every hour, it's basically the same data as what you see on the weather details page.
What do you think of this alternative?

Thanks for the prompt response! Yeah that does make sense actually and I just gave the configured live tile ago, very neat works perfectly. I really do like your app as it does fully embrace the metro design language so thanks for your effort on that. Overall easy to use, so thanks again.

Btw I currently live in Sydney and I so bet you're happy to not have to deal with our 40 degree heat wave tomorrow haha

Yeah that's no problem :) - I mean you can always add it as a user option if you feel like it but the live tile is certainly very capable.

Anyway yeah im gonna stay inside and have ice cream all day, might go see the giant rubber duck at darling harbour on Sunday.

Oh yeah that duck!! I saw some photos of it and it's so cute!!!! But I can't imagine I'd go see it under 40 degrees, LOL... Anyway have a good wkd!

Have you thought about adding an option for users to set alarms depending upon the time they decide to go to sleep, based off of sleep cycles? If you could add such an option to the app, I would be happy to pay extra for as this is the kind of functionality that I cannot find on WP8 (at least one that doesn't crash my phone). The best system that I know of based off of sleep cycles is the system used at sleepyti.me. Thanks!

Is it possible for you to add fade in alarm setting in app?? Cause in Nokia Lumia alarm volume directly related to master volume.

Or add more fade in alarm sounds. Request you to please work on this. Overall app is superb.