WhatsApp promises lots of improvements inbound for Windows Phone. Fingers crossed.

Prepare yourselves, ladies and gentlemen. WhatsApp has announced a number of releases are in the pipeline for its Windows Phone client, which are said to contain improvements for the overall user experience.

The popular communications app was made available for Windows Phone 8 just last month, following a period where the app was not available for consumers on the latest version of Microsoft's mobile platform.

There have been a number of complaints from readers about the quality of the experience in WhatsApp and many are clutching at straws to see the company release an update that addresses most common concerns. Could the next build be the one for Windows Phone that solves everything? Possibly. But we've grown tired of waiting on the team to believe anything will change. 

You can download WhatsApp from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Giovanni, for the tip!

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Reader comments

WhatsApp promises lots of improvements inbound for Windows Phone. Fingers crossed.


Personally don't see what's great about WhatsApp. Didn't use it on Android and probably will never use it on Windows Phone

Not all people are on fb chat all the time.  I dont think you can send or receive offline messages on integrated. 
Whatsapp and other messaging apps allow receiving texts at any time just like normal texting. 

Yes, I'm not sure what's the deal with messaging (and I mean both on Windows Phones and Windows 8), but I only receive the messages about 40% of the time. I wish these apps would at least synchronize their history.

You are assuming everyone is on Facebook and you are friends with them. WhatsApp is a great free replacement to MMS and is a must for overseas texting.

Thinking globally, it is great for international messaging since it is free. Actually a service provider in Pakistan has a promotion where any data used for Whatsapp is free.

I love it when someone comes in and says 'i dont use it so I don't see the point of it'. News flash! The world does not revolve around you!!

It saved me almost 10,000$ the past couple of years, I use it to text everyone on my contact list wherever they are.

I have a friend who doesn't have unlimited texts, but does have unlimited data. I send pics through Whatsapp as the integrated facebook chat, and the facebook app don't allow me to send pics through messages.

What decade are you in? If you have somebody's phone #, you don't need anything else. I only have emails addresses for a fraction of my friends.

It seems it's a good thing you don't use it. All I hear is people whining about how horrible the app is. Yet they still use it. I'd move on. I don't understand why people would use something that the developers don't even care about and then defend it and even belittle a person for. There are always alternatives. The developers would act swiftly if people didn't act like they had to use something because their friend does.

People whine, because most of their friends use whatsapp, and that forces them to use it. its the same in my case as well. Most of my friends use Androids and iphones, where whatsapp is really nice. so i cant make them change to kik messenger or something else just because i have a crappy win 8 whatsapp. Bottom line, deal with it guys. 

I use it. It's not bad at all. It's pretty snappy, and works a lot better / is more feature rich than Viber.

I thought so too. But I recently visited my hometown in India, pretty much all of my friends with smartphones are using whatsapp to text eachother.  It has some nifty group chat feature. I'm sure you can do the same in other apps like skype or groupme but this seem to be implemented well. Now I'm keeping in touch with my friends in India via whats up - seems very easy this way. 
I don't have problem with WP8 version of whats app. But i have some minor gripes
1) I can share any audio files with my friends, while my android friends can.(it does let you record and send audio but no way to pick saved files).
2) seeing full screen pic of my contacts is not possible.
3) No proper way to add some manually. 
4) it does appeat to drain my battery faster.(I'm using 920)

Yeah, I remember writing to them once asking for audio and video uploads and locating them on your phone after downloading aside just pictures, Hope this updates bring them.

Great, I've replaced iMessage with WhatsApp. The app itself is kind of terribleish? I rarely get audio notes to work. It's serviceable, but I'm excited about updates.

Changes I Want :
> Peoples Hub Integration
> Ability to pin contacts/chats to home screen
> App runs and updates constantly in the background

Thank you, yes must be more windows phone oriented, and windows phone is all about the start screen, use it with its live tiles! Please whatsapp, and for the commenter who says why use whatsapp! Some countries relay on it, like jordan.

I seem to get notifications after like 30mins after d message has been sent. The app is so slow. I hope its improved

I'm unsure if the app in your case has delayed notification, or i think is u missed the first notification and heard the second one. I just realised that whatsapp will send second notification about 15 minutes later if the first notification is ignored.

I know some people come in here asking what the is the fuzz abou WhatsApp. It is the default standard that has replaced SMS and MMS in some countries or at least younger demographics. A friend who knows I know a lot about smartphones asked me wether he should get the HTC 8S or the Motorola Razor i (only two offers on his contract as a free upgrade) and even though he has not much of an idea about smartphones at least he could tell me what he wanted. Mapping, WhatsApp & Spotify. I could not recommend the HTC and had to recommend an Android phone (which I never did before ICS but they are steadily improving.
I know a girl that returned her WP7 for an Android because of how shitty whatsapp was.

Yeah but the big downer is, that it uses your phone number.
Unlike FB or BBM which gives you seperation between your very private phone number and messaging you.
BBM has it nailed when it comes to messaging. MS should buy them and integrate BBM and make it the messenger for Skype / everything :)

I recently started using it on wp7.5 to keep in touch with family across the world. We have a group chat for the entire family. We have different phones, some don't have Facebook, etc, yet we kept everyone informed at the same time when one relative was in the hospital. Also useful to send each other holiday photos and well wishes, etc.

The only problem I have with Whatsapp is that when you get a notification it doesn't mean you get the message instantly it always has to load (very slowly at that). I hope in the update when we get a notification we can instantly access the message without loading.

I use it daily. Brilliant for sending photos and group chat.
I would like to see......
*a new 'windows phone' style layout.
*Double wide tile with message preview
*Lockscreen notification
*access to videos previously recorded and screenshots
*not using the sound api thingy


I don't understand the 'Windows Phone Style' comment. Swiping sideways through chats, favourites and contacts is very "Metro". Also the chat message bubbles look like the stock messaging app too.

Plus in WP8 you can attach photos from the screenshots folder?

I agree with the rest though. Especially videos and the music streaming API for notifications.

Hey. By windows phone style layout I think I would like a nicer look to whatsapp. Maybe larger tiles with group pictures.....more easy on the eye and nicer to navigate around.
And you can definitely NOT add a screenshot as an image.

Attention! To WhatsApp Team!!
Guys, this app is the most commonly used means of chatting
in the middle East and Africa! Please What I expect from the
the latest update, is the increase size of fonts and italics and
whatsapp emotions and background, and sound notifications

If only they can add things like video and audio sending, speed improvement a little as in when the app is opening (its still kinda slow) some emotions, and remove that load thingy when you scroll up in the chat window to read previous chats. Also if we could just click on the contacts photo to view it fullscreen would be great. otherwise this app is awesome.. I use it all the time :)

While my Titan was being repaired, I was using a low-end Nokia Asha phone. I was stunned not only to discover that WhatsApp is available for Nokia S40 phones, but that it is absolutely wonderful to use! The push notifications are instant and all the features work. Also it doesn't interrupt your paused playlist and replace it with itself.
With the fantastic dev tools available for WP, I'm amazed they've managed to drop the ball so comprehensively.

Could the next build be the one for Windows Phone that solves everything? Possibly. But we've grown tired of waiting on the team to believe anything will change.

One can say the SAME thing about Microsoft and 7.8.

I use it more than txt msgs now on my WP 7.5 yes it has a few issues but nothing major or that can't be fixed most of my friends use it if not all, Facebook chat just isn't reliable enough for me, I can see WhatsApp having a big 2013 free txts, pics, voice clips to send sounds good to me :) over WiFi. Txt msg killer?

it's pretty good in wp8. I'm only missing the fast app resume and the screenshot sending option. And lock screen notifictaions would be great.

It's not the visuals, it's about responsiveness, UI is too slow. They can definitelly do UI tricks to make it appear faster, would change the perception a LOT.

Skype doesn't work in background in WP7.5. Also,I don't need to send invites. As long as I have contact number, I can text. Whatsapp needs to get it's act together or some1 smarter will come and take over. Ask MySpace.com!

some features i would love to see for the next updates are :
1. customization incoming notification sound from personal message and group message. i'm not sure if this is possible due to the limitation from wp8 it self.
2. ability to send screen shot. i find it a pain the a** if i have to reupload it to skydrive..download it then send them from my local album. taking too much time
3. last but not least, to view profile picture in full screen, that would be great

I absolutely love WhatsApp. I can be in touch with my android buddies and even symbian buddies. Plus it allows sharing of files i.e pics and video which is about the only way to share them on windows phone currently if u count email out. Its the saving grace for windows phone since we cant send files over bluetooth.

I won't complain to the team being slow and shaky. Use to it already. But really, if I had just one complaint, it would be Video sending. It's really embarrassing not being able to send videos in 2013. By videos i mean the ones not taken through the application. I'm aware you can record video through whatsapp to send but I'm pretty sure there are more videos taken randomly when whatsapp is not in use.

Just integrate   the app with the messages hub. Or make it (a lot) faster opening.
In Spain there's no smartphone without whatsapp. I use it every other day.