Service Alert: Windows Phone Store is having more issues than a magazine rack. [Update 2]

We’ve been getting reports all morning of specific errors when attempting to download apps from the Windows Phone Store, specifically c101a006, c101a007 and 805a01F4. For instance, we’ve had a few inquiries about our app with people having difficulty updating it and being thrown one of the above errors.

For its part, Microsoft is detailing a few Live service outages including one related to Xbox Music on Windows Phone (support.xbox.com/xbox-live-status)  and Facebook connected services (status.live.com). None of those mentions Windows Phone Store directly but we’re certain that something is connected here.

Of course this isn’t a worldwide problem so your Store may be fine. Here in the US we did have an error but retrying to download the app went fine. Others as far away as Norway though have reported the difficulties as well. Just sit tight and we’ll let Microsoft fix what they need to as this is usually addressed in a few hours.

Sound off in comments with your phone, location and if you’re having problems—you know, to make everyone feel better that they’re not alone in this cruel world. Thanks, everyone, who tipped us!

Update: Microsoft has clarified that this ONLY affects PAID apps. It's a problem with Purchasing and Billing. Thanks, Andrew W., for the tip

Update 2: Microsoft now says the issue is resolved.


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Service Alert: Windows Phone Store is having more issues than a magazine rack. [Update 2]



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Happy New Year!



Also, this has been an issue for almost two weeks for me.  Being able to go on the windowsphone.com website and look at apps and have it dl on my phone through there, haven't been able to.  Was working pre portico. 

Actually, my Android work phone auto updates unless permissions change. Haven't had one problem in year and half with app store. Now phone is a mess, but not services.

nice feature until it drains your battery constantly checking for updates. had this happen to me so many times back when I had my galaxy nexus

He said "so many fuckups and bugs...missing android" to which i said that android also has bugs and fuckups, like every single platform, so it's not such a big deal - no aggresion on any plaftorm. Was that too much to follow for you ? Or did i struck a nerve saying something negative about android ?

So if we FINALLY have an xbox release tomorrow (that ALL WP users can play) we wont be able to download it anyway haha Well done MS

Same here, thought it was a bug with the update and updating the app, So, I uninstalled WPcentral, now I can't reinstall it..... At least WPcentral works fine on IE 10, and with LTE coverage at home, it's pretty quick..

Only app that I can't download is the update for your app..  Seems the store has a specific grudge at the moment for WPCentral...

Didn't ios have like a major issue with their app store and their services a few months back? Lol I just find it hilarious that people miss ios and android over something as minor as this

a couple of hours here eand there once a month is annoying but not as bad as when certain IOS features were completely unavaiable such as iMessage

Haven't been able to install Microsoft's Facebook App in Germany all day (over ten hours now), at least over here it doesn't affect only paid apps. (Lumia 820)

I have the issue too, not only with paid but also with free apps, and the facebook issue, and also some of my outlook.com contacts doesn't appear on my lumia 920 #sad

I am getting Problems with Updating WPC and YT Downloader.. YES Its just Paid apps and NOT Paid Games or free stuff as I just downloaded a paid game update normally.. MS needs to get their shit together lol

So the "Store unavailable" alert when I tried to redownload the Speedtest.net app, is a figment of my imagination, because its not a paid app?

Yep. I have had ongoing issues on both my L920 and 900. As a matter of fact, I have had connection issues in the WPCentral app a lot lately. It seems to center around connection issues with the tapatalk servers, or so it says. Just seems to be an issue while I am browsing the forums. Anyone else having issues there as well? Oh well...

Why can't MS get this right yet?! Every other week I read about a problem with the market it seems like.

I have also been fighting with these error thought it was something wrong with my phone, resetet it what i shouldn't have donw and got my phone bricked just by reseting it. After hours of try and error i got it fixed but i still can't download some other apps, i never knew i had these many apps on my phone, i wonder when i will be done with restoring all my apps. Lumia 920 unlocked and unbranded.

The problem is also in Denmark still not abel to download from store for over 7 houres :-/ Microsoft has to tune up IF the Will have more poppel to switch to windows phone.

Microsoft should fix this NOW. Devs are losing money because people can't buy apps. This is Microsoft, the world leader in server applications, they dont have something that it will fail over to if it goes down ? WTF ?

The same issue for me - I'm not able to update the WPcentral app, ni purchase a paid app. For same of the free apps it's OK.
Lumia 920 non-branded France.

It's only affecting apps that were purchased previously (both paid and free). I suspect the problem has to do with app or billing history. This affected my games as well.

Step 1: Decide to buy the WPCentral app this morning
Step 2: Do it on windowsphone.com
Step 3: Wait for the site to tell you that it couldn't tell your phone to download the app
Step 4: Use the newly received e-mail to download it
Step 5: Experience Windows Phone Store issues
Step 6: Uninstall the trial app thinking that it will fix this
Step 7: Experience Windows Phone Store issues
This is what happened to me (fr-ca marketplace, WP7).

@apocacrux, did you download a paid app or just a free app because I'm still having issues with the paid apps. Quebec, Canada, HTC 8X

I was able to download both, i just reset my phone so i was downloading all my apps and games. I hope its working for you now.

No issue whatsoever.. Downloaded three updates including WPcentral and installed another app- tasks..
Smooth as butter!!
Indian marketplace.

It's not just paid apps, i've been trying to download skype all day today and have been getting these errors, skype is not a paid app!

Update: Seems to be back online. I was just able to update WP Central app with no problems about 10 seconds ago. Chicago, IL btw.

Don't think this issue is limited to paid apps. I published my first app this morning and it still hasn't appeared in the store.

Had issues all morning downloading an app. Just tried again nearly 5 hours later and it worked fine. Odd thing was that it purchased the app no problem; I got the purchase confirmation this morning. It just couldn't download. In the US by the way.

007 for me here in the UK.
installed another random app (Start Chart) to test install - 10MB and installed fine.
the "Wifi Network" notification stayed on screen all the time when installing Star CHart - during  the WPCentral update that dissappears just before it fails.
uninstalled WPCentra and it wont reinstall fromd the phone - fails at purchase; Service not available error: 805a01f4. this happens whether I "try" or "buy"
tried online and get a "try again later" message in both IE10 and chrome.
so now I have no WPCentral on my phone . . .. doh!

Anyone having this behavior: the Marketplace tile on my home screen will show some number - indicating updates are available for some app I own - but when I tap the tile and it takes me to the start screen for the Marketplace, there are no updates shown there!
This has been happening to me for 1-2 weeks now.   And just happened again when I saw this thread.
Anyone else?

But I don't even have anything to install.   Today the Marketplace tile showed "2" but then once inside there was no note about pending updates.
Last week I think I showed "3" and there was just 1 waiting.   This is all new behavior over the last couple weeks. 
Lumia 900 / AT&T.

Check your settings menu, if you happen to have any that are just a path and not the actual settings name then it could be what the update is for, which you can never get. If that's not the issue then you have a corrupt download for something else.

apo, thanks for trying to help, but I'm not able to infer what you mean by "any that are just a path and not the actual settings name."
I looked in Settings, but there's alot of stuff under there.  What "any" are you referring to.   Have mercy and be specific - I'm a smart phone user of just 8 months :)

Still not working here. New Orleans trying to install metro.am which is being renamed WPGram and pictures lab, Both will not install. 

Sorry but in POLAND problem is reinstal Nokia Maps & Drive !! it's free !! :) and this same error !! im flustrated.... i'm using lumia 920 white polkomtel software... any other apps downloading  from store it's fine. Only with uninstaled Nokia's Maps & Drive its problem. any idea ??
edit: after all day.. works again !!! :)

same issues here in kenya. the wp8 app store sucks in comparison to Androids. not feeling this phone and its apps at all. heading back to my gnote 2. sorry win phone but I tried!

Happen only on paid apps is lie still had all afternoon to download youtube app microsoft's own and only spent 4 hours that is given, but it happened to me and many app in several days. And already now this app youtube microsoft was my last choice but to my dismay there some app such as (dance hub) when I try to watch a video asking this app, anyone know why, so I have to install my favorite youtube app and microsoft app precisely because some of it is stupid.

Had the same issues here. Looked at commerce.microsoft.com and saw two 'Pending' transactions that should have gone through. Requested a callback and their very helpful rep put through the transactions manually, after which everything worked again.

hi guys, sorry if this is a noobie question, not sure if it happens to me only, but I never receive app updates notifications as push notifications... At first I got them when I launched store app then I would see the number of updates on the live-tile. Now it only shows when I go to that specific app page on the store (that has an update available) then the badge appears on the tile. I've browsed thru settings to see if maybe I'd changed anything and therefore didn't get any more notifications but it all looks unchanged... It's annoying having to visit every single app's page on store to check if they have updates... Anyone else experiencing this issue?

L920 - UK

It couuld be that you are on constant Battery Saver or your Settings have been blocked to run Background apps if all that does not work try reinstalling the app and if that does not work in afraid then you have to go meet Mr Soft Reset :)

Easy: open the Windows Store app on your Phone, and you have a new line on the entry screen: Updates available. Also, if you have the Windiws Store on the Tile Screen, you have a small counter beside, showing you how many updatesa re waiting for your Phone. I hope this helps, Tom 

I had issues when attempting to update the WPCentral app ONLY, throughout yesterday.

Updated fine this morning.

Location UK.

The issue with Store on my Lumia 920 is a little different.... It doesn't alert me on app-updates anymore.
If one of my apps have an update available in Store, then Store doesn't tell me either on the live tile or inside the app about the updates. The only way to find out about the update now, is when i search for the app in Store and then look for the Update button inside.
Anyone else have the same problem?