Speedtest.net for Windows Phone 8 hitting on all cylinders now

Speedtest.net for Windows Phone 8

Yesterday we mentioned the Speedtest.net had released a Windows Phone 8 app but many were receiving network communications errors that prevented them from using the app.

The developers work frantically to identify and resolve the issue and the app appears to be working as it should. We have confirmed that Speedtest.net is working on the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X over WiFi and cellular signals.

Speedtest.net is a free, ad supported app for your Windows Phone 8 device that you can snatch up here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Rodney, for the tip!

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Speedtest.net for Windows Phone 8 hitting on all cylinders now



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speed doesn't change anything. 
If you use 2 mb of data, then you use 2 mb of data.  Whether you are on 3g or lte, it is still 2 mb of data. 
The issue is people think they have LTE that they shoudl start doing more than normal, doesn't matter what speeds you have, you do the same thing, you shouldn't have any issue with data usage. 

Yes. But it would be nice to have an option to test one or the other rather than turning off Wi-Fi for LTE to be tested. Maybe in the next update.

Not going to happen since devs don't have access to change settings. Devs are only limited to the sandbox environment Microsoft gives them, and toggling settings on and off is unfortunately not one of them.

Um... Other speed test apps on WP8 have the option to toggle between wi-fi and cell. So I don't know why you think this can't.

Hey Mike!! Nice seeing you here... Guess who I saw on here a few post back??... Scuba! I wonder why he didn't respond to my reply to him.. Oh well,, he doesn't like the WP8 start screen so I guess he's still mad about that.. Lol!

It depends on the situation.. I might not check it for days, then one day in doing test after test. I work at DFW airport so I'm in different terminals everyday. There's so many different WiFi networks here.. This is a very important app IMO..

By that metric, surely it's in the developers interest to make an ad-free purchase an option.
I mean, how much could you possibly make with ads for an app that's rarely used.

so whats a good speed? is  ping og 133ms and a download of 4/07 and a upload of .59 anygood? sound bad to me. and i am supposed to be on LTE.

There was an unofficial speedtest.net app which was taken off the marketplace sadly enough. I still have it though.

I had same problem and found android and WP app picked different hosts to test from. Try setting the same host.

Well I was having issues downloading it from the store right before this was posted but now seems to download and work without any issues. Just wished I had more then two LTE bars!:)

The results I get would have me believe there is no cell service in the major metropolitan area of NY/NJ. It shows zero download and 3meg upload speeds on 4g and LTE yet my actual internet usage flies when browsing, streaming or downloading. Can't take this app seriously.

My wifi speeds in this are consistently way off.  I don't know if that's something to do with the Wifi radio in the Lumia 920 or what, but this app gives 4.80 down, 3.10 up, with 117 ms ping on Wifi, when my laptop gives 24.97 down, and 3.85 up, 15ms ping, using the same server.
For what it's worth, it's definitely not that the phone CPU can't keep up because my LTE speeds are 28.12 down, 6.04 up, and 81ms ping.
It doesn't actually affect me at all, but it's still interesting.

They must have fixed it late this morning since I was able to use it fine on my Lumia 822 right after I downloaded it then.

there`s a little bug, i`am using 8x but speedtest app report that i`am using 8s.. not big of a problem, just sayin`