AT&T to support Data Sense for Windows Phone? It's a possibility

AT&T has said it's exploring the possibility on whether or not to support Microsoft's Data Sense service for Windows Phone 8 devices on the network. The service, unveiled by Microsoft last year helps consumers control and manage their data allowances to ensure limits aren't breached and high costs added to the account. Data Sense compresses users' data transmissions in order to reduce data consumption.

According to Microsoft, the technology can provide up to 45 percent more web browsing than if the service wasn't activated (or on another platform). Users are also alerted when data allowances are being reached. AT&T provided the following response to FierceWireless:

"We are exploring Data Sense and how to optimize the experience for our customers. In the meantime, we recommend customers use the myAT&T app to track their data usage, as well as manage other aspects of their AT&T account."

Currently Verizon makes use of Data Sense on Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform, which is especially handy for those with a carrier-exclusive Lumia 822 or HTC 8X. As AT&T is branded as a premium partner for Microsoft in the states, it would make sense for the companies to work together to bring Data Sense to customers.

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AT&T to support Data Sense for Windows Phone? It's a possibility


You should. The data usage tracking is neat (although arguably less useful for people on "share everything" plans). But the website compression is super awesome -- if for no other reason than it makes websites load noticeably faster, even on 4G.

Go to IE's settings, then advanced settings, then make sure "Reduce data use by sending URLs to the Data Sense service" is checked.

I see Nokia is trying to adopt Samsungs mentality; flood the market with your smartphones, and drub everyone else out. I don't think HTC, Huawei, or Samsung have any shot at getting good WP8 sales with Nokia around.

That won't happen. How would ATT be able to rape its customers with overage charges if they help us stay under? That would be good customer service and we all know ATT isn't about that.

Yeah, like Verizon charging $36 per year with state and local communications tax for Visual Voicemail.
Thank goodness for the useful Data Sense.

They already send a text message when you are approaching your limited. It would be easier to have the functionality built in.

I love how because cell providers give us service they see fit to control our most personal computers. US consumers really need to break the habit of staying with one provider for ten years at a time.

Maybe we would if we had the option of buying any phone we want, to use it on any carrier we want.

Amazon, expansys, ebay, negri. Unlocked phones are great! The thing is, VZW uses CDMA and not GSM. But, the cool thing is that when you get phones from them (e.g. 8X, DNA), they are global ready and can be used with any GSM service. You have to pay a lot though.

I wish I knew more about what it does behind the scenes. I have it on my 8x, but since I have unlimited data, I don't really know what to do with it

I don't even care about its compression / data saving features that require server side work from AT&T. All I want is the app on the phone that tells me how much data the apps are using. Is that so much to ask??

That's all I want it for as well. I hope Rogers can get on board with this. Those as another said, these company make a pretty penny off overage charges.

Exactly. At that shouldn't require the carrier to implement anything, right? I mean, it's there on Android.

Data Sense is awesome. I love it on my Verizon 8x. I have it pinned to my start screen, and it flips to show how much data I have remaining. The best part of Data Sense is seeing the data consumption per app.

Data consumption is not a concern... I got the 3GB a month and most of the time I'm connected to wifi. The world is at my finger tips gentlemen. 

That's you, but for very many, especially those who tether, data usage is a big issue, especially if you're facing more charges, and are on a budget..

The problem with AT&T and thier my* apps, is that if you are on a business account, none of the my* accounts work.  Taking this into consideration, I would love data sense support for AT&T.

Yeah I'm having a really hard time keeping up with my data usage, even with at&t's app. I need something that shows my data usage in real time! Does anybody know of any apps that can help, or does anyone have any idea of what I can do to more accurately keep track of my data in real time?? Real time is the key here, not at&ts app which takes days to update the usage

On AT&T, In the dialer Enter *3282# and hit the call button. You'll get an acknowledgment shortly followed by a text with your current data usage. Btw, 3282 Is data on the keypad. I think there is mins, and several others as well.

This is why Wp8 is doomed! Data Sense on your Flagship device? Of course that would make too much sense. I can't believe Microsoft actually believes it can compete in the smartphone market and consistently drop the ball over and over.

This is WP forum in case you didn't know. And yes, I do bash WP for being totally inept. I could name numerous decisions that would convince a thinking person to believe that WP is doomed to failure because of the ineptness of Microsoft and Nokia!

What really irritates me is that MS once more bent to carriers wishes and allowed them to decide about data sense. Built the functionality in the damn phone and you have another reason to say that WP8 is better than the competition. But once again the racket dictates "what is best for customers".... Yes right!

And 99% of every other carrier out there.
Most of us will never get to use this feature. It sucks.

It is MS that bent, as usual, to carriers dictates and did not built the functionalities straight in the OS.
I had the counter feature built in my MicroTac in 1990.
Leaving the power to implement it to carriers.... and they will have first to verify if it is "useful" for customers. Yes sure!

Really could've used it while roaming in Europe. The myATT app's network billing backend is slow to update. I'm back in the states and I've only seen a small fraction show up.

Att will implement Data Sense when their network becomes overloaded and only then. They will mess around and blame this and that and won't let it run on their network. Hopefully MS or Nokia finds a way around that.

Simple solution... Do as three do in the UK, build a HSDPA2+ network "built for the internet" and offer truely unlimited data. Problem solved.

I though this was only limited exclusive for Verizon, for like 6 months or so and then everyone gets it. I don't see at$t getting it so they can force you to use there my at$t app instead. All of a sudden, were looking to see how best to optimize it. Just put the damn thing on our phones. Don't really use internet on phone anyway but wood be nice to have I guess.

I could have just edited it but didn't feel like it. Thought would be easier to just write a correction on the bottom. Its nit, should have edited. Oh well, live and learn.

Didn't Joe say it was coming to other US carriers in Q1 of this year? Plus they're supposed to be delivering some new wallet features... clock is ticking!

I miss the Counters app on WP8.
This thing of giving carriers control over this App is utter bullshit. This Data Sense business is just a free-pass for carriers to suck money out of us.

I just hope Nokia goes around this and releases Counters for WP8 too.

Technically it shouldn't be necessary since there's Data Sense. Except Microsoft left that App in the hands of carriers and they are clearly refusing to put it on the phones.
I hope Nokia Europe releases Counters. Then maybe Nokia US will follow. That or Microsoft decides to do the normal thing and release the App for everyone.

I suppose it's a great app for Verizon... The only thing is that there are 3 phones that can currently use that app on Verizon alone.

It would be nice if Rogers did this too... This is visual voice mail for WP on Rogers would be great. I hope someone from their company reads these postings.

Remember how Joe said Data Sense was also suppose to come to WP7 as an app? Yea, that's as likely to happen as Sprint announcing a 7.8 upgrade for the Arrive.

A little off topic but just got a response on twitter from @NokiaCareUS about the Counters app and they said it will not be coming to Nokia

I swapped my Lumia 920 for a GS3 because this app (and no thers like it) were available on EE in the UK.
This should be classed as a basic feature. I'm surprised this isn't even available to all WP devices.

While it seems against their interests to reduce data use and lose revenue, the networks are congested and this will only get worse. LTE is more efficient than 3G but people will use their phones even more if the experience is good, ie. no buffering.

(This sounds like a troll comment but its not) BlackBerry's compress data by default.  This was a feature that Mike and Jim thought would propel BB's ahead of the pack (and it did for a while) because they predicted that demand for data would out pace bandwidth.  Carrier's quickly realized that data compression = less revenue, and in my opinion is one of the reasons the carriers just don't push BB's like they used to.  (sure throw in the comment that BB's are crap, but this is still one of the reasons).  Data compression comes in very handy when you are in a situation where the cell towers are overloaded with traffic - you can get a BB message through long after every other phone gets stopped in its tracks.  I think data compression (either by app or built in) is a great feature.  But I'd be surprised if the carriers liked it.  Less $ for them.

This functionality would be very nice to have, but honestly, after paying more to upgrade my UVerse plan to support the Cellular Apps, I moved to AT&T specifically for the App after being told by their sales person how awesome it was. I purchased my Nokia 920 and downloaded their App only to learn it's 10.00/month more... Then I went to USE the app. Looks like a fith grader with a box of crayons tried to make it. Thought it might just be me and read review after review of very upset customers. Many who moved from other platforms only to find the App is a joke on the Win platform and the additional cost an absolute insult. So when and if AT&T decides to support this functionality and support it fully... believe it when I see it, oh and that's also if they don't charge an extra 10/month to use it...

ATT, the company that make you get a 5gb data plan, even though you use less than 3gb, just for the privilege of flipping the "Internet Sharing" button on your phone. Data Sense, what's in it for ATT, not going to happen. Or they will charge extra for it, so you don't actually save any goddamn money.

I'm another one who has it on my Verizon 8X and I dont use it. I checked on Verizon's site and I have already used 1.9gb of data this month and I am only 1/2 way through the month. I also have Unlimited data (grabbed a used 8X for a unreal deal). All I have to say, is I have great LTE coverage in my home and it's even faster than my wi-fi connection, so I never us Wi-fi at home (wish I could remove the caps on downloading apps because it would be faster)
I would package it up and give it to AT&T users but, there is no offical hacks for WP8 yet so I can't create a XAP and send it over....YET...

Sprint don't need this due to all you can eat unlimited data lol... Sprint will announce wp8 in mobile world congress in Spain which will be available in summer. Lets see if he will give me bad comments

Robbie, tell us how you really feel.  
Though I concour, it is sad they have been able to block this app.  I use it on a Verizon Windows phone.