Windows Phone 7.8 coming to all older devices in a matter of hours?

Another fine day for rumors, and today we have a fairly big one. Chinese tech site WPDang just announced that according to their resources, the Windows Phone 7.8 OS update will be pushed to all older generation devices (Windows Phone 7.5 and older) in every corner of this world at about 18:00 GMT, January 30, 2013. 

Considering you guys could be located anywhere, we'll not convert that into some other time zone. Instead let's just say that if this rumour is indeed true, your old Windows Phone will receive a welcomed update in 5 hours. Not every phone will get the push exactly on time though. Like each update before, Windows Phone 7.8 will roll out in 4 waves, with the whole process concluding in 3 weeks.

Rum: 6

This sounds a bit crazy, since the update is supposed to be covering all older devices, regardless of manufacturer, region or carrier. Microsoft has never done this before. OEM and Carrier delays have been always a pain upon every Windows Phone OS update. Earlier HTC said they may abandon the HD7. But if WPDang gets it right, Microsoft will take up where HTC left and finish the job.

Are you eagerly waiting for this update? Or have you already upgraded the whole thing into a shiny new phone loaded with Windows Phone 8?

Source: WPDang


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Windows Phone 7.8 coming to all older devices in a matter of hours?



Still, my Focus is carrier unlocked and unbranded, and it still takes forever to get updates... The only real solution to get updates fast is to buy it from the actual company that makes it, be that Nokia, Samsung or whichever OEM you're buying from...

I still use my 510 with the 820. Would love to get this update so that they both can look the same, despite what's running under the hood.

O man i hope that update is coming today, my omnia w is feeling very bad storage is always full i keep deleting stuff but it alvays gets full i want to factory reset it and fresh update common microsoft

I hope it is today.  My 1 year old Lumia 800 feels older than my 3 year old iPhone 3GS currently, due to the drought of apps and games.

I sure hope. My wife's 900 looks like it has kids size icons, like when someone has a 30" monitor on 800x600.

HTC on twitter.
HTC ‏@htc
At this time, HTC does not have plans to deliver a Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade. If that should change, we'll let you know.

Pardon my cynicality (is that a word?), but what will every one here do when nothing happens at 18:00 GMT? I'm not anticipating ANYTHING from MS. Mango was the only slight exception to the terrible WP7 upgrade story.
Good thing MS has stepped up their game with the WP8 upgrades.

You probably meant "cynicism", but your point is clear. And yes, Mango was the greatest moment Windows Phone has had.

And this is probably why-if the rumor is true- MS didn't make a big deal out of it. Everyone would rush to update

I'm freakin out!!! Update available! Germany, Lumia 800 Deutsche Telekom
Didn't expect this top happen! Worked without Wifi trick.
For now, it just says it changes email syncing and app purchases

Update from NOKIA on an O2 Lumia 800 in the UK. Just says that it fixes an issue with app purchases in some regions and changes default sync times for e-mail

Second update also coming through:
Update for Windows Phone (OS version 7.10.8783.12)
This software update:
- Provides support for phones without physical camera buttons
- Provides other Windows Phone improvements

Third Update:
Update for Windows Phone (OS version 7.10.8858.136)
This software update:
- Provides a new Start Screen experience with resizable small, medium, and large Live Tiles.
- Expands the number of available accent colours to 20.
- Improves the lock screen experience with accidental wipe protection features and the Bing image of the day wallpaper.
- Expands Windows Phone Marketplace and Xbox Live support to new countries and regions.
- Enhances Chinese font and improves the appearance of Arabic and other languages.
- Provides other Windows Phone quality improvements.

i hope there is some fix in 7.8 for the lumias 800 that here (in the southern hemisphere) the compass gets the north all wrong by 130° :x ...no matter what app and no matter how much calibrations..its still wrong

19.00, received a nokia update but no sign (yet) of 7.8. I'll keep you up to date after the update is installed.

right now it's the 7.10.8779.8-Update (Tango). So let's see what comes next!

oh my gog, oh my god, oh my god!

Installing "NOKIA Update for Windows Phone".  At Step 7 of 10 25%.  The update shows up right at 6pm GST.  Granted, I am Lumia 900 on AT&T so it was the one most likely to have the rumor be true, but, "something" is being updated.  When done, I will see if it is indeed 7.8....

hey, you all friends who are busy in enjoying update. plz tell me that is it available for anyone having SAMSUNG?

Nothing on my Samsung Focus 1.3
I don't have a sim card for it anymore as I moved to a 920, but I'm still looking to update it.

As I saw a person post a message that Focus got an update on Rogers, I gave it a try with registry - changing registry setting from ATT to Rogers helped me get all the updates that AT&T didn't push. Alas, no 7.8. :(

No update for my Lumia 900 in California, US. Plugged into my laptop with Zune running and everything. I'm a biiiiiiiiiiit disappointed. :|

AAAHHH. wont even let me install the first update. after a restart it says fail with error code 80180048.

Has it really installed successfully,
I got it updated but the same firmware remains with update vanished !!

Updating Lumia 900 now. US ATT&T.
It ran a Nokia Update, then once it installed it checked for additional updates and is installing 7.8 now. 
:) :) :)

Available for my unlocked LG Quantum in Canada (on Telus) via the cable trick.  Not going to update , though until I get home to the desktop to which the phone syncs.  Pretty cool though, since LG has sort of said they're out of the Windows Phone business!

Now updating to 7.10.8783
- proivdes support for WP without pjhysical camera button
- provides other WP improvements

Nothing for me - HD7 on O2 UK. Think the previous msg fro HTC about no further support is indeed true. That's it - I'm jumping ship and getting a Nokia. Way to go HTC!!!

The update does confirm it:
*Provides a new Start Screen experience with resizable small, medium and large Live tiles.
*Expands the number of avaialble accent colors to 20
Step 7 of 9.....getting close

My Unlocked HTC Titan in Norway is receiving something. Updating as we speak. Checked yesterday then it was no update.

Successful Update.
7.8 it is...wow...it defaults to MASSIVE tiles. The gutter is indeed gone. Looks wild.  Best of luck to all others. I know I have hated being on the lagging end of updates (like when I had my DVP)

dude even i use Omnia W... nothing.. tried the airplane mode trick... but it is taking a very long time to connect to the zune server 1.2Mbps line...

I had to do the disconnect trick, but now I'm getting the "NOKIA UPDATE." I'm guessing WP 7.8 comes next?

I'm using an unlocked Rogers Lumia 710 on Fido in Canada.

WPCentral talks about it here:

UPDATE IS AVAILABLE ! Downloading it now on my Nokia Lumia 800 through ZUNE
Country: Slovakia
Non-brand phone

Nothing for my Lumia 800 on Orange in the UK, despite repeated Zune tricks, anyone else got it on Orange?

my nokia lumia 900 on Nokia Care Suite says that my software  is out of date,and zune is not pushing update

I guess the servers are having a hard time to keep up. Thats not an update for careless iphone users. Thats for WP and EVERYONE tries it now :-)

basically just click the update button on zune...wait for a few seconds and turn airplane mode on on your device....it worked for me

Try this, as per an old WPCentral post:

Nothing for me - HD7 on O2 UK. Think the previous msg fro HTC about no further support is indeed true. That's it - I'm jumping ship and getting a Nokia. Way to go HTC!!!

Airplane method,
Turn your phone to airplane mode.
Run update in Zune, click on update
Wait three seconds then remove network cable from PC, or if wireless switch it off
Wait another six or so seconds and then replace network cable.
It confuses Zune and I guess does not complete the full validation
Bingo... Update ready to install....

Explaining the cable trick (correct me if i'm wrong):
1. Put phone in airplane mode
2. Connect phone to PC and wait till Zune starts and device is connected.
3. Go to settings -> update
3.5 Tricky part: After about 2-3 seconds (you gotta get a feeling for the timeframe) , disconnect you internetconnection during the update search process.
4. Update should be found, if not, try again
5. If update found, reconnect Internet
6. Start update process

Titan users behold!! Receiving 7.8 update now!!! Unlocked version Norway.
Guess HTC doesnt know about their phones getting upgraded????

The cable trick described by mcmaui definetly works!

First it said NO UPDATE available. But by following mcmaui's instructions it is now updating!!!!! :-)

Nokia Lumia 710 unlocked in Germany.

Probably.  Though the Zune cable trick worked for me when updating to Tango.  I was just wondering before I wasted my time trying again.
BTW, Focus S on AT&T.

Not sure...lol -you could always try the airplane mode trick which is basically the same as the other trick...but less time consuming. 

I have the ATT Titan.  I would try it but that would require me to lock my phone again...which is a long process.

Ok, update in progress for the main 7.8 update.
Are there any further updates to do after?
As I'm doing the cable trick, not sure if I need to do the trick for any Nokia updates that may follow?

Im doing the Nokia update right now.
Yes if there are more than one update available you gotta do the cable trick for every update. For Tango update i had to do the cable trick three times.

*Sigh* I'm really lamenting both the facts that I have an HTC Arrive and that I'm on the Sprint network. Can't wait to get a Nokia device with AT&T