Ludicrous speed as T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 810 to get software update to enable LTE

If you’re a Lumia 810 owner, T-Mobile just made your day as the carrier has revealed to Engadget that a simple software update will enable LTE 4G support on the device.

That’s the good news. The bad news is there is no timeframe on when that will happen.

It has been speculated for some time that the Lumia 810, T-Mobile’s custom variant of the Lumia 820, had the chipset on board to handle T-Mobile’s nascent 4G LTE network. Now, T-Mobile has confirmed it noting that that the Lumia 810 and Galaxy Note II will both be the first two devices to support LTE over Band 4 (1700MHz AWS) with the Nexus 4 coming later (assuming FCC approval).

That’s some good company for the Lumia 810 to be in and shows T-Mobile must have confidence in the device. As previously mentioned, no timeframe on when that update will be coming but presumably it will happen when T-Mobile feels the network is big enough to warrant a firmware patch.

No word if the HTC 8X, which is also on T-Mobile, will get the same LTE treatment.

The Lumia 810 features a 4.3” and 800x480 ClearBlack OLED display, with a dual-core 1.5GHz CPU and optional wireless charging (via shell) all wrapped in a nice, albeit square, package.

Source: Engadget; via Windows Phone Daily


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Ludicrous speed as T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 810 to get software update to enable LTE



Tell me about it! It is the fix to 820! It's a shame it's only available for T-Mobile and I asked, you can't get it fully unlocked.
I can't emphasize enough just how fast I would have gotten it, if it were available unlocked. (Same goes for the lady in the ad too :D)

Get someone on TMobile to purchase one for you. TMobile customer service will then send the unlock codes if the person asks for it. Then they can give it to you. I did that for a few of my coworkers on AT&T.

The unlock codes don't enable all the features, like data and Internet connection stuff. I specifically asked about it. Unless the guy gave me false information.

Yes!!!! I wish it came in more colors! That's the only thing I don't like about it. Love my 810 either way.

I spoke to a T-Mobile rep in their corporate division and I was bemoaning the fact that AT&T always gets the best phones like the L920 and he mentioned TMo will get a better phone than the L920 once their LTE coverage goes live this year. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

nice, kinda glad I got this now... I really wanted an 8x but settle for this cheaper device... hasn't disappointed yet, just fat as hell, but big gals need love too

yea, i wanted the display, the size, and i hook up my phone to my audio in my car, the lumia isnt bad at that at all, but my radar was great with it, HTC phones have great sound

The 8x has been having a lot of issues though so you made the right decision. :) Plus you can get the QI Wireless charging covers. I have both cyan and black. I then went and bought some wireless chargers for home and office. Lovin' it!!!

Does the 8x have the chipset you use LTE? because I could've sworn that the 8x is missing the necessary chipset to use the necessary bands for LTE. I have an 8x, so I would be very excited to learn that I will be getting LTE in the near future

the screen is waayyy better than the radar, it actually has an amazing screen, the gripe against the display is the resolution in comparison to high resolution phones (iphone 5, lumia 920, htc 8x, galaxy s3)

You need to compare it to the Focus Flash. Both use amoled screens. I have an 810 and the color reproduction is just like any other amoled, more saturated colors. I do find the 810 look sharper. Radar has a lcd

The Lumia 810 is sharper than the focus phones because it uses RGB stripe pixel layout rather than PenTile matrix resulting in more subpixels per pixel. The Lumia 810 has the best looking 800X480 display ever created.

Good to hear Tmobile is doing something extra later for us Lumia 810 owners. I love my phone, and another friend of mine got one too.

Now for Nokia to take this phone...and let other carriers have it...like Wind in Canada...:(

Since LTE will be on 1700 AWS wouldn't that mean that every T-Mobile phone that can connect to the 1700 frequency get some of the LTE speeds? I wouldn't think full LTE but they would see a speed boost. I do have the 8X and I'm just looking for a glimmer of hope...

I believe they disable it since it isnt working. I think T-Mobile would have to unlock the feature with an update. Not sure about phones like the Nexus 4 though, although I assume Google can unlock the feature whenever. My guess is a software update will get it to work.

LTE on T-mobile does not ride 1700 AWS, in fact T-Mobile does not use 1700 spectrum.  We only use 1900 and 2100.  I know this since I am technician for the company. 

I honestly couldn't tell you that.  If the 8X uses a 1700mhz radio for LTE, then it definitely would not work.  I haven't done enough research on that particular phone to know if it will handle 1900mhz  LTE spectrum.  If so, then it would once we get the LTE network built out and turned live.  I personally have the Lumia 810 so I know that it will be compatible. 

So if say I have a Rogers Lumia 920 unlocked on T-Mo's network, I still won't get LTE unless I get some type of update from somewhere?

Hey how's that Rogers 920 work on Tmo? I know it's got the right frequencies. I really wanted the ATIV S but there twice the price and only get 2G.

While I really can't complain about the HSPA+... Hell Yeah! 
Does this mean the 810 is selling large enough numbers to be first?  Or are we test mice to see if this works? 

I have the Lumia 820 now, this is such a nice phone - can't wait for the new Nokia Range of WP8 devices. I'll just be ready for a new contract by then :D