Super Monkey Ball 2

Sonic CD, Super Monkey Ball 2 no longer available for free on Lumia hardware

We're rather confused as to what's going on but it seems as though Sonic CD has joined Super Monkey in becoming unavailable on the Windows Phone store. Both titles were published in the Nokia Collection of apps for Lumia owners to enjoy for free, which was seen as an awesome move by Nokia. It's therefore come as a slight surprise that both games can no longer be downloaded.

The error provided to users is the pesky "this app is not available for your device." We could assume that there has been a mistake, there were bugs found, or the deals were only limited for a handful of days. We'll wait to see if they should return, but Nokia failed to respond to our requests for clarification on the issue.

If you were lucky enough to get in while you could, good job. For the rest of us, we'll have to fork out on the Xbox Live versions - which isn't necessarily a bad thing. There are other games available in the Nokia Collection so we hope that these popular titles return soon enough.

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Sonic CD, Super Monkey Ball 2 no longer available for free on Lumia hardware


Same here, I didn't expect them to be free forever, some previous Nokia freebies have been limited to a couple of days too. 

I am gutted was working away from home with no WiFi and going out at night to find a WiFi spot would have meant travelling. I have a 6GB+ allowance so have no problem with data, but come on. I couldn't download them, stupid 25MB limit.

I'm sure the game is far larger than 50MB. It has two soundtracks with over a dozen tracks each. And then there's the FMV for title and ending. The game is big.

Yeah, I believe the game was something around 130-150MB, completely forgot about it after getting distracted by Mirror's Edge in the store. :(

You could have hit installed and then when u had WiFi it would have installed. I didn't have WiFi when I first read about this. When I went to install it put the games in the games list and said attention required until I got home.

Never had a chance to download the games for free up here in Canada..they were never free up here and not even in the Nokia collection

downloaded both when they were available! :D
deleted sonic cd within half an hour! :P it's just pathetic..
enjoy playing smb2-se these days.. :)

I agree about the sonic being junk. Sonic on a touch device where your fingers block part of the screen is not good

Never was able to find them ob us at&t Nokia 920. The links from wpcentral gave me an error and was not able to find them in store or Nokia collection

EA games and Need For Speed Undercover is only available in Spanish on Swedish (EU?) marketplace now, and have been for a while. It used to be in English.
The Marketplace stuff is filled like a box of chocolates, with GOOO! :-(

For what its worth, neither of the games are spectacular ports. You aren't really missing out if you didn't catch that deal.

I know there is always a certain degree of subjectivity when talking about one's preferences, but that claim is flat out bullshit for Sonic CD. It is so good it's even better than the Sega CD original. More to see on screen at once, interchangeable soundtracks, XBL achievements and leaderboards, Tails as an extra...

If only the phones has physical buttons to better emulate the joypad. Damnit this game even has better onscree controls than Sonic 4

"If only the phones has physical buttons to better emulate the joypad"

Dealbreaker for me. I still downloaded it because... hey, FREE is good... but I don't particularly enjoy playing with the touch screen controls.

Its the same w/ the SNES emulator... its pretty much relegated to playing slower games... like RPGs and what not, because touch screen controls are just not good enough in response or accuracy for fast platformers and what not.

I even purchased a set of Thumbies to test out on my phone (got em for 99 cents on eBay)... and the stick on buttons are awesome, but the stick on control pad is worthless.

These games never appeared in the Nokia Collection on my device (Lumia 900 ATT), but I did download each game via the QR code on this site.  I could search for each game, however.
Maybe they were free for a limited time, and will be offered again for a price lower than the Xbox Live versions, at least I hope that is the case.  Nonetheless, thank you Nokia for the free games!

Those games weren't available in Russia since they didn't have PEGI rating. Kinda annoys me that many new titles are released without the rating at first, so afer reading a review you can't download or buy the game.

i doubt these will see updates in the future....this is an orphaned fork...should have just offered up the XBL versions.

This sucks! I downloaded them but just received a new handset due to warranty issues and I cannot redownload it again on my new phone :/

If you have downloaded it, then you have purchased (for free) the said 2 games. If you use the same windows account on your new phone, just buy the games again and you will be informed that you have purchased it before. You will then be able to download the games again wihtout paying. So I don't see why you cannot redownload it again for free on your new phone.

If it's no longer in the store to purchase, no way to do that. It's possible ReInstaller might produce the appropriate link if it can't be found otherwise.

Got sonic cd but didn't get the chance to get monkey ball 2.
Hey! my Nokia collection in the app store has disappeared...

It isn't whining, it is good information to know. On iOS, it backs up all of your data and apps, and you move to a new device they are copied locally and settings are restored automatically. Migrating phones or replacing phones with Windows Phones take 100x the work depending on how much content you have set up, installed, and configured.

And besides getting it for free only to not have the option to use what was successfully and legally acquired in the past on a legit device just isn't right...whether there is cost associated with it or not. This same business practice could just as easily happen to something that isn't free.

That's still not okay from a gaming standpoint. And I doubt it backsup games that are actually pulled from the WP Store.

Not just App Settings are not saved, but the Apps themselves are not saved.  So if an App is available for download or purchase, and you download or purchase it, and then it is later removed from being downloaded, there is no way to get it again (even if it were paid for).
Also Music is not backed up, and given the awful solutions for syncing right now, I just spent hours getting my collection back on there using Windows Media Player (because at least that lets you copy an individual song over if you want to and it will get album art properly, while when I tried copying files manually using File Explorer the Album Art was all messed up).
And yes I'm a current WP8 user...

Another reason it would be nice to have local copies of apps like they do on ios. I had SMB 2, but I had to reflash and my backup didn't work.... Now i can't get it back. Other cases are even when you pay for an app then they suddenly disappear off the Store. ..

I'm reading a lot of negative comments which seems weird for an awesome free game like sonic cd.. My Lumia 710 has a small screen which makes the game kinda hard to play but my galaxy nexus isn't bigger so I can enjoy it there. But I always love a free game 

50% of games I have on my lumia 920 are no longer available in store: Sonic CD, Super Monkey Ball 2,bubble gum air premium,bomberman vs. zombies, extreme flight premium.

if we uninstall any of these two free copies, there isnt a way to install them back again by the time they are not free any more ?

it wasnt available in my marketplace either, i was only able to install them by following the qr-links provided by wpcentral

No big loss, though. My Lumia 800 suffered upon the installation of Sonic (looks like a heavy download), only to start the game and delete it a few seconds later. I've never been fond of Sonic.