Microsoft rolling out new Windows Phone 7.8 update (build 8860), presumably fixes Tile bug

We’re getting our inbox flooded with tips from folks noting that their numerous Windows Phones (mostly unbranded), are receiving a new OS update today, knocking their build from 8858 to 8860. We just checked our AT&T Lumia 900 and did not have success, meaning carrier-branded devices may have to wait a few more weeks.

There is no current changelog with the update though we presume it address the Tile stability issues that were found in the original Windows Phone 7.8 release. Those problems caused occasional Tiles to not update and in other instances, drained too much data. During the Zune Desktop installation, the only key phrase that is in the description is a “quality improvements”, as opposed to new features or additions, strongly suggesting that this is a bug-fix release.

So far it seems mostly those in Europe, including Italy and elsewhere are getting the update. We’ll continue to follow the story as it develops.

Thanks, James D., Roland R., Firdaus M., krox1105, Saurabh A and others for the tips!


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Microsoft rolling out new Windows Phone 7.8 update (build 8860), presumably fixes Tile bug



Yeah, app opening is great. I tested it for a while on my old friend Sammy Focus and the irritating lag from Pictures, Zune and Marketplace tiles has significantly reduced. 
It feels far more smooth and stable now. Also, the lockscreen flickering seems to be gone.
On a different thought, I am really starting to like windows phone. Even after 3 years, the original Focus is quite smooth and stable.

I have an old focus as well.  Currently use the lumia 920, but I was wondering how you got your focus updated. Everytime I check for updates it says it's up to date on 7720.

Yup BBC News live tile still doesn't work. That said the delay in opening apps has been reduced somewhat! Good to see it has quickly been pushed out. I have a UK unlocked Lumia 900...

There's apparently 2 available updates...
I can confirm that my Nokia Lumia 800 (France) has been updated with the 7.10.8860.142 OS Version

Anyone know if 7.8 updates are available for Samsung focus and LG quantum?? I don't use them anymore but I don't mind updating them.

Use the cab sender method to update them. I updated my Quantum just to have it current in case my Titan II craps out.

I have the Quantum C900B and was able to get the update. My phone didn't tell me on its own, though; I had to plug it into my PC and have Zune check for me.

I used the 78'r method on my old Quantum and a Titan I and no tiles work anymore. Glad I didn't do it on my L900.

My Rogers focus that I previously cab loaded 7.8 on shocked me tonight when my wife plugged it in and it came up with the update. Not seeing a change on the weather tile for live tiles, but, at least I can confirm that the update will be out there.

ha just plugged my optimus 7 (TELUS) in and the update was there. I forced tricked it to get 7.8 the first time it was available.

I just got the update on my LG Quantum and apps seem to launch a bit faster. Not as fast as 7.5 but faster than the last build at least, its back to launching faster than android again though :D
Only time will tell if the tile update bug is fixed :)

Just Updated my Nokia Lumia 510.
Version now is 7.10.8862.144
Actually it also installed an additional update

Just got it on my unbranded HTC HD7. Nothing new, but the tiles doesn't seem to be lagging anymore. Malaysia.

Its not going to happen. Use the cab sender method. That's what I did to keep my Arrive up to date.

Well it must of fixed the bug because the first thing i see is the WPCentral tile showing me all the unread articles finally!

Was coming here to tip you on this, just plugged phone in after capturing some video and got the update notice too! HTC Titan unlocked.

Got update on unlocked Lumia 800 India. No need to do the disconnect internet trick. Updating right now. Lets see how it works after the update.
EDIT:Just got a second update through Zune. Normal Check for update. On to OS version 8862 now. Will have to wait and see if the live tile issue has been resolved or not. However tiles werent working even after 8860.
The weird thing though is, the lag in launching apps seemed to have reduced significantly after 8860 but again seems to have increased a little after 8862. Or it could just be me being a-retentive ;)
Anybody else noticed this?

I'd flashed the 7.8 directly thrrough Nokia Care Suite. But I have heard a lot of people in India have received the 7.8 update officially as well. If you want you can go to a nokia care centre and they'll update it for you. 

Its the standard process that the nokia Care Centre guys use to install firmware on your phone. You need to download Navifirm 1.7 and Nokia Care Suite for it. Search "how to flash firmware on Lumia 800" or something like that and you'll get the appropriate instructions. I have the link but due to some weird reason m not able to post it here, it keeps giving me an error.

Installing right now on my unlocked Rogers Lumia in Canada (activated on SaskTel).  Opened up Zune while my phone was connected and it automatically launched into the updater.  Didn't even need to manually check.

AT&T don't even have the mango bug fix yet, I would just wait to see if Jackbox from WPH will make an autmatic cab method later on

That's sort of true. Apparently newer phones, like the Lumia 900 are getting updates, but most first generation Windows Phones like my Samsung Focus have been left at 7720 since September 2011. They didn't even distribute the disappearing keyboard fix to us. It's sad, really. No wonder the iPhone continues to dominate AT&T's smarthphone sales, when Apple's updates get distributed all the way back to 3+ year old iPhone 3GSes. I used Seven Eighter to get to 7.8, but I'll probably just CAB load this update tonight to fix my broken live tiles.

How do you cab load to the at&t Titan? Also, with Seven Eighter, do you experience slow tiles, random reboots, or anything? My GPS seems broken since I used the Seven Eighter to update to 7.10.8858.. :(

I update my macbook to OS X 10.8 and that prompted the update of the Windows Phone Connector app to 3.0.1
Since updating the app doesn't return a message, positivie or negative, when I click the "check for update" button.
At least the old version used to come back with a "there are no updates available" message.
Anyone else have this issue with the Mac Windows Phone Connector app?
I'm still hoping to update my unlocked (O2 branded) HTC HD7.

The update cab is already on XDA and I'm already updated. My live tiles (i.e. Weather Channel, CNN, Cowlick) still aren't "Live" so I have no idea what this updated.

Got the 8860 update for my Lumia 800 in India. Zune net disconnect trick not required for this one. Currently updating the phone.

Weird, I updated one of my Lumia 800 which was already on 7.8 (8858) to (8860) however I have second Lumia 800 which is on 7.5 (8107) and it's not getting the update. Zune says the phone is already up to date. I tried the unplug internet trick which worked on my first Lumia 800 which got it up to 7.8 (8858) but now it doesn't seem to work =(
So anyone here with 7.5 who upgraded to 7.8 (8860) successfully?
Both my Lumia 800's are factory unlocked and unbranded I'm in Canada using Fido network.

This "hotfix" requires your phone to be on 7.8, and 7.8 isn't offered currently.
So your phones work exactly as expected.

just got updated for my Samsung Omnia W I8350 - India after seeing this news. But no info available on the website about the fixes and updates in this release...

Dammit, for some reason I can't force the update on my old unbranded DVP. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I updated to Tango via the CAP send method.

Plugged mine in and got the 8860 straight away. Seems to fixed the tile, and app launches much quicker now

I want my Samsung Focus S on at&t yo update to 7.8 already!!! :( Am I just dreaming? I'm get a new wp8 soon but damn I want 7.8 in the meantime!!

I got the update on my unbranded HTC Mozart. I was ready to try the disconnect trick but the update simply appeared. A refreshing change :)
EDIT: I'm from The Netherlands.
EDIT2: I would advice others to not download this upgrade. I wasn't effected by the tile issue but now I am :(
Right now not a single one of my downloaded apps has a functioning live tile. I'm thinking about installing the back-up made by Zune...

The Update fixes the Bing lockscreen pics in Germany b4 the update the lockscreen showed Bing US apps and it is now changing right to my time zone :D

SIM Free Lumia 800 in UK. Received the update, but feel no difference. Maybe a tad faster, but that is all.
All normal developers always release a proper list of things that had changed. But not MS.

Yep. My Lumia 900 is in the final stages of updating. Was already running the 7.8 update from Jan...

I don't know if i'm wrong but i think  is that my wi-fi reconects faster or is that the wi-fi keeps working even with  the wallpaper after the update XS.

Can anyone please say,how long does the phone take to update,does it flash my phone and do I lose my current phone data.

Responded to a message telling me an update was available. Plugged into Zune to find it was only a Nokia update! Not WP7.8! Still waiting for 8860.4210... Same old crap. (Lumia 800, Orange UK).

Ditto. Never yet had notification on lumia 800. Crap Os now worse than ever, with no standards for updates.

Took me about 10-15 minutes. It does NOT remove any of your data. It makes a backup before updating and then everything is restored. Your data is NOT effected. 

The Samsung Focus is the easiest phone to update to 7.8. We have 2 that have been running the official 7.8 since it was released. Likely this update will happen the same way. All you need to do is change the registry from ATT-US to ROG-CA and official updates will roll out through Zune.
Not willing to do that? No complaining then. The phone is ancient.

Just updated my Dark Knight Lumia 900 on MTN (South Africa). Got notified about the update without having to use the "Zune trick" which I used to go from 7.5 to 7.8. Process only took about half an hour. Will have a look and see what changed...

The update for Lumia 900 on Rogers started as soon as I plugged it into my laptop. Sweet. Hopefully there will be more updates & enhancements to look forward to for us 7.x users.

Guys not one update has ever removed any data and it backs it up for you, plus you should be syncing contacts to the cloud.

Painless update this time/ Took right off when I plugged in my Titan this morning. Thanks for the tip, as I don't connect to Zune all the time anymore.

Have you tried the "disconnect trick"? I just did it worked for me. However my Lumia 800 is unbranded and factory unlocked straight from Nokia. Using Fido in Canada.

I did the first time around and it wouldnt work for me. Im going to give it another try this time, I was just hoping to actually get the update instead of tricking my phone/zune.

Yeah I had to use the "disconnect trick" as well even though my phone was factory unlocked and unbranded. Gotta say after using 7.8 I can't go back to 7.5 =D

I hope that this is the WP7.8 update that my unlocked lumia 800 is still waiting for!! *fingers crossed*

No it's not.. who is the verge? How may they confirm something, nobody knows really about? It does not adress the tile issue. that's it and the verge is wrong..

Tiles are working again (LG Optimus 7 on Telus) ! It would be a good time to fix the Wide Tile of your own app ;)

As i'm typing my lumia 800 just recieved and update and I'm installing it right now. An unbraded Lumia 800 from Romania

Updated on my Lumia 800 - Unbranded - in France.
I had received the regular update alert before processing the fix via Zune (I guess it's the first time for me ^^)
I didn't notice any change on the live titles, but everything was already working fine for me. 
My biggest suprise is that the low volume issue seems to have been fixed too !
Take this with caution; since rebooting the Lumia can sometimes "resetting" the volume my conclusion needs a double check from a another user.

Does your conclusion only specify that the problem only persists on Lumia 800's or is it widespread to all Lumia WP7 phones?

Here in Taiwan many Windows Phone 7.8 users also report they receive this update today, including my HTC HD7. It is very fraustrating that MS doesn't provide the changelogs about what's inside every update.

Confirmed, the update is getting pushed out to IST12 users in the Japanese market as well. I recieved it this morning.

Can someone reply with the links to the .cab files for the official 7.8 bug fix update?

UPDATE: Nevermind. WP7.8 build 8860 installed on my Lumia 710. Some apps, like Chronos Calendar now say that automatic tile updater is not supported.

I've been waiting so long for this update, now I'm almost ready for a new phone...i might get the note, new blackberry, or the L920 in red.

Bizzarely I just got the 8860 update and now it's doing 8862. Still no indication of what the update is/does though.
That's on Lumia 800, Vodafone UK.

My phone has recieved TWO updates today, but I really can't notice the difference.
It's a Lumia 800, Iusacell, Mexico.

Just updated to 8862...this apparently fixes the live tile issue according to the windows phone website. ...also lag while launching apps has reduced a bit

Update 7.10.8862.144

Also known as Windows Phone 7.8*.

Start. Provides resizable small, medium, and large Live Tiles so you can customize your Start experience in new ways.

Accent colors. Expands the number of available accent colors to 20.

Lock screen. Improves the lock screen experience with accidental wipe protection features and the Bing image of the day wallpaper.

Marketplace and Xbox. Expands Windows Phone Marketplace and Xbox support to new countries and regions.

Fonts. Enhances the Chinese font and improves the appearance of Arabic and other languages.

Live Tiles. Fixes performance issues from a previous update.

Other improvements. Includes many other improvements to Windows Phone.