Lumia 920 color display

Upcoming AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 firmware update shows up on Navifirm, preparing for launch

Just yesterday on the podcast we were asked about a timetable for the new Nokia firmware for their Lumia line. As we detailed earlier, the 1308 firmware brings a host of new features and fixes for users—much like a good tidying up. Some of those changes include camera improvements, Storage fix option and the ability to change the color intensity of the display.

Now, that 1308 firmware has been spotted by us on the Navifirm system for the AT&T Lumia 920, meaning the release should be within a few weeks, at most, pending a nod from the carrier. Peeking on Nokia’s servers, we can see firmware for “RM-820 NDT America ATT” with the five color options available (white, black, red, cyan, and yellow). The firmware is marked as 1232.5957.1308.1.

Navifirm 1308 firmware
The AT&T branded "1308" firmware update, sitting on Nokia's servers

Updated firmware for the AT&T Lumia 820 though is still evidently pending approval, as that is not visible on Navifirm for AT&T just yet. For Lumia 920 users on other carriers, the firmware has been spotted already for Rogers, Antel, Telenor Mobile, Turkcell, Orange, Proximus and many, many others. That means their updates should not be far away either.

Should users wish to download this firmware now, they can but should be aware that you will wipe the phone of all data in order to update it with this method. That means you need to backup all of your photos, notes, messages, etc. and that you will lose game saves.

As an alternative, we strongly recommend that you just wait a few days for the OTA update, which will be a lot easier.

All Windows Phone 8 Lumias, including the 620, 820 and various 920s are expected to get this new firmware as detailed by Nokia earlier this week.


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Upcoming AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 firmware update shows up on Navifirm, preparing for launch


Because its a story about Nokia? You wouldn't use a picture of the Queen when talking about Barrack Obama, would you?

Uh I think its called branding and they might as well when talking about Lumia phone s use the  ... Nokia Phones

Is this the same update as the one Nokia recently pushed out? I'm a little confused as that one was 1308 as well wasn't it?

Indeed although I am getting tired of Nokia pushing carriers crippled phones ahead of "pure" Nokia ones. Way to support their customers....

I don't get it, why do our unbranded phones wait so long? I thought the reason there are delays is that phone companies have to customise & approve updates before they were released. Surely that doesn't affect unbranded phones?

Not necessarily, my provider Telenor Denmark is on an automatic approval list with Nokia, so they don't have to test and approve. The only Telenor "thing" on my phone is a Telenor logo on boot up.

This is how things should work here in US. But carriers want to have control over the device throught its life time.

and maybe while the carriers are doing that they also want priority in getting the update out once approved.  The power of  big money  more than the individual unbranded phone buyet

The thing with unbranded phones is that although they don't have carrier stuff and can be used on any provider, they are still 'locked' to the originals update schedule and policies.

Battery issues were fixed for me when I updated to Portico. Other bugs were fixed when I did a full factory reset... even though it crashed a few times trying to do it.

A UK tmobile user with this firmware still reports only 8 hour battery life so perhaps not. Time will tell if it fixes it for you or me.

I actually get from 1 day to 2 days and 8hrs depending on use with my 920 (red). Though my wife's (yellow) only gets about 6-14 hrs depending on use

Wow!! 2 days? I've 3 background tasks running, 95% time WiFi and moderate use. It works like 9am - 5pm like I do. Idle battery consumption is around 9% which makes me puzzled. Turning off background tasks reduces that to 7% otherwise no difference. I get one hour additional without the background tasks which is not worth to me.

Honestly I don't really know why I get such good battery use with my phone, my wife is much more conservative with her usage. Rarely has WiFi or cellular on but I still get 4 times the battery life. I leave my cellular on all the time but have battery saved on most of the time.

Here's a problem.
I have the 1308 firmware installed at a recent visit to a Nokia Care Centre and I was able to restore my old data as it is there from when you reset your phone.
Also, my firmware has NO option to change the colour of the screen.
Am I missing something?
FW 1308.0020

Read our article about the color/display, it's linked. In short, that feature is expected to be "unlocked" by that Nokia software updates like Display + Touch. So it's in the firmware but the software that Nokia rolls out will enable it. At least, that is what is expected.

OK, coz that display update came thru for me yesterday after about 18hrs on from update.
So far, proximity sensor is fixed along with auto brightness, but my WiFi and Battery have really taken a hit.
May go back for another reflash.

Just to add, also got the 'Account' update show up today.
Battery has really gone downhill though.

Definitely. Seems silly, but I get pleasure from just dialling handsfree and seeing this beautifully laid out screen in it's glory;)
I deliberately dirted around the sensor to make sure and it still works.

i have a question. i live in turkey but i use my regional settings as the states because of the store. will it affect  when im getting the firmware update?

Merhaba, demek istediğin bu güncellemeyi alınca konum ve dil ayarlarım etkilenir mi? Yoksa güncellemeyi almak için konum ve dil ayarları etkili olacak mı? Hangisini demek istemiştin.

vay topraam. güncellemeyi almak için konum ve dil ayarlarım etkili olacak mı? günde iki üç kere bölge ayarlarını değiştirip  telefonu yeniden başlatıp deniyorum belki çıkmıştır diye :)

Bence gerek yok. Güncelleme çıkınca telefon firmware adına bakıyor sanıyor sanırım -eu-tr yazan kısım - Bende senin gibi kullanıyorum telefonu.

We've already detailed what we know. Once Nokia officially launches this, we're sure a proper changelog will be forthcoming.

How can you be happy? The L928 is heading to Verizon with Xenon flash and aluminum body. I'm kinda jealous of those two features. Though ATT rumored to get EOS. So some a relief.

and in half a year everyone is looking for the 930 or 940 and verizon is left behind again. dont be jealous about a phone that comes half a year later mate

We can be happy because the 920 is simply amazing! Well worth the switch, and the 928 at Verizon will be eclipsed by the 950 whenever it comes out, which will then be eclipsed in the now, and never look back, the 822 is an awesome device too, waiting is pointless imo

Yeah take that advice I've had my Lumia 920 since Nov 2012. The 928 hits 6-7 months later. That's not nothing to be upset about the 920 is still a great device.

I really, really, REALLY hope this fixes both the weird battery life issues and the "screen won't come back on during phone calls" issue.

Screen turning off during call is a hardware issue although it can be fixed by providing an option to disable it. I had mine replaced from Nokia and no dark screen in calls anymore

Why do they have firmware listed for different coloured handsets? What's the difference between a black and a blue handset that could need a different firmware?

I got a firmware update after Portico (Same day the Lumia got portico) , some people got up to 4 updates for their 8X ...

I don't know if they still adhere to the same schedule, but I recall that when Windows Phone 7.x updates were staged, they would always be released on the following Wednesday. If that's the case, we're looking at 6 days. I would be surprised if they did it on a Friday or the weekend, so I'm going to say sometime between Monday and Wednesday next week.

My buddy who is on Bell already got his update this morning. He has a Samsung Ativ S. I'm on Rogers, still waiting for mine. Nokia Lumia 920. :(

Have 1232.5957.1308.0001 on my 920 (RM-821_eu_euro2_248) after device bricked during Reset. There is now an Option under Settings that says (German Language Settings): Show Memory and delete temporary files
Within there you can then have a detailed view of the memory distribution and you can choose to free up temporary space (Temporäre Dateien löschen in German).
Here are some screen shots:

No. There is an update to the System app required for this to work which will likely be pushed after the update went live OTA.

Nokia will no doubt continue PISSING in the faces of people who bought unbranded handsets directly from them by dragging their feet with the update way after carriers have released it. Shocking traetment of loyal customers continues. 

What are you talking about?  Unbranded phones are getting the update too, and where does it say they're getting it way later?  Even if so, it's probably because they want to focus on the majority of users (who do have branded phones), before focusing on the rest.  Based on the article, it seems like we're all getting it very soon.  Patience dude.

My reasons are that Portico was released onto unbranded phones in the uk FOUR MONTHS after the states that's why my lack of patinece dude.  I'm not flashing my phone and invalidating the warrenty thanks, 

I hope this fixes the EAC bug with google apps. I can't receive emails from work now because of switch to Google Apps and my company forcing an encryption policy WP8 doesn't have. Wishful thinking I know

I wouldn't count on it. That's a Windows Phone OS issue, not a firmware issue. Microsoft needs to work that out in their code so that it properly recognizes Windows Phone 8's encrypted file system as meeting the EAS policy criteria.

I think ATT users are the ginea pigs/beta testers.. so once they are happy and it is fully tested it will be released worldwide. They have the advantage of getting things first. :)

I too updated my Lumia 920 to 1232.5957.1038.0001 but still do NOT see the "Lumia Color Profile" option in the Display+Touch.
I do see the Storage Check app in the system apps and it works great!
Any clue what could be wrong with the Color Profile Stuff!

They are still just speculating about Lumia Color Profile, since Nokia hasn't released app for it. Only Display+Touch update split them to different menus, without adding anything.
Been running 1038 for while now (first GDR2 beta and then official few days ago) and it's really great.

I am from INDIA and I have already flashed my phone with the new firmware. Main feature is storage management, camera has some what improved, camera was very good before update and now I feel the white balance has improved. 920 camera is awesome :-). However I don't see any change or extra settings (features) regarding the colour profile.

Do they have anything to lower the screen brightness as its an eyes sore at the night time.

And would that Color profile stuff come to Lumia 820(India).

Auto brightness works fine on my 920 I don't have any issue. The only option is to set the brightness to low, which might not be helping you, on your 820.

Seriously?! I absolutely love my 8X but more and more I'm thinking it was a mistake to not go with Nokia. I'm pretty sure I could deal with the tank size for the new firmware.

I just desperately want the other storage to be fixed. using 10 gigs for me and its really starting to annoy me now. I mean 10 gigs??? are you serious??

My battery drops like a rock after taking off charger,I have to soft reset to stop draining, and battery percentage will actually go back up which is strange. Software or hardware issue? Black Lumia 920

I have the same problem--it's intermittent, doesn't seem to involve wired/wireless charging, specific apps, or heat (sometimes it gets hot, just not always), and often (not always) I can restore some of the battery power by turning the phone off/on (e.g. it may jump from 38% back up to 52%).  Also a black Lumia 920.  Some days I can heavily use my phone all day and still have 30-40% charge left.  Other days I don't hardly touch it and it's down to 20% by noon.  Bizarre and especially annoying.

Exactly!!!! Word for word, finally someone who has the same problem, thing is, its my 8th replacement Lumia 920. I've had this problem in another 920 color white I think. Very annoying. Babysit the damn battery all day

I keep a portable battery charger with me all the time now, There are days my 920 goes into crazy battery drain.


Same here guys "babsitting the battery all day", yep that sums it up. If it had a decent battery this phone would be my favourite ever. I came over from Pureview 808 which had an awesome rock solid battery and AMAZING camera. If you think the Lumia camera is good you'd probably faint if you used an 808 it's THAT much better. After three handsets I couldn't get one to work with all the apps I wanted so came to the Lumia party. Great phone. Shocking battery. 

Hi all comment that I installed the firmware 1232.5957.1308.03 on my RM-821 since Monday and I do not notice any difference other storage control nokia that was installed as an update from the market, on the other news at the moment are not in this firmware .

i dont know what exactly i am doing wrong but though i updated my firmware through nokia care I dont see storage check in my settings. 

This might be a little stupid but...I have a Nokia L920 that I bought under contract from ATT. However, after I bought it, I moved to Kuwait so I ended my contract and paid the fees and got my phone officially unlocked using the codes provided by ATT. Is my phone now considered a branded phone or unbranded phone? I'm curious to know this so I can get an estimate as to when I will get firmware and OS updates...when ATT rolls them out or when they are actually made available for the unbranded phones?

I am currently having firmware 1232.5957.1308.0008 on my 920, not sure if this is consider latest, I am from Malaysia.

I manually upgraded last night, but didn't see the Storage Check menu until I received OTA updates tonight.  I am version 1308.0001.