MeTweets hits version 2.0, now available on the Windows Phone Store


Popular Twitter client MeTweets has been bumped to version 2 and the latest release is now available on the Wndows Phone Store. We previously looked at the app a few days ago when we managed to get a sneak peek at what consumers can expect to see in the update. From the new Smart Split and Smart Merge features to a new design for Timelines and profile pages, it's quite a sizeable release.

To recap on what we're looking at in the latest version:

  • Smart Split/Smart Merge – MeTweets will now automatically split your tweet into multiple messages if you exceed the 140 character limit (likewise, it will recombine them too)
  • Windows Phone 8 – Voice commands and tweet dictation supported
  • In-app YouTube video playback
  • In-app Readability support
  • New design for Timelines
  • New design for profile pages
  • Indicator for unread tweets
  • SkyDrive inline images
  • Pull to refresh gesture for easier use
  • MeTweets will now automatically filter the spam out of your mentions (Mentions that contain only a link, coming from a user you don’t follow, will be hidden)
  • Search for Images on Twitter
  • Windows Phone app links will now automatically open in the Store (and not IE)
  • In-app toast notifications

You can download MeTweets for $1.49 (trial available) from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: MeTweets


Reader comments

MeTweets hits version 2.0, now available on the Windows Phone Store


GREAT! The "new tweet" tile now crashes at startup, I can no longer use it! -.-"
It worked fine before the update, something went wrong there.
Do you have the same issue? :|

Yes, notifications are as fast as rowi's.
I've been using MeTweets since December and I think it's the best twitter app in the store, even better than Rowi and Mehdoh.

I am trying to decide which app is best now. I have gleek, rowi lite, metweets, and the official app. Been using gleek since I signed up for twitter, then the official app became useful, still use gleek though.