Nokia Lumia 920 firmware update rolling out in Europe, adds "other" storage tool

Lumia 920

Reports have flooded in that the 1308 firmware update for Lumia 920 Windows Phones, which improves photo quality and implements the tool to help consumers manage the pesky "Other" storage, is rolling out in multiple European markets. The update has already been released in the US, but Europe wasn't far behind. 

As well as the alterations made to the image quality and the storage tool, there's also improvements that include proximity sensor parameters, improved automatic display brightness adjustment & performance enhancements. Overall, it's well worth downloading. We took a look at the firmware on an AT&T Lumia 920, but the same rules apply for other Lumia 920 Windows Phones.

Be sure to check on your Nokia device to see if the update is available for you. Note that WiFi is required for download.

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Nokia Lumia 920 firmware update rolling out in Europe, adds "other" storage tool



Thank you already installed mine on Monday and the camera is better but doesn't seem to take care of the battery and heating issue when playing games and using 3g. Generally a great update phone seems smoother in operation

It´s not under "phone storage". Just check the new option at the end of system settings called "storage check"!

It's not available for branded 920 in Italy yet. I hope it becomes available soon, we had to wait for 3 months for the last firmware update here... :/

Strange checked again, still no update. Just how is Nokia distributing updates? Annoying. Unbranded unlocked phone as well.

I also wonder why this isn't getting any "press" on WPC.  It seems to be a major issue and I would avise anyone who hasn't upgraded to avoid it until they figure it out.  They ARE working on it though.

Thank you! I thought I was the only one with this problem, it's driving me nuts! I love Nokia's dedication, but it seems you trade one problem for another every update!

Mine had the same issues after upgrading but after a few soft resets and airplane mode toggles there are no issues anymore, it essentially healed itself

Where's here? Just wondering what kind of branded Lumia 920s there might be in Sweden, I mean, what's your carrier?

No problem, m8, thanks for the info. I was just very curious :) My Lumia 920 from Telia is unlocked ;) No update yet, though.

yes there exist in the settings
But it just turning  forever... with no results
Sorry I have the 820..

The same here. Just keeps turning forever. Restart did not help.
Lumia 820.
Got the update maybe an hour ago, Slovakia, Orange.

Good luck guys - screw your network connectivity and data as soon as you get 1308.x Nokia or Microsoft don't see it as a problem but if you updated, you are doomed as much as we are! Come to the forums ;)

No problems at all here on at&t after 1308 update. Everything is great, I'm happy to report. Be not afraid.

Definitely a concern, but I know that Nokia is looking into it.  I wonder if it is just AT&T's network.

I have a Unlocked Lumia 920 (Model RM-821_eu_poland_360 / Poland Orange Branded) purchased from GSM Nation. I am using the same in Mumbai, India. No update yet for the same.

Just installed and firmware now is:
Country Latvia, flashed with UK operator EE.
"Other" space deleting feature present, but display and touch section remains the same

Downloading now on EE UK. I didn't get notfication but checked it manually through settings-->phone update.

I already update via Nokia care suit and the only thing i realized is that i didn't get updates for my installed apps for a long time or else everything else works as it should and the camera quality is better than before. Almost forgot, the storage check app made me like my lumia more and more. MS is lucky to have Nokia on their side.

So is the 820 and its variants ( 810, 822 ) getting this anytime soon. Everything I see is for the 920 and to be honest, the phones with 8gb are crippled by the "other" storage issue more than the 920. I had to remove apps just to send a text last night or receive email.

Same here, I'm so low on memory that I constantly get a warning popping up. 820 needs fixing as well as the 920.

Did we decide if this firmware update introduces data connection issues? Can't tell if its the firmware update or just AT&Ts network

installed OTA 3UK Seems generally a bit snappier all round... will check photos later (is it a big improvement?) 

That's what I would like to know. I have an 810 and am sitting at 0 free space. I'm sitting at 4.89 in other. Add that to the 1.9 in system and I don't have shit left. Just kills the 8gb phones.

I got it on my 820, did a manual check about an hour ago and there was an update waiting.
I'm on Orange in Slovakia.

I installed this new update and I discovered a strange thing.
In the Settings, phone storage I can see my other map is 2,34GB and in the Settings, storage check my other map is 1,1 GB.
So what???
I do not understand.
And I did not get the chance to change the color intensity in the Settings, Display and touch.
I am using sim free 920 in UK.

Updated on CV GB in the UK. Took a minute or two to download, then almost 15 minutes on the spinning gears and another 15 on the migrating data step.
Used the storage check tool and got 3.3GB back. Awesome!

Strange. Mine was bought at Clove too but I was prolly the first to report the update to the forum.

Really random, but has anyone else noticed that the haptic feedback (e.g. When pressing the back button) is a little softer since the update? Just updated on EE UK...

Much prefer it! In all honesty there really should be an option to have it on or off, it's one of my annoyances, so more subtle is better in my opinion!

Apparently this update fixes issues with the vibration because it was too strong and many models including mine make a rattling sound. I don't have the update yet but this is what I've read.

Does this update fix the random reboot problem? As my 920 had no issues until last update & the phone came with portico pre installed

This update ruined my phone service (Lumia 920 on ATT). Has anyone confirmed Nokia is working on a fix?
For people who havent experienced the problem: after the firmware update the phone constantly switches between E, 4G and LTE in areas where it used to get full bars on LTE. Text messages get delayed or cant be sent, calls get dropped or go straight to voicemail if someone is calling you. I called ATT and they didn't have a clue.
WPCentral PLEASE bring this to light.

Just updated on EE UK. Took about 20min total. This is a great tool. Dropped my other from 9GB to 2.2GB,superb. IMPO, this update has put WP on track to be the best mobile OS. Just need a better implementation to terminate apps and a notification center and ill rank WP above webOS which is still king of multitasking and had the best and most efficient and well executed swipe gestures.

those that have installed it have you noticed your data connection be awful. for alot of us in the states theres an obvious problem with the last update.

Not available in Thailand so far. Shame we have to wait longer for updates then those in the USA. Hope this update has a fix for my 920 shutting down randomly some days when placed on the wireless charger.

I hope this update comes to the Nokia Lumia 810. It really needs it when you have 8gb to work with for apps.

Had update two days now. No shutdowns so far. Finger crossed! Battery drain is new problem though. Weaker signal strength and right to voicemail has also happened.

You said, no more shutdowns?? Finally soms good news! My phone still had the overnight freezing problem.(however not with battery saver on, or on airplane mode)

so finally i can use my phone as a reliable alarm. Now hope that Vodafone NL Will push the update this week.

So I get the feeling Asia is always last since it rolls from the West to the East. Couldn't it go both ways so it reaches Asia first too lol. I WANT MY UPDATE (*#QPQ*&6-#@076-Q&6. JK i can wait. 32GB Lumia 920 still going strong with lots of space. I've got a 820 user nearby that is not happy though....

Did anybody have problems with heating and draining battery after the new update because I never had problems before the update... Please help!!!

Got the update last night (UK, T-Mobile).  No data connection issues that I can see.  I never had random rebooting or locking problems in the first place so can't comment there.  Phone seems generally more "fluid" now -- I can't quite put my finger on it but it just seems smoother just doing basic stuff.  Camera was, I thought, perfectly OK before but are the colours slightly more vibrant post-update or is it my imagination?  Storage management -- brilliant.  Recovered 5 GB instantly.  The best thing of all, though, is that it fixed the issue I had with the proximity sensor, i.e. the screen blacking out on making a call and not coming back until the call ended.  I'm a very happy camper now; if it's not tempting fate I have literally no remaining issues with my 920.

I agree Andy with colours, after my update i took pic of an orange box but it came out as a yellow box, will play around with settings and see what happens, on EE Liverpool UK

That's weird.  If anything, mine come out slightly redder (although pretty well imperceptably so).  I imagine the automatic white balance could affect this quite a bit, though.

Some people in The Netherlands do have the update since yesterday.....myself unfortunately NOT YET!!
Trying manual searching for updates on a regular basis  

Im unbranded on Voda, nothing yet but I am currently working in kiev so wonder if that will delay it even more :(
I am hoping it fixes some issues of slow resume and often apps crashing, INNCLUDING settings as thats been pissing me off a lot!

Moscow calling - Update is available! Lumia 920, MTS. Huge camera improvement, storage tool, that's what I already checked

Noticed my phone prompted me for an update first thing this morning.
Really happy with the Storage Checker, as I had 4gb of Temp files!

Guys, those of you that downloaded and installed the update, please make short post update reviews and tell us of the improvments,bugs and problems the update solved or brought.

EE - UK. Updated last night, never had any issues before other than storage and now everything is fine. The 820 users have been screwed over though, there's no reason for them not to get it with us, they're drowning out there!

Unbranded UK 920 nothing yet, usually get updates about two months after branded phones. Hardly a reward for loyalty and buying direct from Nokia. 

After my install and reboot my wifi wouldn't connect or see any wlans. After another reboot all was good , EE Liverpool.

Yh i got the update as well this morning and i am with ee in the UK but i cannot find the storage section anywhere. i have reset my phone like 3 times and watched the video but still there is no sign of it, where is yours?