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Latest ads showcasing Windows 8 are equal parts bizarre and hilarious

Update: The videos are now private. If any of you managed to download them before or have mirrors...let us know. Update 2: Added a 'mirror' link next to the heading for each of the videos. We'll keep you posted. 

Microsoft has been on a roll lately with their video ads for their products. Last week we got that hilarious wedding video for Windows Phone. Last night we saw three videos showing the power of Bing over Google. Here are three more videos for Windows 8.

The ads aren’t in English, but you don’t really need to know what they’re saying to understand what’s going on. Mostly because you won’t know what is going on until you finish the video. Warning, they leave a slightly odd aftertaste in your mouth.

Windows 8 Training Camp: Watermelon (Mirror)

Windows 8 Training Camp: Makeup (Mirror)


Windows 8 Training Camp: Piano (Mirror)

No words to describe what you just watched right? I’m wondering whether these are brilliant or mad. One thing we can agree on, they're better than those Palm Pre ads from a few years back.

Sound off below with your thoughts.

Source: YouTube

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Latest ads showcasing Windows 8 are equal parts bizarre and hilarious


They barely pass a message, yes they do but one single point. I think the broader view of their marketing efforts is - to get people talking. To show it to others, because its weird, its meh, its funny for others, its nonsense to others. But they will talk, yes for sure they will and it leads to knowing about the product and gaining interest none the less. From my point of view, I suppose they achieve that.
Yes? No? Maybe so?

Just watched all three. You're right, no words.... I don't know what that was I watched. But I do know that I liked it! Entertaining in a weird and awesome way. 

Agree. I thought they were brilliantly quirky. They should release the makeup one on UK tv, even without translating. It would be an instant hit.

Wow just wow, i found the make up one to be the funniest but the dude going to town on the watermelon with his finger was kinda weird

I was gonna say that too.
To answer his question, probably Microsoft is going with the quirky and weird theme of Japanese advertisements.

Odd, yet entertaining and enjoyable. They chose an interestingly mad way to make simple points. Overall, i like them (especially "Makeup"), and they are good advertisements that are different from average.

Some commercials work great like that. Most Super Bowl commercials follow a similiar format...catch your attention..then...brand logo!

You have a point Sam but it needs to be worth it once you get there not a What? But you are right.

I sure didn't but this ad made much more sense than this weird power of touch one. But hey, I did want to know what the point was so I watched it till the end. I just don't think they executed well on this one.

With your first comment I thought you couldn't know which company was. But now you're saying you don't get "the point" of this ad. Well, that's another story :P

It's only on the screen outside the video, if you take it as just the video then you wouldn't know what its about until the final seconds.

If you put the logo on the screen as you said, it captures less attention than an ad with non-logo. That's how it works.

More than anything, you are NOT going to forget that very quickly lol. It sticks with you. I thought it was a pretty funny in a dark humor sort of way.

can someone please tell me what those ads are about as the stupid uploader made them private
if someone thinks his videos are stupid, he shouldn't upload them in the first place

Dang it, do I have to be refreshing WPC every 30 seconds 24/7 or what?  I always get to articles too late.  It always seem like blink-and-you-miss-it kind of deals. =(

Odd, when i view them in my favorites list on the official WP8 youtube app, the author changed to Youtube Spotlight (their icon says Youtube Comedy Week) (and they are listed as private in the app as well...).

Mirror link couldn't open in my Lumia :( anyway I managed to watch it through laggy android lol. Weird but silly comedy... Power of touch..

They are simply brilliant. These ads manage to highlight three key factors of Win8 without even showing the product. This is ingenious.

I think these ads, as well as those Bing ones, are ingenious, innovative and fun. They stand out. I also liked the Surface ads and think Microsoft is doing things right finally. The Wedding ad also included.

Loved them all, especially the makeup one.  LOL'd.  These are the type of ads that help the general public relate to the "coolness" of Windows 8.  Most people outside of these forums don't care about functionality, but just that it's the new cool thing to have.

The mirrors don't work. Either that, or I am just too impatient to give up after 3 minutes of nothing.

I have no idea what the language is, but I WAS suddenly seized with the urge to rush out and buy a Windows 8 watermelon. Sadly enough no one seemed to have them in stock. Guess they're so popular that they're sold out right now. I wonder if Apple sells watermelons?