Starting today you can buy the Runtastic heart rate monitor in the U.S.


When we first took a look at Runtastic back during Fitness Month we called it one of our favorite apps on Windows Phone. Since then the app has gotten better, with recent updates bringing it on par with its iOS and Android counterparts and great Windows Phone 8 support. Starting today you can now get Runtastic hardware – like their heart rate monitor – in the U.S.

The app works even better with the Runtastic heart rate monitor, but you couldn’t get that in the U.S at the time. Daniel ended up importing one, while I was lucky enough to snag one earlier in the year at CES. Since Runtastic is based out of Austria our European readers didn’t have a hard time picking up the gear.

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

Amazon will carry the hardware later today here in the United States. That makes Runtastic (app + hardware) the only app that will track your heart rate during workouts on Windows Phone. I don’t see them up on Amazon yet, but you’ll want to look for this particular version of their heart rate monitor to work with Windows Phone. They have a newer version that doesn’t require the dongle through the headphone jack, but you won’t be able use it because Windows Phone doesn’t support Bluetooth 4.0 yet. We’ll update when we see it up on Amazon, keep us posted in the comments below if you see it.

Some other interesting Runtastic news? Runtastic claims 25 million mobile users with 30 million app downloads. The company has other apps on iOS and Android, so that’s where the 5 million gap comes from. Of those 25 million mobile users, about 10 million use the website to track and compare stats.

Anyone on Windows Phone looking forward to grabbing a heart rate monitor for their runs, bike rides, and other workouts? Sound off below!   

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Starting today you can buy the Runtastic heart rate monitor in the U.S.


I must say I am disagre with the App been par with iOs and Androide. The WP8 App is missing a couple of very great features the Power Song Support would be great but this may be a OS Restriction. But the Auto Stop/Paus Function from iOS would be awsome! I don't like that the first think I have to do when I get of my Bike is to Paus the App :/

Yeah, it's not 100% on par with iOS and Android, but it's getting there and is probably the best fitness tracker on Windows Phone right now. Earlier this year, the Runtastic team added a new dev who is only going to focus on Windows Phone developement. I'll check in with them and see what's new/coming/etc. 

True true.  Even Endomondo does the auto pause and that is a very helpful feature.  The fact that RunTastic doesn't have it really sucks.Hopefully they'll add it soon.

The armband I picked up for my 920 arrives soon, but this just made my day even better! I was previously going to buy the cardio + GPS watch at WalMart here in the states, (as it comes with the same heart rate monitor that happens to be compatible with Windows Phone,) but I might as well get the official one now.

My mom, wife and myself bought the App this past weekend. Great News to start the week and depending on price, I'll probably pick this up. Since I didn't use this on iOs or android, I'm not sure or care what I'm missing. It works great.

I don't know what the freak Microsoft is thinking not having BT 4.0 support. They really need to get with it.

Good news. Made the switch from Endomondo this year partly due to that heart monitor. Glad to hear I won't have to import one now. Like the app. Looking forward to improvements.

I've used livescape, endomondo, sports tracker, but runtastic takes the cake. The only feature I wish it had was a pedometer function for running/walking. Also they need a windows 8 app to see graphs and other stats.
I would love to the get the heart rate monitor but I think I'm going to hold out for microsoft/nokia to enable Bluetooth 4.0 support, I'm all wireless and would like to keep it that way (got a jawbone Bluetooth for the sennheiser pmx680 headphones and love it!)

According to the link to the Runtastic shop (belt + receiver), they only support WP7.5. At the moment no possibility to monitor heart rate on WP8. Has anybody tried this though?

Ive been using caledos runner....i mostly use it for running/hiking/biking. Im not that into needing my HRM so apart from that is there anything better on this? I dont need any sort of music integration either...just need the app to reliably record the route and elevation changes/speed etc.

I contacted Runtastic via their facebook page to see when the chest strap with receiver was going to be listed and this is the response I got back:
"Thanks for your posting! The chest strap with receiver isn't planned yet but I will forward your request to our product managers! Best, Runtastic Support"
If anyone wants one contact Runtastic and let them know because it looks like they are not planning on selling the chest strap with receiver model in the US.

Please note that the  heart rate monitor works with windows 7 phone, but not (yet) with windows 8 phone. I'm waiting eagerly for the windows 8 one. Runtastic can't give a date yet (or confirm that it will ever come). Otherwise, great app. Just wish you could see how you have done on your specific intervals (you can now only view back per mile or km).