Turbo Racing League

Turbo Racing League races onto Windows Phone 8, real cash prizes up for grabs

DreamWorks Animation has a new film coming out later this summer called Turbo. It’s an animated film about a little garden snail who dreams of becoming the fastest thing around. We’ve attached a trailer below if you’re interested. Anyway, there’s a companion game out now for Windows Phone 8! Let’s check it out.

Turbo Racing League is a fun little game. Sure it’s mostly promotional fodder for an upcoming film, but it didn’t leave a bad first impression. Here are the features you can look forward to when playing with it:

  • 9 Unique Race Tracks to Test Your Skills
  • Special Race Events: Time Trials, Limited Fuel, Slalom and Rival Races
  • Thousands of Performance & Design Combinations: Shell Upgrades, New Paint Jobs and Neon Glows
  • Ability to record your greatest race moments, watch on instant replay and share with your friends
  • Optional Facebook and Twitter posting to show off your pimped-out Shell and best scores
  • Leaderboards show how you rank amongst your friends and all the top players!
  • Qualify for the $1,000,000 Shell-Out Contest* by completing Daily Goals or using In-Game Tomato Currency

Turbo Racing League SC

What’s that? You can win real cash by playing this game? Yup. There’s $1 million up for grabs during the promotion period with this game. For 8 weeks, the 10 fastest racers will earn cash prizes from a $500,000 pool. The top player from each week will earn the chance to go to Los Angeles to compete for another $500,000 in cash prizes in a live racing event. Full details for the contest can be found right here.

The game is free and only available on Windows Phone 8 devices. We’ll have a full review out over the weekend, but in the meantime grab it here to play or use the QR codes below.

Thanks for the tip JD!

QR: Turbo Racing League


Reader comments

Turbo Racing League races onto Windows Phone 8, real cash prizes up for grabs


You should read the article as it states that it's, and I quote, "free and only available on Windows Phone 8 devices".

This is probable to do with the game may be removed or the contest with that deadline and there was no point giving it xbox features if it is only on the marketplace for 2-3 months

@Adrian I think he is going for sarcasm where people always complain about games which come to windows phone 8 late. Clever, I must say :)

@ I like this other guy on this site who posts '...but what about Instagram,' complete with irony. Cracks me up everytime. LOL :)

Yeah, I was just listing all complaints I could think of. I can't play it as I have a L900 and my gf will not let me play on her L920.

just played a little bit, I could seriously get into this, its a shame the frame rate is awful.. why does this happen so often? :/

I really don't know about that.. I did see dropped framerate on the windows phone version, causing laggy reaction for turning. I recently bought the Lumia 920 and unlocked it for T-Mobile. My previous daily driver is AT&T version of HTC One X, which I still have with me rooted and running CM10. Both phones have Snapdragon S4 dual core chipset. I'm not sure about the GPU as I didn't look too deep. I downloaded the game on both phones and ran them and here's what I noted:

1. The Lumia 920 launched the game loaded the main menu faster than the One X. Maybe faster flash memory?

2. The Windows Phone on 920 version suffers dropped frames, especially during a race; but the Android version on One X runs smooth.

Something makes me feel maybe the games aren't properly optimized for Windows Phone; after all it, is a port of one version of the game coded natively and deployed on those platforms. Or my other suspect is that maybe Windows Phone dedicates limited resources to the game causing performance issues.
I'll also throw in the performance on iphone 5 (not my phone but is accessible) for a good measure. The race is smooth but little dropped frames in menu which i'll say is neglibile. Menu loads faster than android on par with WP version.

That's exactly how I feel, but we need to remember that a lot of people are still stuck in a contract with their 7.8 devices.

Unfortunately, one can do nothing but blame Microsoft for not including native code support in WP 7.X. This makes porting harder and developers don't want to waste time and resources to code separately for WP 7.X. Notice how late the games and updates arrive on games available on WP 7.X. Angry Birds and Cut the Rope both recently got updated bringing the levels and other goodies iOS and Android users have been enjoying for months.

The name is quite ironic.
Because in the tuner community, Turbochargers are commonly said to resemble snails!

The game is fun but why did I miss the fact that there is in app payments available? I dont like in app payments due to ''accidental'' clicks.... Thanks microsoft we have pin code for the wallet.

Yeah, the in-app purchases are very highly priced too in this game. I suppose this 1.000.000$ prize money has to come from somewhere...

Don't worry, WP version is cheaper than Android when I made the frame rate comparison; although, still expensive. I mean, isn't that the point of in-app purchases? more potential revenue by charging per plate rather than selling all you can eat lunch. The competition is sponsored by Verizon so no revenue for them through the game here.

I thought that too. Keep trying. Sometimes it'll work, and if it does you might get a few races in a row before it crashes.
I don't know if spare capacity is a factor. My 620 is almost full right now.

Runs just fine on 820. You are limited to some few games and have to wait for hours before you can progress. In app payments that sucks. :( As a paid game I would have totally bought it.

It's a decent game but it's definitely set up to push in-app purchases pretty hard. All upgrades have to be repurchased for each new class and they get exhorbitantly expensive. And they don't make it obvious. So I imagine someone using real money to buy coins so that they can fully upgrade their snail only to find that none of it carries over to the next class. And those in-app purchases are expensive.

Framerate on the Lumia 920 isn't great, but I didn't realize how bad it was until I tried the game on my 2-year-old iPad 2. There it was a constant 60 frames per second. It makes this version pathetic in comparison.

Uninstalled as every time i launched it, i start where i left off and halfway through first lap it says I've already played and its going to load my last saved game. It then loads up where i was about 5-6 races previously. I've completed level 1 three times and now i have -250 tomatoes, 24 stars and half of my upgrades have disappeared.