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UPDATED: Vine client, 6Sec, now available as PRIVATE beta for Windows Phone 8

UPDATE: Apologies, but the beta for 6Sec is a private beta, not a public one. That was a screw up on the part of this here writer. Sorry about that.

Last week we gave you a little peek at Rudy Huyn's unofficial Vine (www.vine.co) client app for Windows Phone 8. That app, 6Sec, is now available for download in PRIVATE beta form in the Windows Phone Store for you to evaluate.

Following the recent craze over Instagram and SnapChat, Vine is the latest target for third-party developers. There's no indication that Vine will be putting out an official app of their own, so it's good to know that someone like Rudy Huyn is on the case.

We'll keep you posted on the beta progress for 6Sec.


Reader comments

UPDATED: Vine client, 6Sec, now available as PRIVATE beta for Windows Phone 8


Hi guys !!! I think that the writer make a little mistake, in fact it's a real beta, not a hidden published application, so I need to register your live id to add you to the allowed list.
What is the difference between a real beta and a hidden published application : I can upload the app in 1 hour, don't need to wait 4 days that the Store validates the app. So I can fix bugs very quickly and this is the purpose of this beta before the public release.
So, I have some token if you want to test, register you here, I will add your account asap : 

after we register, we will still have to wait for tuesday? or should i keep on hitting install? :P

I would love to evaluate this app! I hope it opens up to the public soon, It would be hillariously Ironics having Vine before most Android devices.

normal, il faut que tu t'enregistres pour que je t'ajoute à la liste des personnes autorisées avant ;)

Great app Beta test  is working well just trying to figure out all where everything is within the app.  such as swiping the post to Like Share and Comment. 
This is nice fast and clean! 

Eat your hearts out I've got the beta and not you! Haha feels good to be in on something for once :P

I added everybody, you will receive an email in 10 minutes (some person hasn't give me there live id email, I can't add you without that)

Hello Rudy I just filled out form and added my live id. DreBond.. Would like to be apart of the beta?? Thanks!!

I got the email approved for beta, but no link. Does anyone have the link previously posted on this article to the store?

This app is awesome, user interface is sick!! 

O and, If anyone is having issues installing the app after it downloads just reboot your phone.

wow this app is so polished and beautiful it makes me wanna start using Vine :o maybe i'll buy it once it's released!