Microsoft reported to be looking to launch Xbox and PC titles on iOS [Updated]

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According to a Nikkei report, Microsoft is set to look at introducing video game titles from the PC and Xbox platforms on the Apple iPhone. This is said to be on the table with a partnership formed between Redmond and gaming firm Klab. Nikkei claims that the titles will be brought across to iOS using Google's Android OS, which may mean we could well be seeing a wrapper utilised for original games.

It's not known how many titles are on the table for inclusion and exactly what Xbox features will be available to iOS users, if any. It's stated that Microsoft's popular real-time strategy IP, Age of Empires will be making the trip across the bridge. We do not know if this refers to the online version or a previous release. 

While we can understand Microsoft wanting to branch out and offer games on other platforms, we're sure this may irritate some Windows Phone fans. We'll look forward to hearing more on which titles will be heading to the iPhone.

Update: Microsoft released the following statement to Polygon:

"Today, KLab Inc. announced a licensing agreement with Microsoft Corp. to develop a mobile version of Microsoft Studio's Age of Empires franchise, which will be initially developed in English for iOS and Android and launched globally, with plans to release the game in other languages and on Windows Phone in the future. Some reports included incorrect information about additional Xbox Live-based games on iOS and Android but there are no further announcements beyond Age of Empires at this time."

So we're only looking at Age of Empires for the time being, which makes sense as it's an online game. That said, we're sure many would rather see Windows Phone support sooner than the mobile competition.

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Microsoft reported to be looking to launch Xbox and PC titles on iOS [Updated]



Bad choice by MS in my opinion. But will make it that much easier on me when I get an iPhone for my daily driver. Will still keep my 920 for other games and a few apps (like this one).

Sadly I feel the same, and try my best to convince others to switch to windows phone but when they see news like this, its a deterrent.

Lmao, bye.

So let me get this straight, they are going to port age of empires to ios and you lose it? Really? C'mon bro. Its not like there getting halo is it?

Ive answered that about 10 times lower down. But to recap and add to that
Brand awareness mainly. MS are in this for the long game. So if people play xbox and windows games on their iPhones they are more likely to notice that WP exists. Instead of automatically getting a new iphone.

Secondly it helps as it gets devs coding xbox and windows games, as this is a third party doing it they are more likely to port to android and back to WP too.

Thirdly, brand awareness, i realise i have mentioned that twice, but as its so important its worth it.

I understand everything you said and I agree for the most part but there main focus should be WP I don't mind ios or android getting games WP already has. The key word is we get it 1st and we get the best experience. Let them over pay like we do on here.

I think the main focus here is WP. But its a long play. You sacrifice a pawn or two early in the game, then you make your moves and trap the king.
Rome was not built in a day, and most people still don't know WP even exists. It makes much more sense to do this, than to not do it. MS are not stupid, they know exactly what they are doing, and they always, always win.

Alot of people thought the WP would crash and burn, it hasn't and I have seen more and more people have it. I can see it also. Like with MS now the choice for maps in IOS and where it goes to Bing, where they can change it to Google. The whole thing is this. If you look at Apples marketshare its like 18%, WPs is 4% and Samsung is 70% now Why keep giving it to Google who owns droid and Motoroloa. It makes 100 times more sense for Microsoft and Apple to help each other, make each others brands higher and slay the beast known as google.

But what incentive would someone who owns an iPhone have for buying a Windows Phone?  The arguments are getting thinnner and thinner all the time.

MS are smart enough to know that there is actually very little difference between the OSs now, and give it a couple of years and there will be no difference at all. WP has a unique way of working and of looking, if you like it, you buy it. But there really isn't any reason other than personal preference to buy any high end device over any other right now, let alone on a few years.
Let iOS have xbox games, let them have office, let them have all the MS software, more people will buy WP because of it. Its all brand recognition.
Then, when WP is at say 25% share, make office subscription only on iOS and free on WP.

WP looks unique, it works the same as iOS.
As long as Android remains an open platform it will remain vastly different from WP/iOS restricted systems.

If Microsoft products don't even support WP, i.e. Skype, Xbox Live, etc., how can we expect anyone to take the phone seriously. Let alone expect apps from other developers.

My initial reaction was "WTF?!?"  But I've had time to think about it.  I think it really depends on what this deal truly means.  This doesn't say they're porting ALL games over - there's likely a selection of games that are being ported.  Next question is, do those games actually get Xbox Live functionality and achievements, or is it just the game?  As some folks have speculated, what if they're porting just a few games over as a way to draw people who like MS games over to WP?  Especially if you can get a game on iOS and Android without the achievements, but on WP it has achievements.  If the game is never on those platforms, people may not know what they're missing, but if you get them hooked on a few classic PC/Xbox games and the only way to get more is to go to WP, who knows.  And oh, by the way, we also have the actual Xbox experience...
IF they're doing this as a strategy play and they are just doing a handful of titles, I can see this being a good move.  They even get a little money while doing it.  But do NOT give them Halo and the newer stuff.  Draw them in to our platform for that.
I've already seen a number of comments from people considering a switch thanks to posts about Halo: Spartan Assault.  What if this is just a way to go at them even harder with some teases?

Well, with Wordament they put achievements on iOS so there is precedent that iPhone users will get the Xbox experience.

Your first argument is always made and it never makes any sense to me. If I love iPhone and I start getting Xbox games that were exclusive to Windows Phone, I have absolutely no incentive to move to WP. Why go to a pizza hut if you can get the pizza delivered? Meanwhile, we'll never get Infinity Blade.

But most iphone users don't "love" iPhones, they have them because that's the phone the media told them to get. Its the "in thing". They don't know about other phones. Only iPhones and galaxies.

And they won't need to know about any other phones because all of the content and services from other companies are coming to them. At this point, the iPhone isn't the "in thing" anymore, it's just what those users know and they are entrenched. To them, getting Xbox games is just reward for waiting out MS and sticking with their choice. Back to Pizza Hut, if they start getting Domino's cheesy bread, I'm not going to start getting Domino's. I'll stick with Pizza Hut and get the best of both worlds.

That's not really true, iPhone has the highest customer satisfaction numbers and their users are the most likely to stay wIth the brand of any of the platforms or manufacturers. 

That's true, but a big problem is that WP is being left out. Brand awareness is cool and all but if WP doesn't have the apps which appeal to people then they won't choose it.

But it's not being left out. They are developing for all 3. iOS and Android just get it first because that is where this company normally develop so that will be faster for them.

That argument is entirely incorrect, Kellzea. In fact, it's sort of like selling the benefits that a waste processing plant will bring to a town while downplaying the pollution it will introduce into their water stream and soil.

Windows Phone needs help catching up with iOS. It needs exclusive games, apps, and features. Every feature that WP has that goes to iOS does NOTHING to help WP catch up to iOS. People being made aware of a brand that they can just get on iOS doesn't entice them into switching to WP, a platform with far less software, advertising, and presence in the market. It actually just takes away a reason that they might want to switch to WP.

I don't know how anyone who cares about WP could make your argument. If you only care about ANY division of Microsoft making money (at the expense of another) or you want iOS to prosper, then sure. But to claim it will help Windows Phone in any way is simply disingenuous.

Seconded, Microsoft should be putting WP in front of the competition and not leave it out, its like a family has a newborn baby but they just ignore it and focus on the older kids.. makes no logical sense what so ever.
You don't see Apple or Google going out of their way to aid the competition.
Furthermore the ramifications of giving WP's USPs to the competition is huge for OEMs especially Nokia as this really does not look good shareholder's eyes for Nokia. When your buisness partner gives away trade secrets..how does that make you look? not good at all.. First Office, skype and now this really does not help us advocates when trying to convince other phone users to try out WP.

However If it is true Klab has licensed this game only to port to ios / android, i would imagine it would stipulated that they would need to develop for WP as well, as you just don't license an IP to a third party without a stipulation. If it is not stipulated they would be shooting offer their limbs.

Kellzea, I agree with you, but I think the main point here is that they have gotten a third party, Klab, that currently develop only for iOS and Android to make a game that they will bring to all three OS's.
This is a massive win for WP, people getting upset here are not seeing the bigger picture. MS aren't stabbing us in the back, they are using their IP (AoE) to get/bribe a developer to make games for WP. Sure iOS/Android get it first which is a pita, but considering that is Klab's main focus it's hardly surprising. They'll either have to train up on WP or employ some WP devs, so it makes sense it'll come after.
But overall this makes WP closer to parity with the big two, and who is to say what else MS have gotten them to promise. Porting their other games to WP perhaps. This could be a great win, yet people are all getting their knickers in a twist. Come on people, have faith in MS, they have more to lose than any of us if WP doesn't succeed, how you can think they wouldn't be supporting it (and us) amazes me.

It helps us get more screwed, soon skulls of shogun everyone will have it on IOS and Android and cheaper it'll be better to wait 3 months till exclusivity ends and get it on other platforms. And now the real ? Is why buy a Windows Phone. Sorry guys but Microsoft doesn't care about us.........

Frankly, I'm tired of the cone of silence. We can't even get an update to enable the FM radios in our phones nor even commented on. Meanwhile, they've done information overload on Xbox One and Windows 8.1.

Almost a year later, no information, no gameplan, it's just crickets. Christ, they can't even get the apps they have for W8 rolled across to WP. The weather app in W8 shines and is awesome but the WP version is so sad you have to feel pity for it. W8 built in financial app? Great. WP version? No such thing. Can't blame people for wanting to develop for other platforms, MS won't even develop for its own. MS doesn't even want to talk about it.

I'm jumping back too. Not because of some particular game, but because of the utter silence and lack of action/communication. Just one more straw to break the camel's back.

I'm guessing you are the only one in the cone of silence.
I heard them talk about gdr2 and 3 and blue alot. So yeah, don't know what your talking bout mate.

Uh huh, and what's in those releases?  They haven't said.
The only thing they have said is a schedule and blue isn't hitting til next year.
Stay in your cone, enjoy your cone.

He is referring to MS' "shut up and ship" tactics. We know we are getting updates, but only thanks to side channels. We think this OS has huge potential, but we don't know in which direction MS intends to take the OS, or if they intend to take it anywhere at all. MS' official stance on anything regarding the future of WP is silence. Most of whst we know about GDR2 - WP8.1 is speculative. The only update that is likely of any real importance is WP8.1, and of it we know almost nothing.

Leaving the storage issue alone for 8 months is unacceptable because 820 users can't even install major games after 1 month usage.

Sounds like you're the type that like to be told your holding your phone wrong. Because apple is so vocal about changes...

One game? Good. One game that's an MS property going to iOS and Android BEFORE MS's own mobile OS? Terrible.

If this happens, I agree.  I hope that this plan will be squashed under the new leadership that will supposedly be announced in July.  Otherwise, I will be going back to Apple.

Totally agree!! I'm over tha excuses n blind fanboyism:( if u can't see that MS doesn't give enough support to WP then I'm sorry but u are tripping!

I seriously don't get it. There are some valid points here, but switching due to silence and secrecy to the company that is most secretive and least vocal about upcoming features. Where exactly is the logic here?

WP central just knew the comments would blow up. I say they hit 235 before they post a newer story.

+1 AoE is too awesome to be given away like that. It could be a pretty darn good WP/W8 exclusive, even if it is a million years old

Don't care what they do on iOS, they are a software company after all. Just make sure that your own platform has the best experience.

Wasn't Skype already up and running on other platforms BEFORE Microsoft purchased them.  The groundwork for those platforms is already in place.  Unfortunately, it's taking the Skype team a bit of time to perfect the experience for WP.

I tipped WPCentral too. I read on the MSN app it is Android / iPhone. They're looking at the 4th quarter this year.

exactly, Microsoft needs to first look after its platforms before they go and branch out.
Xbox games on iOS??? how about first bringing them to the PC, which is the worlds largest platform. When the hell are we going to see a continuation from Halo2 on PC????

This is the most moronic thing I have ever heard. Content will always be king, SO DON'T GIVE YOUR COMPETITION YOUR CONTENT.

It seems to be headed that way, how do they expect WP fans and Nokia to keep WP alive when Microsoft themselves are crapping all over it.
I really hope they wake up one of these days and start putting their platforms and service ahead of others.

Sigh. The problem with WP isn't Microsoft, its the WP community. WP is awesome, but it only has a small market share. Brand awareness is king, so spread the brand name. This is a marathon, not a sprint. And if you think this in any way shape or form constitutes a betrayal of WP then you are crazy.
Putting xbox games on ios is to promote xbox and windows as a brand. Its not a self destruct button.


I disagree.. A lot of us WP users have been loyal to the platform since the WP7 launch or earlier. The frustration comes from MS making their own platform irrelevant by releasing improved versions of their own products on competing platforms, ala Skype.

If I can get office, SkyDrive, Xbox games, Skype, and other MS selling points on a competing product, what incentive is there to change platforms?

I agree, I've been with WP since a few months after the beginning and MS gives us as few reasons to stick with WP as it can. Nothing comes to WP first, the updates are slow and pitiful. MS doesn't care and I dare anyone to prove otherwise. If there was another decent mobile OS out there I'm not sure I would still be here.

In a fit of rage we forget all that is good. Our exclusive app situation has gotten a lot better and we actually get a few apps first once in a while. I would say you're wrong about the updates. IOS and android have been around a lot longer and we're still miles ahead of android while slowly creeping up on ios. While there are reasons to be pissed, at least select the correct reasons.

This isn't a marathon, it's the special olympics.
Word of mouth advertising requires one vital component... something good to say about it.

I own a stereo shop in sunny Florida you wanna know how I and many businesses become successful by NOT helping out the competition never not never have I given my competition a break or cheaper subwoofers or radios or any miscellaneous hardware...why would I your my competitor nor have I referred any one to them .now isn't ios and android wp8 competition ? Why the hell would you help out the competition? Unless Ms was desperate that would be only way I would help my competition mind I've been in business for over 13years no problem! I don't get it ms

The only way it will help is if Microsoft labels games for iDroid as "Windows Phone XBL" games, and that's not going to happen. iOS users are already aware about the Xbox brand, and they are not going to relate this to WP at all.. Why, and how would they?.. This move is the sole intention of the Xbox division to capitalize on the Xbox name, and move more Xbox One consoles. They in no way intend for this to help sell WP devices. They have a job to do, and that's to move the Xbox brand forward, and that's it!.. This is the problem with MS, and its nothing new to any of us.. We're all hoping that Balmers future plans is to unify all of the MS divisions, so that they can play off of each others strengths, not selfishly act a separate entities.. Whether you believe this or not this is the reality of the situation.. I'm sorry.

Exactly! I'm amazed this isn't yet absolutely clear to everyone. We've been discussing it forever on WPC.. it doesn't mean MS is abandoning WP. It's not part of a deliberate brand awareness push nor is it a grand bait and switch tactic. It's just business as usual, where every division acts solely in their own best interest... sigh...

I would guess that most people aren't making their phone buying decisions based on Microsoft exclusive games.  As far as I'm concerned, the more people that have a positive experience with Microsoft products, the better it is for Windows Phone.

Exactly this.  I certainly didn't buy my Lumia because of XBox Live games, and if I were using iOS or Android, I certainly wouldn't switch to WP because of XBox Live games/tltles.
I'm baffled at the outrage I'm reading regarding this; It's like everyone is taking it 'personally'.  It's just a game, for crying out loud!

It's not "just a game", it's the consistent pattern that Microsoft treats WP as of it really is the 3rd platform with it's content.

MS are a software firm, WP is just one part of what they do, they have to sell on other platforms as well, esp as they are so big. No matter how well WP does in future Android (and iOS) users will run into the millions and cannot be ignored.
But what they've done here is gotten a third party to licence AoE and make a game that wouldn't exist otherwise. They can control the content and more important get them to make games for WP. The main thing to me from this is that Klabs only made games for iOS and Android and now they are developing for WP as well. So that's more content for us, surely that is a win?

Sigh....sometimes I really think Microsoft doesn't want the windows phones to succeed and perhaps I should just give another OS a shot. I can deal with not having certain features but why would you give away one of your biggest features that makes your still struggling os unique.

It helps WP by getting a company that only makes games for iOS and Android to start making games for WP. Surely that is the most important thing MS can be doing right now, getting more devs onboard. Sure it'd be nicer if AoE was WP only, but they don't have infinite resources and if this company can make it and then port their other games to WP as well it's worthwhile.

No, that's not reality.. WP8 has already been developed to make porting games over from other platforms easy. Those developers can, and already know they can, port their games to WP but they still choose not to. If they could all of the sudden get their games XB certified, then surely they would take advantage of that for iOS, but they would still ignore WP because the market share is low.. And if you think they would make a WP XBL game because it might be popular on WP then you need to think,,,, THEY CAN DO THAT NOW!.. Some of you guys say that it will encourage iOS, or Android, developers to port a game to WP, but you haven't given us any reasons how? Have you even thought about if what you're suggesting has any merit? Ask yourself this... Seriously, are developers of iDroid, and BB, aware that WP exists? Is it easy RIGHT NOW for them to port games over to WP? Will a XBL label encourage them to port a game to WP in the future when they could be doing that already, but they still choose not to??... I just wonder what's your reasoning.

I am not sure I understand your post.... but Klab currently make games for iOS and Android. They "could" port to WP as it's easy you say, so could all devs, but currently they don't. After this deal, they plan to make a game work for all three. Surely this is a good thing?

I think part of the problem is each division at Microsoft tends to operate in a vacuum, simply not caring what the other divisions are doing. I partially blame Ballmer and partially blame the overall Microsoft culture for this. Hopefully by merging the Windows and Windows Phone divisions, the Windows Phone will be less of the bastard child and more like a legitimate family member.

Just like MS heard the people when it came to Xbox one, those of you who have the good fortune of being on Joe B's twitter following list send these complaints to him. Saying it here is just for venting purposes.

I think MS sees things on this site, but a Tweet to Joe and @Microsoft and @WindowsPhone and @XBox would definitely be productive.

Tweeted this to Joe, just like I did with the Skype-news last week.
They need to communicate. Wtf is going on?

I'm a stock holder, Microsoft is a software company. I don't see any problem with them having titles on other OS platforms. What they do not do is make sure that said titles run better on there own OS or at lest have better features of user experience. because in the end what's the difference why bother with WP8? If I say skip buying a WP8 device in favor of say a new iPhone when it comes out or an  HTC One. I'll get all of MS titles running better. It is like a company that is in competition with it's self.
Microsoft titles need to be running better on Microsoft own OS not the other way around. or else WP8 is doomed to be in the wayside as an after thought OS. If they loose Nokia game set match.

My superiority is based on me not going apeshit because a software company licenced some software.
Can no one else see that its actually a long term play? That WP and xbox grow from brand awareness? That MS putting a couple of games on a rival OS is nothing to throw your toys and sell your phone about?

I get the whole marathon ideal, but reality is that MS is beholden to their stockholders. There will be a point that they are forced to cut their loses if the WP brand does not grow significantly. The reality is that they are in the business to make money not lose it. The question is how do you create hype for your own product while undercutting it?

The games are a small issue... Big things like integrated Skype functionality, access to Office, and even Smartglass are things that set the OS apart. Constantly taking these things and placing them on competing platforms does nothing to encourage people to change over, especially with a significantly smaller app store that is missing HUGE apps. If MS isn't careful the WP brand is going to go the route of Sega.

It really doesn't though.

Get people using smart glass and office, then tell them you make a phone that has it all included.

The skype argument is moot,S have stated that skype is being rolled out as part of the OS in later updates. Probably blue. We get it built into the call section.

Again. Long game.

"...then tell them you make a phone that has it all included." Their answer will be "so? It's on my iPhone 5 and will be on my 5s, 6, 6s, etc." No one cares what else you make as long as they can get it the way they want.

Your superiority is based in cluelessness. If MS won't provide development for WP, how can they convince others to? I've had mobile products from MS since PocketPC and this is the first time that I'm considering jumping ship. I'm hardly one for tantrums to be mocked by one feeling superior. This is a disturbing trend that MS is sending their feature set to the competition while excluding their own platform. If you can't see the problem with that, then no wonder you resort to name calling over logic.

Screaming and shouting and saying your selling your phone because of a very loosely related software licencing decision on another platform is logic is it? Ok sorry my bad. I thought that was childish behaviour, but you have opened my eyes. I too will sell my Lumia 920 and get an iphone.

Close to giving up and just getting an iPhone. All the games, apps and support seems to be there...
Had a Windows Phone for nigh on 3 years, anyone want to advise me against it?

DON'T DO IT ! Please, stick with the best phone OS out there. If we all hang toether despite these less than spectacular moves by Microsoft, the WP platform will survive and thrive. You've lasted three years. Don't give up now.

@dasfoto I know and I love using the phone (I find the iOS interface awful, especially the iPad) but I've lasted three years, how long will it be until I feel like a first class passenger? At the end of the day, I'm forking out tons of money on phone bills for these devices...

I've been with MS since the Motorola MPX200 (Windows Mobile 2003), so yeah, I'm pretty loyal. Not going to jump ship until there's no ship to jump from.

As confused as I am all I can say, and hope, is that MS has something up their sleeves. They have a abstract way of going about doing things, but they get things done,,, eventually.. I guess quality takes time, and in MS case a whole lot of time, but for the most part they have delivered us what we want.. Just think of Nokia and it will make you feel better about WP.. That's what I do... A LOT!!... Nokia, Nokia, Nokia, Nokia.. Say it in your head!.. Nokia, Nokia, Nokia.. That's what Nokia is doing right now after reading this news.. Lol!

@rodneyej Nokia is a shining light. I have an Omnia 7 now and whilst the phone has been very reliable Samsung never went out of their way with app/software support. It would have to be a Nokia for me but I hear mixed reviews on their reliability. My girlfriend's Lumia 800 has never had any problems while a mate has had to send his phone to Nokia Care several times. I feel bad because I said it would be a good choice of phone!

I won't because I'm right there with you! With all the Nokia trouble news, restructuring and rumors, I'm just a step away from taking advantage of AT&T's promotion their running on all smartphone throughout the rest of June!

@von929Shavone  Don't blame you mate but that would be a rushed decision, try and weigh everything up before splashing your cash.
I really don't know what is best to do, I just can't see Microsoft improving Windows Phone enough to satisfy me after three years of "waiting", I'm getting pretty bored of being a third-rate (at best) customer.

I've supported WP since my HD7, switched back to Android and had a Motorola Photon 4G, but I missed my windows phone so much I actually brought an HTC Arrive flat out, because I missed my windows keyboard so much. So I had a 900, brought a 920 and was thinking about EOS, but I'm starting to grow weary with MS and I should know better by now! My HD DVD player for Xbox 360 was a bust and my Zune HD is obsolete. I'm getting sick of their idiotic decision to enhance every other OS out there and try to push WP just on the mere low light camera crap! They needed to make something happen like yesterday. I refuse to put anymore faith in WP, what ever happens, happens...

I still wouldn't jump ship. I know the news is not the best and it feels like the exclusivity for WP is going away however WP is no slouch. Unless MS makes exclusive content for other oS then we got a problem. I'm okay with apple... Hate Google

@EvoLuTioNHeaVy When is the news going to be good though? We're years away from the platform matching the offerings of iOS and Android in my opinion. The only thing going for it is the interface and Nokia.

I'm getting close to that point too. I'd wait to see windows phone 8.1 and the next iPhone before making a final decision though.

I think you're echoing the thoughts of many people here. Including myself. My only problem is that I'm no more excited about the alternatives. I really don't know where I would go. I'd much rather MS convince me to stay...

This is what Windows Phone has always been about. Wait for mango, wait for tango, wait for apollo, wait for wp8...

le sigh.

@MrSean490 @a5cent I'd rather MS convince me too because the alternatives aren't perfect either. I hate that I've waited years already to not really get very far to be honest. A lot of the "progress" should have been built into WP7 from the start.

IOS sucks, I had the iPhone 4. IOS 7 looks horrible, and "they" don't support older devices very well, even though they want you to believe they do. I have no interest in going back, or trying Android. If it about apps, they have been coming slowly but surely, as they say. I have been pretty happy with the platform overall. Definitely need to hold out for WP 8.1, which hopefully will be coming out in the next 6 months. MS really need to pick up the pace of delivering updates though.

Like it or not when you look at the upgrade mess that is Android and the way MS abandoned WP7 Apple still has the best old device support in the industry - heck they just reported that 93% of their users are running iOS 6.

Android is a mess, but there is certainly fragmentation with iOS, although Apple does a great job of disguising it.  When I bought an iPhone 4 on Verizon when it first was available, it was initially running iOS 4.  Then they came out with the 4S and iOS 5 just six months or so later.  Yes, the iPhone 4 got the iOS 5 update, but it didn't get all the features of iOS 5, primarily Siri.  The functionality of Siri doesn't match the hype, but the only reason Apple didn't allow Siri on the iPhone 4 was it wanted people to upgrade to the 4S.  Now, I wasn't a WP7 user, so if I was, maybe I would feel differently, but I don't see that Microsoft abandoned WP7.  They were trying to advance the platform with WP8.  They could have done what Apple does and called the 7.8 update "WP8" to make WP7 users feel that they were not getting left behind, but the fact is there were major changes that needed to be made in WP8 beyond a software update.  As for the report of 93% of iOS users on iOS 6, I think that number is inflated.  That was based on users that accessed the iOS App Store over a two week period.  My wife still has her iPhone 4s running iOS 5.  She wouldn’t do the update herself.  Neither my wife nor I is in this category, but do you think all the 60+ year olds with iPhones are updating their phones on their own?  Probably not, and they are probably not going into the App Store that often either.  Anyway, just another example of Apple’s deceptive practices.  I will give Apple their due on one thing.  With the tight control of the user experience, which many see as a negative, a benefit of that is the ability to push updates out quickly and directly to their users.  Hopefully Microsoft can streamline the update process with WP 8.1, but with the reliance on OEMs for the hardware, it will never match Apple’s process.

Not really. The grass is truly greener on the other side. If you can afford to jump, do so. I'm just going to wait this out before I can jump.

I've had WP since the start and sadly the one thing that I really want is something IOS has had for a long time! One of my main reasons was to get Xbox on my phone but with no way to backup my game saves if I upgrade my phone all my games progress is gone, yes I keep my achievements but I have to start every game from the beginning. I also have an iPhone and if I upgrade when I restore my backup all my game progress is moved to the new phone!
Another thing is that Zune was 1000 times better than Xbox music! There is no comparison Xbox music on WP8 and windows 8 is so bad it both Sucks and Blows!

This doesn't irritate me...AS LONG as the deal makes sure that Apple provides the Windows Phone Store with their Apps too (through a porting program or something).
Otherwise its just a stupid move by Microsoft, who's giving people less and less reasons to pick up a Windows Phone over an iPhone...

Nope..... Microsoft is just putting Xbox games on Android / iPhone devices. It doesn't say to what extent. You can read the article at MSN.com or the MSN app

Yes but we haven't seen the details of the said agreement. I'll wait for more details on this.

But honestly...if they just put their things on iOS more and more...next time I'll just buy an iPhone. I mean, I literally have no advantage whatsoever in having a WP over an iPhone anymore. If I start to have access to Office and Xbox Games on iOS...what the hell do I need WP with all its OS limitations and small App Store for? That's why I said stupid move by Microsoft.

Once again Microsoft or some part of Microsoft would rather make a few bucks on a competitors platform than make their own grow.

Their own os is growing though, its doubled in 8 months. But you can't expect them to not look to make money across the board.
Look at it this way, lots of people who buy iPhones don't even know that MS make a phone os. Giving them xbox games is the best way to make them go into a store and recognise the brand "oh look, a windows phone, i play windows games on my iphone and i like them, lets see what this is about"


"Whoah, I didn't know that MS makes phones! The XBox-games on *insert competing platform here* are pretty cool. What, they don't have those games on their appstore?! Happy I bought a *insert competing platform here*".

No problem with having old Xbox titles launch on other platforms. Just sucks when they don't launch the same games on their own platform. Pretty irritating.

They need to give their platform a small edge and they obviously need to reasses whatever they are doing.

I've been stockpilling Lumias for the last few months because the family decided they wanted to go Windows Phone.  I'm moving everyone over next month.  The things I've been reading over the last few weeks has me wondering if we've made a mistake.  sigh.

It's just kind of aggrevating to see Microsoft share the advantages they have with WP with competitors, especially the ones that don't have an equal presence on WP.

I'm the same way but I'm still buying the Lumia 925 next month. i have no problem with WP it runs smooth and it works great.

So your saying there's some type of mutiny going on within Microsoft. What if we have a apple sleeper spy who's grown within the Microsoft company and has now been activated to make negotiations that would favor apple... Tun tun tuuun.
Or it was company decision that would make Microsoft money

Really!?!  This isn't slated to occur until the end of 2013; that is plenty of time for WP8 users to get these games, and more, prior to iOS and Android getting them.

Microsoft continues to give people no reason to switch to windows phone. Not surprising, it seems not even they have faith in their own product :(

I want Google out before Apple who at least has original ideas and doesn't copy WP. Android is a complete rip off of iPhone and now some WP. Side comment - makes me sick Google purchased Waze.

Uhmmm, honestly I don't see the rip off at all... Android looks and feels completely different in every way. If anything, iOS7 looks more like wp8 now in some apps and cases. It's annoying to me, and I think I'd rather jump ship android if all else fails. Apple is just too expensive for no reason. I've always hated them for that

We get good news, then we get bad news, good news, then bad news....
Ugh. I just want windows phone 8.1 to be stellar and complete and and to have app release parity. Ugh

I think with Steve Ballmer's restructuring we may see different Microsoft divisions act more closely and eventually get all the latest from each division in the future.