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Official Facebook Beta app for Windows Phone gets updated with must-have new features today

As today continues to spiral into non-stop Windows Phone news coverage, we have another one for you: the Facebook Beta app, which is still going strong despite the official update, has been updated to version, bringing along with it quite a few highly desired features.

The full changelog for, which is available now, includes:

  • Ability to unfriend
  • Ability to unlike a page
  • Fixed a commonly reported problem of notification counts not clearing
  • Stability and performance improvements

Dare we say, that’s quite a significant addition of features and fixes, meaning if you’re a regular Facebook user who doesn’t mind assisting the community, then you’ll want to grab the beta app to participate.

You can download Facebook Beta v5.0.2.1 here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only.

Via: Reddit, Plaffo

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Official Facebook Beta app for Windows Phone gets updated with must-have new features today


It's unbelieveable we didn't had this from the first day... Everytime my friends send me pics via FB I have to open my PC to see them -.-"

It'll be nice when we can tag people in posts like when we share images or something! And in general an easier more fluid way to tag people. Also a way for the chat to auto refresh frequently when chat is opened. Cuz my fb chat in the messaging doesn't really work sometimes it goes through but some messages dont come through or not till hours later

Ugh...i uninstalled the beta app when they updated the official one! Guess they are sending updates through the beta to make sure they are stable before sending them to the official one?

Oddly I've just literally 5 mins ago go back to the beta app as notifications are more reliable on the beta

Agreed. I thought bellifore said we were getting the new fb and foursquare apps soon. He's got a strange definition of soon.

..or up to 2035.. I think the word "soon" is the most hated swear word in the WP8 community. It means either waiting for a hell-long time for stupid small cosmetic bullsh*t-grade fixes and patches OR in worst case "you will never get it, no matter how many thousands of you throw however hard your asses to the ground"

That feature may probably never come because, as you may not know, you can't legally save photos that aren't yours.
Sure, everyone does it and it's one of those things where practice almost revokes the rules but, technically, its still illegal.
That's why you don't have that option on Tumblr either.

I must say, please check the web version of FB and correct your statement. True that we can't save pics that are not yours (instagram and tumbler) but I can save (or download) pictures from FB.com by just clicking the option button.

Yes, but not of Fb Messaging/Chat which are sent privately to you. But you can save/download them thru touch.facebook.com site.

Hope that you are being sarcastic.. Otherwise he used the quotation marks because likes are the main feature on Facebook 

If the official non-beta app get the same features and fixes as the beta within 2 weeks with every update I'll stick with the non-beta app. But if it takes more than 2 weeks I probably going to use the beta again. We will see...

Such as tag people on comments, links on hashtags, upload photos to different albums, copy/paste content...

Good to see they're still updating this thing fast compared to pre-5.0 beta.   I also like that we're seeing more and more offical apps hit the platform.  

Off topic but relevant to those who are into social networking (which I am not).
What's the best Pinterest app for WP?  My wife is asking.

I have to admit, using a facebook app is a lot easier than using all the integrated stuff, which only seems to occasionally tell me anything.

Microsoft has broken their own awesome idea with integrated apps. We can't even see who liked my photo/post. I get why they want fb app. But the features available in the OS is just too few. I'm pretty sure most people who has a WP use both the app and integration. Terrible imo.

Yep, I end up going through the web browser too because certain restriction of picture privacy settings that will not allow me to see it through the app or the me tile.

It's fucking ridiculous!

Now that you mention it I do too. So we went from a vision of not needing an app, remembering the hype from MS about OS integration, to using THREE ways to have a complete fb experience. Frustratingly broken system tbh.

I love FB integration idea on WP8, shame its forgotten by MS, underdeveloped, I'm guessing FB wanted to deliver more pointless ads via app which they would not via the integration, shame, surprisingly MS has nothing to say about FB even as a part owner...

I agree, according to fb beta, it has something to do with security setting. But that doesn't apply on the webpage which is comeplete annoying.

Who cares... They need to focus on the reported bug(s) that send you to the top of the news feed on auto-refresh and after viewing posts. So annoying to use.

Switching back to Facebook Beta. Was not able to persuade Facebook app that "I already noticed that one notification and need not be longer notiffied".

Nice, they fixed how notifications are cleared... Now a f they could just fix not actually getting those notifications in the first place.

Finally the notifications are clearing!
As soon as they release this fix to the normal version, my review will go from 1 to 5 stars.

Still pretty much completely useless since there is no real time chat, I have to refresh every time to see new messages. I'll stick to messenger and IE.

Yes. Thank you Microsoft and Facebook for allowing me to unfriend people, when what I really wanted to do was talk to them.

Right, the whole thing is "useless" because one thing doesn't work. Just uninstall it then. I wish the word "useless" would stop being used. Hyperbolic nonsense.

Yes, it is useless becasue the most important thing doesn't work. Chat is the most important part of facebook for me cause I use facebook to talk to people not to unfriend them. And I have already uninstalled it long time ago, just came here to check if they finally put a chat option there or not.

I noticed switching from an app or when your multitasking, it resumes SO much faster. Definitely a nice overall update.

I think its more a Facebook standard that has to be achieved rather than copying iOS & Android. I think WP needS to meet that standard to access all of FB features (at some point, maybe).
This is a Facebook/Microsoft collaboration after all, so it makes sense that it would look like all the other FB apps.

Whats REALLY FUNNY is calling unliking or unfriending a feature . ?
Are you kidding me?

Well I never needed to unlike or unfriend anything on that app to notice and its not a big deal that it was absent , what is a big deal however is that the damn Java facebook has this since day one and MS is calling it a feature .?

Windows Phone is a solid OS , what it needs is Microhard apporach and not MicroSOFT.

Was excited to see the headline 'must-have new features' but disappointed that they're unfriending and unliking - not something I tend to need to do that often, if ever! Would much rather see improved chat with working notifications and ability to send images, for photos posted via Instagram to show up in the news feed like the mobile site and for the ability to tag people using @ in a status.

Sharing problems with this app. 90% of the time I can't share a post. I get this message" Sorry,unable to share at this time. Might be the privacy settings of this post" I've deleted the app and reinstalled but it's still broke. I can use JCD or m.faceboom and share the same post with no problems.

I thought Facebook was released properly so why does the beta still exist? Confused, as the beta is the later version lol

I wish they would just fix the issue that it updates after everyfreakinthing. It should only update in two ways 1 when the app is opened and 2 when I choose to update it while im in the app! I hate it sending me to the top after I click in to read something. Other than this it works pretty well for my needs.

I'm so with you here. It annoys the hell out of me. In fact I've stopped using the app as much. Why can't it be like the twitter app?

After messing around with the beta app, I have found that they upgraded the app to absolute crap!
Are you kidding me? I go to open a post and it crashes. I reopen and promps me to send a report..i send a report, app restarts by it self and crashes again, I reopen the app and there's another promp to send report,send report, app resumes, I go to read a post, bam! Again crashes and keep repeating the same fucking thing. Must have update my ass!!!

Completely ridiculous how i still can't approve posts i've been tagged in to appear on my timeline. The only thing this app's ever been good for is tagging people with you at check-ins.

Why does it keep telling me that I can't share a post, that might due to the privacy settings of this post? I can share the same post right off the Facebook.com, but not in this app?? Anyone help??

The problem with WP8 apps is it messes up the screen area ....the UI experience is very bad. I have a 4.5 inch screen. The App needs to make use of that