O2 Germany reportedly dropkicks BlackBerry in favor of Windows Phone

Windows Phone vs BlackBerry

Android and iOS are so far ahead in the smartphone wars that at this point the biggest competitor for Windows Phone is BlackBerry. By some measures the battle for third place is already won by Windows Phone, but that doesn’t mean BlackBerry can’t fight back. Well the gap between BlackBerry and Windows Phone is about to get bigger. O2 Germany has just made the move to start pushing Windows Phone harder than ever.

O2 Germany, owned by Telefonica, has reportedly moved sales reps to the Nokia Lumia 520s. Store managers and above will be carrying the Lumia 925s. What are these Windows Phone devices taking the place of? BlackBerry devices.

O2 Germany drops BlackBerry for Windows Phone

Leaked document detailing the switch.

So why is Telefonica in the process of moving O2 Germany (and soon their other markets in the UK, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile)? A combination of things. First, they’ll be saving more than $330,000 in BlackBerry enterprise fees. Second, the company likes the integration between Windows Phone and the rest of the enterprise offerings from Microsoft. Sounds very similar to the reasons why the Mall of America switched to Windows Phone from Blackberry.

Now if only those store managers could get a 64GB version Lumia 1020...

The information is not an official announcement from O2 Germany but rather an allegedly leaked internal document, meaning the information still needs to be verified.

What do you guys think of the move by O2 Germany and Telefonica?

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O2 Germany reportedly dropkicks BlackBerry in favor of Windows Phone


BB deserves to die... They took WAY too long to move from bb7 to 10... And BB10 could use some work as it is. It is inevitable they will go out of business eventually, but we all know WP never will (MS's cash pile is endless)

Lets not forget MS also gets cash from Android. So to all the fandroids as long as Android is "king" windows phone will always be close to that throne.

I was a BB user for many years, BB10 is light years ahead of BBOS, however BB has a lot of brand damage still, and they are fighting for every inch. BB still has a special place in my heart.

I not. They refused to use WP... Remember the other resolution that was dropped few moments of the official WP8 announcement? So...

I languished with BB6 hoping against hope that they'd unleash their iPhone and Android slayer but that day came and went. In the mean time, I discovered Win phone, and that's the name of that tune.

Regardless of what happens, I like both OS, for different reasons. The competition will be good for both platforms to continue to improve. Its an interesting race, that globally has a long way to go!

However I see that on the O2 infographic they clearly show a 925, but have labeled it as a 920....

I'm impressed, if wp8 takes over the corporate market he will begin to grow in the other markets even faster ...

So they the 925 is apparently a 920 now. According to O2.

Edit: also this is the same company that has the 64 GB lumia 1020 so that's a good thing.

My company is looking to roll out new phones, think we are moving away from BB since it is quite a task to set up bes10.  My boss who has been a huge blackberry supporter but doesnt seem to want to abandon even  bb after my recommendation and also our IT groups recommendation to dont invest in BBs, i think she has finally turned the corner.  ATT gifted us a q10 for her to test out and she hated it, now she is testing out a samsung gs4 active. 
I had my hands on a z10 back in february before release and it wasn't fun to use.  I know the non savy tech people in our company will nto like it.  Even our techy president didn't like it.   

I went into an o2 store in London last week and one of the members of staff had a 925 and was talking it up. Not so long ago the staff didn't even know about Lumia, let alone try to promote it, now they are using it themselves. One of the subtler but I think biggest signs that there's been a massive shift in perception. It's only a matter of time now before it catches the iPhone (sorry Blackberry, I think you are on life-support and should start making WP phones as well).

This reminds me when I went to the carphone warehouse store in westfield when the L920 was released and phones4u in Mile End.. none of them knew what I was talking about. Worse still there used to be a nokia stand in west field but thats been scrapped, the carephone CR was so "helpful" by giving me a leaflet - he was like I think I have one here and then shoves a leaflet into my face lol..
Blackberry is way past on life support, imho its only matter of time the off switch is flicked.

Peace out blackberry when you were cool I wanted one with better credit I have now and you did not alow me to have one now I got a Lumia 920 with worst credit than I had before what goes around comes around!!!!!!!

And it beings, this decade will see the fall of iOS as well and maybe even the fall of Android. These are exciting times indeed

It's probably wishful thinking that WP8 will surpass iPhone, just wait until Apple drops a new device and the hype machine gets started again. They will be heralded as the greatest thing since radio. With the rumors of a cheaper, plastic iPhone I think we will eventually see Apple introducing multiple models.

With that said, if they were to surpass iPhone, Android would have significant competition.

That unfortunately may be true in certain respects, every little kid I see that has a phone has either an iphone 4s or 5 or GS3 or 4.

But when oppo release their WP find 5 variant -WP will definitely start gaining more mind share, chiefly amongst those who want feather weight - slim handsets.

I am fed up of hearing about apple and IOS being in a duopoly with google/android.
marketshare of IOS is slowly dwindling. Two companies have them at just over 13%.
Their increase in marketshare last was half the market average, which means their marketshare has fallen. So what if another device is on the way, people will see that is no better than iPhone 5, which was no better than 4s, which was no better than 4. So what if they bring out a cheaper phone, apples profits will dip even further. Phone carriers in Russia are not marketing the iPhone any longer because of how much they have to hand over to apple. Even China Mobile haven't got the iPhone on their network because they aren't happy with costs. China mobile has probably the most subscribers of any carrier in the world. If more carriers around the world starting figuring out that they can get more profit from other phones, then they will stop marketing the iPhone too.
This info can be found on the UK yahoo finance site.
There is only a monopoly in the smartphone industry and that is android.
. I reckon WP will surpass IOS by end of 2016.

Apple's high ASP and image depend on selling expensive stuff, I don't think releasing a cheaper model will in improve their position much.

Windows phone will be killed off by none other than micro$haft just like windows mobile and the kin before that happens,  lol. I Cant stand MS. They should stick to their terrible desktop os. Does Android really seem like it's going anywhere? I mean besides having most of the market they actually do one important thing better than Microsoft. They actually listen to their customers and innovate. Look at what happened with windows mobile. Because of their incredible stuborness microsoft didn't listen to anyone when Windows Mobile was poppular. HTC kept trying to make that ugly thing look usable, but microsoft still didn't listen, and now Nokia has taken up that role. I wish Nokia kept trying with Meego instead or took up android. With the effort that they are putting forth they could have carved out a name for themselves in the android market. If MS keeps slacking do you think that the sinking ship that is Nokia will keep trying with wp? Unless you haven't noticed, it is only Nokia that really cares about this very niche platform.

I think they should give their employees something better than the 520 though--that's the phone many will be pulling out of their pocket when customers have a question about WP.

OS10 is awful. I have both Bes5 and Bes10 enterprise servers at work and the new version is just a big fail. The change to ActiveSync was bad enough but the change to a yearly license model hidden in the small print just stupid.

I recently bought a Z10 but thought it was terrible. Great screen and all, but just couldn't get used to the gestures and not having a home screen rather than a load of open apps. Sent it back. Windows Phone is beautifully intuitive

I'm not at all surprised. My only surprise is that Microsoft isn't more actively promoting their smartphones to companies.

As for O2...store managers could get a 64GB version Lumia 1020? LOL They're very lucky they get a L925. If they wanted to be even more economically efficient, the L820 for store managers would be enough. Employees don't need high-end company phones.

Yes they don't, but they would act as walking bill boards :) especially if they are totting a vibrant and brightly coloured lumia.

Yeah, I feel like in the end, WP8 will outcompete blackberry just because it has so much more potential. Microsoft has the XBox 360 and the new XBox One. They've also got Windows 8 on PCs which is slowly picking up speed. WP8 has a lot of potential because of the synergy they're across their own platforms. I believe Windows 8 has some work to do but in the end, does have a place in the market alongside android and iPhone.

I root for WP of course, but it will take a while to come close to market share of ios and android. It's only logical considering the head start ios and android have! Sometimes I really think what it would be like when WP was released at the same time as android. That would have been very very interesting indeed...