Latest data shows Windows Phone holding 24 percent of the Finnish smartphone market


Finland has been in the spotlight today with news that the Lumia 520 has taken the best seller spot across three national mobile operators. We're not halting with that report as it hascome to our attention that StatCounter paints an interesting picture regarding market share in Finland. According to the web traffic analysis company, Windows Phone holds 24 percent of the smartphone market.

iOS holds the top position with 36 percent, while Android is in close second on 34 percent. Finland isn't the largest market for Microsoft and its OEM partners to tackle, but it's good to see the home of Nokia rallying behind the mobile platform.


Unfortunately, when looking at other markets, the data shows Microsoft lagging behind still, but this is a sign of continued progress being made. 

Source: StatCounter; thanks, Sami, for the tip!


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Latest data shows Windows Phone holding 24 percent of the Finnish smartphone market


So, according to the chart, Nokia is almost neck & neck with iPhone and Android in Finland (when including Symbian & Series 40 with WP).

At this rate it will become number one in Finland. And although Americans will scoff at that, its a big deal.

I'm American and I think its a very big deal. Shows Nokia has a firm footing on their home turf. With Nokia's business improving across the board I would expect that number to continue rising. If the Finn's see Nokia putting up the good fight they will get behind them.

Ya, im American and I agree too(sup with that jab?). It does not look good for you if you can't win in your home turf. Especially with the knowledge that Nokia is very favored and held as a pride for their country. If they lose that then what does that say about them?

I really like this news.

No. But we do get a free Nokia phone after we shoot our first polar bear. Usually that happens between ages 5 and 7.

Yeah, and we get it from Santa himself, but if you accidentally shoot a reindeer you get sticks and stones, or worse Samsung.

This is good news for Nokia in Finland but it is a drop in the bucket for a worldwide company. Finland's population is three times smaller than the Los Angeles Metro area just to put things in perspective. 

Considering how a lot of people have a problem with Nokia in Finland due to them dropping Symbian and having to downsize and fire so many people this is pretty impressive. Give it 6 months when we have Windows 8.1 (or 9?) and some handsets that take advantage of that and they will be the number one OS there.

Given how most Americans are so fond of asserting that Windows Phone is "a joke," one can only conclude that the Finns have a finely honed sense of humor.

What is up with all the comments about America in here?
No one in here is knocking on Finland, yet the anti-American sentiment is apparently uncontainable with some people, no matter the subject matter. It's disgusting.

I'm not meaning to be anti-American. Just pointing out that the US consumer is either a fandroid or steventologist, with little sign of that changing any time soon.

Countries warming up to WP:

A lot of people are emotional shoppers....me included. Same reason Blackberry is still doing well in Canada.

Was actually curious about that. Glad to hear BB is still popular in Canada. Unfortunately, it's going down precipitously everywhere else. By the way, how popular is BB compared to iOS and Android in Canada?

It's strikingly similar to Nokia in Finland. According to StatCounter, Blackberry had a 21.7% market share in Canada as of July 2013.

I'm a Finn... I Was once asked would I have bought a Windows Phone if it wasnt made by Nokia... I said: "No"... Now I know What it is (and What it isnt), suits me Fine...

Internationally WP still has a very long way to go. It only gained 0.6% market share within a year (Q2/12: 3.3%; Q2/13: 3.9%). In the same time Android gained 10% and now has a market share of 80% globally. iOS lost 3% and now has about 13%.

It took 30 seconds to complete the article by selecting Aug 12 (12.8%) and Jul 13 (18.1%). There was as much share growth in the last month as there had been in the previous 11 months. This appears to confirm the red hot status of the latest cheap phones.

You're welcome.