Windows 8.1 might be just around the corner; gets pushed to OEMs

According to Win8China, the latest build for Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 operating system has already been distributed to OEMs for final testing. Build #9477 will be the last build and signifies that all features within Windows 8.1 are final.

Microsoft has been working hard with Windows 8.1 to improve on existing features, while implementing new ones. The Redmond company’s ears have been towards consumers lately and is great to see the employees at Microsoft integrating requested features to make their users happier.

This current pace places the company ahead of their roadmap and points to the possibility that the most anticipated update of summer 2013 may be hitting customer devices in an official capacity before expected.

If you haven’t already yet downloaded a copy of Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Consumer Preview, then you might as well wait a bit longer for it to show up in Windows Update – it won’t be long.

Have you been running Windows 8.1? What do you think and what improvements do you hope to see before the update officially gets pushed?

Source: Win8China; via: Neowin


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Windows 8.1 might be just around the corner; gets pushed to OEMs


I hope we can download it this month or maybe early September though, but I hope not late October what most sites are anticipating...

GDR3 is alreay being tested on existing and new devices, i would expect new devices coming oct/nov with existing devices being updated after that.

GDR3 will come with new devices first (said Microsoft). This means we won't see the GDR3 update until November/December for our existing devices.

I don't know if it was just a rumour but I've been assuming 8.1/blue is going to be Jan or Feb 2014 so GDR3 should probably be october/november release.

yea i really hope they release it very soon. 8.1 is nice but it has so many bugs and im guessing they are not releasing any more fixes =\

I agree i cant with to get 8.1 on my surface and i think it will also kick start windows 8 on tablet sales too. microsoft shou's also relaunch the surface with 8.1 and the new lower pice tag as i do think it could nit into the ipad sales as people are starting to become aware of it but pushed in the right way it could become a known name like lumia is becomming.

they will refresh the Surface. They'll do it every year. I hope they announce a Surface mini though. That's what i want.

I would've assumed that it would be released to the Surface first thing, since you know Microsoft. Then again, I don't know much about how the optimization works. . .

And just as good news for WP8.1 because now focus can turn to completing it - hopefully, just with W8.1, they also finish it ahead of schedule!

wow... you're so wrong. MS' devs don't work at only one project at a time. They have Windows devs and WP devs (and a lot more). Windows development is not slowing down or speeding up Windows Phone development - even if WIndows is finished.

PS.: god this comment system is so broken...

Normally, perhaps. But remember, Microsoft just merged Windows Phone and Windows into the same team (Operating Systems Team) with their latest major model rearrange. This mean it IS possible for the Windows team to speed up the Windows Phone team. This is even more true as Windows Phone moves closer to using the true RT framework instead of its forked PRT framework, (part which supposedly is closer with 8.1 blue).

If you installed the preview you will have to re-install apps as has been very clearly communicated repeatedly.

Only Legacy, Modern Apps get reinstalled since the start menu configuration is saved to the cloud. Unless of course you disabled that in the settings.

Same here. I was ever so tempted to upgrade, until I heard about the reinstall. It's just like when I had my bricked L822 due to a boot error. When I buy an Xbox-connected game on the Windows Phone, I make sure I do that daily, get ALL of its achievements, then uninstall. I know that achievements are re-synced over, but you just lost ALL progress in the game, hence why I don't play Monster Burner anymore. Besides, it's cloud save feature wasn't working. Is it now? Good, because I don't care. lol

Does anybody know what the upgrade path will be for those currently running the consumer preview? I'm guessing fresh install....

My understanding is that you will not need to reinstal "apps" on the Metro-RT side, but you will need to reinstall "programs" on the traditional desktop side of the OS.

apps mean, desktop and windows 8 store ones, stop trying to divide them... ALL apps are ALL apps both platforms, end.
and just so you will know, if you sync window 8 apps between your computers the only that needto be reinstalled are desktop ones, unless you disable the synching.

Unfortunately, you are mistaken.  My Windows 7 laptop doesn't run any "apps", it only runs "programs" and those are the same "programs" that run in the desktop/legacy area of Windows 8.  The Metro/RT area where you exclusively purchase "apps" from the "App Store" contains "apps", that's one of the defining characteristics.  You can't buy "apps" at BestBuy, but you can buy "programs" at BestBuy.  Also, even this upgrading from Consumer Preview of Windows 8.1 is another example.  You can't bring along any of the legacy style "programs", but all of the "apps" will move with you without error.  They are and will be divided because they are vastly different animals. 


I'm sorry I just had to comment, only way I could stop my self laughing to hard. "Apps" are short of Applications = Programs they are the same thing LOL. Here is a tip, go into any of your program directory and change your view to details. then filter on type.

That doesn't make anything he said wrong. Apps are distributed and behave differently....ie only available from the store and have cloud connection.

If @TechFreak1 is done laughing we can talk about "use context".  It's already well established that when talking about mostly mobile devices where software is purchased from curated, downloadable stores, they are called "apps".  On regular computers since...ah...forever, we've always called the software "programs".  You can call them whatever you want, but most people will assume you are talking about the stuff in the "App Store" if you say "apps".  Legacy is also a term that has use context.  If I'm running Windows 7 and the program I have runs Windows XP, then I'm trying to run a "legacy program" for which Microsoft has a track record of supporting.  Metro isn't even a term that Microsoft can use in any literature.  It sounds as if some of us are trying to reinvent the wheel because they have some affinity to the word "app".  Again, do what you want, but the majority of us out in the world will think of "programs" as software for computers and laptops running operating systems like Windows 7 or 8 (in desktop mode) and apps are software written for typically mobile operating systems like Windows Phone and Windows RT.  With that, I'm done arguing about it.  The point of the thread had been that the apps (as I define) will survive the upgrade procedure and the programs (as I have defined them) will not.  They aren't even compiled or handled by the OS in the same manner, but keep on laughing becuase it makes you feel superior, I guess.

Funny how worked up people can get if they aren't technically wrong, but Microsoft disagrees. The app store shows "desktop apps". A distinction might well be possible, but MS doesn't do it - for reasons explained in comments above. Get over it.
Jobs might have called it the Macintosh Cox Orange. Think of what names a fanboy could call the "isheep". He just called it Apple. Get over it.
Applications are called apps now. That's all :)

I'm good, but thanks for the suggestion.   On my laptop, they are programs. Windows 7 has never run "apps". Get over it.  Indeed.

What "desktop apps" does the store show that will install into the desktop section of the OS? None as far as I've noticed.

The UI is different lol the store is not for legacy applications that launch off / reside on the desktop. But for windows 8 applications which reside on / launch of the start screen, what ever man to each their own.
Clearly no amount of explaining will make you understand your logic does not make sense :P.

Considering it does make sense, no amout of explaining will work. You can't explain how water isn't wet. 

well there seems to be some crossed wires, read my comment below, which I was typing before you posted. I'm, saying the core principle is the same regardless how you dice it. It is also like saying an onion doesnot taste like an onion if I cut it in squares. i'll use your example, water is wet yes, so is any other beverage i.e juice, soda, wine, beer.
The end result is that the core principle will always be the same.

Well odd, can't seem to use the edit button. I just read your essay of a comment. I agree it depends on the context but what made me laugh so hard was when you said windows 7 never ran applications.
If that was the case then MS would have clearly categorised .exe's as programs not applications. At the end of the day there is one core principle - application is code and a program is code both are in essense the same thing and that is software. You can argue as much as you like the core principle is the same. For example cocola and juice are two different beverages but will be classed as liquids.

In this discussion, the differences in how the "code" is written and compiled and executed was in the forefront.  It is easier wtih use context to say that your regular old "programs" will not survive the update, but your new fangled "app" will.  Anyone will understand that.  Your desire to call them all "apps" and then assign nuances to the apps to define how they are different is more confusing. 

The question was answered about upgrading from the Preview to the Final build and my explanation was easily understood until the semantics started.  If you want to call them all apps, then go ahead.  At the end of the day, however, just because they are all code doesn't mean that they are the same thing.  Code is complex with diverse uses.  

As long as the question has been answered, I don't see the need to keep retreading this path.  

Dude what ever man, you don't need get so wound up eash lol. I'm sorry you were refering to context of apps and programs not me.
I was merely pointing in what ever way you dice it, they are invariably the same thing as they fall into the same group of generalisation i.e. Software is code and hardware is physical. As everything belongs to a generalised group as defined by its core principle. i.e rain, drinking water, muddy water, juice, soda are all generalised as liquids.
But yeah if you have gripe with why MS classed .exe's as applications under file type not programs take it up with them. You can keep going and going about context, nuances etc. But you will be going round in circles since you appear not to be understanding what I am trying to say. I however understand what you are trying to say.

Absolutely correct my freakin' technical friend! 
And last check, all apps have a "behavior" and most times, its different.  lol.  Doesn't matter how their are distributed either.  Just because and app is installed from a disc, it doesn't behave any different than if it was installed from a thumb drive, sideload or from a torrent. App / Application same thing.

Yep! Windows 8.1 is far less exciting than WP 8.1. Been using the consumer preview for a while now and it's very meh.
Setting your wallpaper for your start screen is nice, and I guess boot to desktop is OK. But so many little things just piss me the hell off about 8.1.

That's your opinion of course. But to me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, W8.1 is just as exciting as WP8.1, if not more so.

Apparently no one got the sarcasm. But it's not far off, and most in-use 32GB devices will not have 10GB spare.

I've seen some confusion around the statement above where people believe it will require an ongoing 10GB of additional space. In my experience, it needs that during the installation of Preview and then when it is done removing the old OS the available space returns for use. Hope that clarifies for some folks.

This is good.  Hopefully it means a surface 2 is around the corner OR from what I've heard, a Nokia tablet in Sept.

I am hoping so. I love my Surface RT, but it could use a bit more power under the hood. So Tegra 4 would be a welcome addition as well as getting some 4G connectivity in there.

Except that we've made a verb out of it and the use of "have" makes it a past participle (if my memory of English lessons is correct) so...so...so, basically I'm more confuse! ha

Apostrophe denotes possession or contraction, and this is neither. Fling => flung, swing => swung, so it's probably closest to 'Bung' it except that Bing is a proper noun and therefore cannot mutate that way (and Bung is pretty bad).

I'm not sure if Bing actually has a usable past tense.

EDIT: I know people will say that Bing and Google are nouns and therefore don't have past tense, but they have also become colloquial verbs and therefore can. The difference is that Google can be made past tense without mutation, whereas Bing is much more difficult.

Bring => Brought so the rules don't always apply. A friend of mine says "brang" and "brung" much to my dismay :P

Shakespeare used the 'd for past tense all the time. Bing'd works just fine for writing, because it keeps the hard g sound and will always be read correctly. And all newly minted English verbs have the regular past tense.

Binged/Binger can also keep the hard g sound, as in 'singer'. But I concede that it's complex in written form because of the homographs.

An apostrophe can be used as past tesnce as well for out of the ordinary thing.  The work OK in the past tense is commonly typed "OK'd".  That being said, I like the suggestion to say "Banged"! ha ha

An ancient caveman once scribbled on a cold dark dampened wall the word "bean". Dropping the ng, and the e was used as a "u" very early in a secret, now extinct language called Bungisim. So is concluded that through time the modern man became lazy with pronunciations and therefore it developed into the word we all know and love "bingeded".

Nah. When people are having "conversation", it is polite to ask questions of the others in the conversation. Not consult a third party. It tends to bind the answers during the exchange. Dialectics seems a lost art these days.

As much as I like Win8.1 my Ativ Tab has a problem when rebooting. It just hangs at reboot or shutdown screen but won't go past that. I have to hard boot it every time. Hope its fixed with the final release.

The update is major. When I did my pro and rt upgrades, it felt like its what windows 8 should have been. Tons of small things that make it sooooo much better.

Ok so the update is pushed out to the OEM's but what about users like myself who have built they're own rigs and paid to upgrade to Windows 8 during the $40 promo period. Is it anything like getting early updates with factory unlocked phones?

No. 'Going to OEMs' is like Windows Phone going to the phone manufacturers. It doesn't get released until they've tested it and provided feedback also. Even if the feedback doesn't make it into the final product, it means that if there are any glaring bugs they find with standard hardware then Microsoft has an opportunity to fix them before release.

this is incorrect, going to oem's with an operating system on a desktop is not like for phones. with phones you have device manufaturers and carriers to deal with.

Yup.  My bet is that it will be released to MSDN subscribers very soon (fingers crossed), and probably not long after that (or possibly at the same time - that would be good, too) to everyone else. 

'Like', not 'the same'. Just like having a self-built computer is 'like', but not 'the same' as having an unbranded phone.

I hope they do more with the search feature. I don't really care for all of the search bars that have been plastered in the apps.

I hope Search in 8.1 is vastly improved before release. I loved the way it worked in 8 and now despise it in 8.1. As of now, I don't use it at all. Other than that, 8.1 is awesome.

8.1 is awesome! Been running the preview on my dual core AMD laptop (test mule) and love it! My two favorite "new abilities" in 8.1 are being able to use a custom wallpaper for the start screen... and being able to boot straight to the desktop... There are many other fixes and new features as well!

I love that when in metro and I click any kinda of link it snaps both side by side automatically.

Any news on the possibility of them fixing the Start button to bring the menus back as it use to do and the consumers demanded? Or will they go ahead with that pathetic useless "pretend-start-button" they made available on 8.1?

Anyway, waiting for 8.1 to come to my Surface. Only then will I decide if it evolved enough to justify me leaving my beloved W7 on the PC or if I'll rather wait 'till Windows 9.

Are you sure? People said that about the start button and now look...
They said it about the start up on Metro-Mode and last I hear, 8.1 can open the computer on desktop.


The start button was always there. It just functioned differently than in previous editions. The whole point in making it look like an old start button is to ease the transition. The people that "got" 8 understood this aspect better than those that were/are confused by it. It doesn't matter to me if the button stays hidden until mouse-over and looks like my start screen or is always there and looks like the Windows logo- same desired purpose and same desired outcome. The button itself looks cleaner in 8.1.

ehmm a button is used for different things,like some people using virtual machines. if you dont like Windows 8 just dont run it, if you cant deal with a better start menu (because windows 7 start menu sucked, and xp even more, of course comparing it after using win8 one, because start menu was the best thing after 95). get a mac or Linux... oh wait, you have to learn a new operanting system... but of course you could also stay in win7 or xp or 98 (since i really dont care).
But just to mention something, there was always a start button but since it was hidden it was hard to click for some people in virtualmachines, so they made it visible, it always existed.
but complain and cry, thats what people like you do anyway :)

I would reply but I won't. I don't like to be rude to girls, even those whose stupidity deserves it.

i had to uninstall win 8.1 preview after running win 8 for a long time and then the preview before that, going back to win 7 makes me feel like i'm traveling back in time, and im hating all the icon piling up on my desktop, and i rarely use the start menu anyway, just those icon sitting there doing nothing, makes me wanna get a broom and sweep them off. I'm so used to the tiles, saying hey how u're doing, I got your mail for you, and hey here the latest sport score or some news for you to read, and so and so just texted you, and did you see what he or she just posted on fb.And theres that game you like you know you wanna play it, see there your high score, come on you know you wanna play it. Now its just static icons , going , zzzzzzzzzz.  what was that did you want something , no?, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, wht was that you double clicked one me yay!,             wait foe it, wait.......... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

No no this is the future why do you want a menu to open anything just type what you want is you want to open sparkle start to type spar and there it is it also will learn what you search for so if you search for say SkyDrive at first it will list them in order like Skype SkyDrive etc but if you always click on one then that will start being the first listing

If you want to be understood then you should worry about it. I didn't point it out to be a dick, I found it incredibly difficult to understand what you were saying.

Dude... your comment just made me remember why I read comments in first place... thanks my ribs still hurt from all the laughing.

I got a headache after reading your comment. I sure hope it doesn't reflect the "future" of the English language.

Anyway, I want a menu button because I want to be able to properly manage things in desktop mode. The tiles are fun etc, but if you work mostly on desktop (let us remember that 90% of the programs you use get you to desktop, starting with Office itself!) the Start menu is handy.

Yes, I know. And there are apps for that. The thing is, with this mock-up start button, it became impractical to use that solution. With this mock-up start button, they not only did not answered the complains of all those who wanted a proper start-menu button back, they also created difficulties to those who had found a solution to it.
That's why I think, the start button, as it is currently on 8.1, is useless.

Well set it to display the applist when clicking the start button and sorted to have the desktop applications to be listed first. The other solution is to get startisback if downgrading is not an option. http://startisback.com/

If you want to go to a program list instead of the start screen when clicking the start button, you can change the setting of the button to go to the All Apps list instead. You have sort options that make it similar to the old start menu. Still missing jump lists but you can create those on your task bar.

Hmm so in 8.1 they allowed you to program the "start" button to get you to the App list instead of the Tiles Menu? Well, that's something. Still doesn't really solve the problem of making you jump between desktop (where the majority of the programs runs) and the Tile Menu but it's a start...

Your attention is in any case pulled from what you are doing, so it really is moot point imo. What I find much more annoying is forcing desktop IE as default to use Metro IE.

consumers demanded???? a very vocal minority are the ones that demanded this, most of us are just fine without the old start menu.

I think the people who got windows 8 from the beginning knew what they were getting and didn't care too much about the start menu, but there is still a big demand for it!

Oh how I hated the start menu in windows 7 ... all those cascading folders and crap. and you could never find the program you wanted if you hadn't used it recently. The search never worked properly either.
Perhaps you should give Windows 8.1 a decent try when it comes out. Just saying !

Windows 7: Click Start, click or type Word, it opens. Windows 8: Click Start, click or type Word, it opens. I fail to see the difference. The Start menu has just become full-screen.

The problem is this: on the tile menu you have access to the complete list of installed programs bellow which basically is what the start button menu was.

However, in desktop mode, you lack that. If you want to access that, you have to go back to the tile screen, then back to desktop you go. Now, that makes no sense! You can add icons to the desktop...but will you add every single program to the desktop? No.

Since 98% of your programs will still throw you back to the desktop mode to open (including Office), what's the point of not restoring the start menu button? What's the point of making you jump from one mode to another than back to where you were?

Having the metro desktop backround the same as your desktop backround makes the start screen just feel like a tiled desktop, so it doesn't really feel like your switching back and forth in 8.1. It's great.

+1 I would just type and it was there immediately. W8 flips me out to a different screen and is a slower process

I hope they have solved performance issues with scrolling and search. Using the Windows key + typing to search was instant in W7 and W8, W8.1CP is really slow.

Been using it since day 1 of preview. I want more improvements on desktop display scaling, compatibility mode issues fixed for IE11, and I want app switching in metro bar to show all desktop apps the same as alt-tab.

I have not even received GDR2 yet..never mind Windows 8.1..have the Lumia 920 on Rogers up here in Canada

I had it running on my Surface Pro, then had to wipe out twice. I was having random issues like programs would stop working and other issues. Love the new features but I have to say it is very buggy at the point. I have been a beta tester ever since Windows 95, and I have my own computer shop.

I cant use wifi with 8.1. All worked fine in 8. M$ the only company that can kill millions of machines in one go :)

You should know that betas come with risks.
It messed up my WiFi too, but I worked around it and later MS fixed the issue with an update.

I got tired of my surface and 8.1. Time to sell it and get something new. $350 with touch keyboard if anyone is interested. 32gb black

Yes on the IE11 compatibility fixes! I've ended up changing the browser User Agent in the registry to trick websites into working for me. Hope I don't have to keep this tweak after the final version is released. And what's with Protected Mode blocking *everything*?! Safe is good, but in IE11 it's ridiculous.

obviouly sites wont support IE11 from a non released operating system. there is still a compatibility mode anyway, the only diference its there is no button next to address anymore.
and I dont know which protected mode you are taking about. the one enabled by default it doesnt block anything for me, not in IE10 and still not in IE11. but if you dont want it, well, you can always disable it. to hard to turn it off?

Oooo, burn! Good one! Ouch! Lol, that hurts! Lol! Smack! Pow! Bam! Wholly batman! Yikes! Tale between his legs! foot in mouth! Zing! Sting! He'll never show his face around here again, huh?

I have the strangest problem I have ever seen on my surface RT. for some strange reason it will think I'm repeatedly tapping the corners of the display.

Horribly buggy? That sounds like its broken.  What is the music app not doing now that it did before?

My music app works like a charm since 8.1 ie11 is buggy only when in split screen with itself but besides that I just wish they fix the universal search or bring back dedicated Bing app

Good news. I hope the lock screen / screen saver is fixed. Beyond that, its been pretty dang awesome.

I have 8.1 beta on my Surface Pro for a little over a month now. I really like the new features and store interface. I haven't experienced any bugs as of yet.

Shut down button still very hard to find for normal users.
Default aplications on desktop instalation need to be DESKTOP, not modern.
The configuration to start on desktop and dont show left menu, is hard to configure for dumb users(90% off Windows users).
Microsoft is forgetting that normal people are dumb, and trying to make then learn things. Somee years ago, they are different,"think" for people, making it easy.
Please, Microsoft, stop to trying to teach desktop people a new way to use PCs, or they will move to another plataforms.
I'm very intusiastic of win8, but fot me, not for my parents and the rest of my family, because win8 causee a lot of problems. They need to ask me thing all the time.
So, i just made a great format in all their computers and downdrade to 7 again.(i'm talking about Win8.1, not about Win 8). My family in particular never seen a win8 without .1.

So you spent probably the whole day downgrading those computers to W7 when you could have just spent 30 seconds teaching them where to find the shut down button?

Why is it always someone saying that normal people are dumb who is spewing remarkably stupid things? The fact that you have trouble with things is not an indication of what everyone thinks.. 

I'm like you yesterday. A Win8 intusiastic. But try to install it for another people and see what happen.
You can teach people? You can, but they will forget "how to", many, many times. Win 8 is great, but not for normal people. If you can't believe, make a test, istall it on girls and old people, and preperad to be f**ed.

The two names refer to one and the same thing. What was previously referred to internally as Windows Blue is now called Windows 8.1.

Been using win8.1 CP here are some of my obervations: Laptop i7-3612QM, 4GB ram (Asus K55 series)
1. hangs alot while doing multitasking -- hope that would be fixed with the release version.
2. IE11 - Metro UI is beautiful but thats it, so difficult and pain to switch between tabs, to have to configure separately the inprivate browsing mode from Desktop and other options too are limited.
3. lockscreen and picture lock etc wonderful implementation.
4. people's hub is still a mess, in wp8 (lumia 620) its much easier to navigate but not in W8.1 its whole lot bigger and had to scale the whole screen with mouse or touchpad - cumbersome - could add searh button within the people's hub.  Alphabets in peoples hub could have been kept as indent or bulleting style in Office (separate from the names) it would have made navigating more pleasant - apply to WP8 and RT too.
5. no need to install MSE (windows defender takes care ) of course this was already in windows 8.
6. still we have to depend so much on the desktop mode.
7. the app section is a mess especially when one have thousands of apps, its pain to see so much cluttered (of couse search function is there) but if it can be organized better like with alphabets grouping them (life peoples hub) it would be better.
1. since peoples hub is a beautiful integration with my WP8 (lumia620) i wish that they enable the SMS sending function and Call function from the computer itself and even such alerts and notifications (would be advantageous and in a way a marketing strategy for Microsoft to push their WP8, WP RT and W8  ahead)
2. to go down to APPs Section of the Metro UI we have to click the 'small down arrow'. It would have been desirable if the middle mouse click send us down to the app section or LMB and RMB clicked together (for those who use laptops)
3. the gripe about Metro UI mode is that options to customize and tweak apps are very limited (as compared to Desktop mode) and thus we still rely heavily on Desktop mode, if the so called right click options are fully integrated in the metro ui i think we can do away with Desktop mode.

thanks... Got it.
One has to open the 'People' app to use that function as you mentioned.
i had checked without openin people app and does not show up that option, thats why thanx...

#2. Why are the tabs difficult in ie11? They moved from the top of the screen to the bottom but the access is the same. Also, you can get to in private browsing from Metro IE as well from the 3 dot menu.

Its supposedly released but someone told me blame on carriers. So I'm with ATT. Now L1020 has GDR2 so what could this azz of a company be waiting for?

Why would you consider Win8China any more than a baseless rumor?  Microsoft never hides when they distribute to OEMs - in fact, for quite some time they make a pretty big deal of it.  When it goes final, there will be mystery about it.  It is also almost certain to be awhile before distirbution to end users.  I

I can't wait to get the new update from MS. On my PC a lot of services are not working since I update to the Consumer Preview (Store, Skype, some settings won't save). Really look forward for it. 

WP 8.1 needs to separe audio: ring, music, alarm and keyboard sound of type are not the same things.
Copy, cut, paste and criate folder and subfolders are very important!
An "Windows Explorer" for mobile version ill be wonderful!
Option to plug it with HDMI and turn it on a mini notebook portable, using some keyboard and mouse in a adpted micro USB ports.