Tip: Jetpack Joyride is giving away free loot on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 today

Jetpack Joyride Windows Phone 8

Here’s a good tip for you if you’re a fan of the endless runner Jetpack Joyride. On the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 versions, just about everything in the Stash (the game’s store) is free today.

Bug or giveaway? We’re not sure but it’s worth checking out.

Indeed we bought just about everything we could from unlocking levels to new outfits to utilities on our Surface Pro. On Windows Phone we were able to do the same as well, collecting a ton of achievements too. However, after about every second “free purchase” the game would freeze on our Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020, making the process…well, a process, though it seemed to be random too. We didn't experience the same on Windows 8 though, making it much easier.

We checked with Halfbrick’s Twitter account and this doesn’t look to be a temporary sale. In fact, our tipster told us this:

“There was some sort of a crash yesterday, I had lost all credits and Jetpack Joyride was not working. But they are now back and items are free.”

The game does look to still be having stability problems as on an initial load it seems to be crashing the game, at least on three of our phones. After that, it crashes after a few purchases, requiring us to hit the Windows key, jump back into Games and re-launch. It eventually exits the game and we have to repeat the process.

Jetpack Joyride Windows 8
On our Surface Pro, just about everything is free

We’re not sure if Halfbrick is doing this to amend for yesterday’s crash (plausible) or if it’s a glitch. Regardless, you are more than welcome to give it a go.

If you haven’t downloaded Jetpack Joyride yet, you’re really missing out on what is an excellent game.

Jetpack Joyride – Windows Phone 8 – 36 MB – FREE – Store Link

Update: A ton of you are noting in comments that you don't have anything for free, so here at WPCentral, we must have magic phones and tablets as our pictures don't lie! Now pardon us, we're going to go use our Golden Piggy Pack and blast money at scientists. (But seriously, sorry if you can't get this deal. We verified with a few people that this works.)

Update 2: People are having luck by uninstalling and reinstalling the game, then trying the Stash. That makes sense as we fresh installed the game on our three phones. 

Thanks, Sholokov, for the tip!


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Tip: Jetpack Joyride is giving away free loot on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 today



The game has just frozen for me. I'll restart and see what happens.
Update: game refuses to start at all now! All I see now is the main screen with music playing, but the menu itself doesn't appear..

Minimize the game (Win key), relaunch the game, note the black screen. Let it time out/exit. Relaunch and repeat process.

Worked the first time. The 2nd time it hard freezed my 920 and I had to,do a hard reset (both volume keys and power)

Actually, after you hit the win key, just turn on some other game and then retry JJ.
UPDATE: Jetpacks, utilities and vehicles buying is buggy. Just exit the game after every purchase.... :/

Yep, you guys were right! Most items (apart from 1 or 2 items) are free! Time to take advantage lol!

Seems like a glitch. It kept freezing on me after every two purchases but that did not stop me from keep geting back in and buying two at a time till I had bought everything that was free! +920

Actaually it worked after uninstalling the game, but i lost some achievements and the game freezes frequently...

You are right. The game wouldn't turn on yesterday. So I uninstalled it. But today, when I reinstalled it, almost everything was free. That's when I tipped WPC.

No its not... I am enjoying all the free stuff. Try uninstalling and reinstalling it. Then play a couple of games before heading to the Stash.

I haven't bought anything today, but it does keep crashing for me too! What's going on with this game all of sudden?

Not just this, but Fruit Ninja (also by half brick) is crashing too. After every game it just gets stuck on the score screen. HalfBrick might be having some background problems.

Not working, too bad I'd love to grab all the stuff but I'm almost done buying everything except uniforms and heads now anyway... :( not free on my PC either

Yeah and the games just stuck on the menu screen for me all I hear is the background music and that's it I touch the screen nothing as well as I uninstalled and installed 4 times already

Update: Its working now and alot of the things are free for me I'm using a L925

Just tried it on W8, and it's free. Just bought everything possible...and some extremely many times :P

I checked and nothing was free.  So I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it worked.  It may freeze after a couple of purchases however, but it works.

I think people should point out if they have the latest game update on their phone versions and what kind of phone.

I didn't download the game update because I heard of all the crashing issues.

Also, I'm on a 920.

All of us achievement hunters should have already beat this easy and free game. You should already have this deleted!

This game used to be severely crash prone on Windows 8 too for a while, which they fixed with an update that took a few days to come out. Hope they fix the crashes for WP8 now too.

Uninstalled the one i had on the phone, and reinstalled it. Now most of the items are free, but it crashes a lot, it just freezes after purchasing the items.

I'm not seeing anything free, but then I've already purchased most items anyway. I've just got one jetpack and a few articles of clothing left to buy.

I actually prefer them NOT being free.  It's something to actually work for.  If they were all free... I probably wouldn't want to play the game anymore.  That said... I might've taken some of the more expensive items because I doubt I'll play the game that much to unlock everything.

I feel the opposite. I stopped playing because there was too much grinding just to get basic upgrades. Now I have almost all the upgrades and only the most expensive items still aren't free. The game is fun again, so I'll be playing it more to get the still-paid items

Uninstalling and reinstalling works. Just freezes alot and now it's freezing my phone twice as I've been trying to get the last free items, freezes every time I but more than one free item....scary that it froze my phone but I have an 820 so I just pulled the battery out but yea...

Wait a min now everything I had purchased for free is gone!!! Omg noooooo!!! And my coins are down to zero!!! That's not fair...everything is free still but damn i don't wanna start purchasing and it freeze on me again :(

I was able to buy everything back without any freezing but my progress was lost?!?! Had to start over but that's a small price to pay ☺

Perhaps pulling battery was your problem..  Instead, when it freezes, try pressing Windows button, then back button...  Once it resets to start screen, go back in and purchase 2 more items.  Rinse and repeat.

Yep, uninstall, reinstall works. I had to do this twice on phone. Anyone know if this is happening to the other platforms like the IPhone version?

I just bought heaaaps of free things! Not everything was free, but the game crashes a lot trying to buy stuff.

L925 here items r free but after two purchases game freezes have to turn off and go back and buy more items but its ok.

Maybe this is a way of letting you get all the stuff you lost when the game loses all of your progress... now maybe I'll go back and finish the last couple of acheivements I'm missing.

Damn, Flash isn't free - but it seems like he costs less?  better hurry up and earn some coins and get him so I can get that walkies achievement.

Managed to get all the free clothes in one go, and the free gadgets, but jetpacks and vehicle upgrades freeze up. Only get one if you're slow, three if you're quick. Re-installed on my WP8 to get the free stuff since I hadn't played it much, but don't think I'll re-install on Windows 8. Getting close to unlocking everything on that anyway and not confident it'll remember where I'm up to when I re-install.
Is the save synced on Xbox Live?

So it looks like if you dont see anything free, uninstall it, and reinstall it. This made items for me free when they previously were not (928) but freezes the game after 2 purchases

I wasn't seeing anything free on my Lumia 920 so I uninstalled the game and then reinstalled it. Now I see a lot of the items as free. Give it a shot.

I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and now almost everything in the stash is free.  The only thing is that when installing the jetpacks, only 2 can be downloaded then it freezes.  What I do is go to the multitask street (hold on the back button) and go back one screen.  Then press the back button again to go back to Jetpack Joyride.  Then it closes.  I then have to reopen it and continue buying the free stuff.

It would be great if we had multitasking close button and it messed up device a little made me unable to stay on WiFi it kept turning WiFi off but I reset a few times and it works.

I'm not really interested in losing my progress for freebies...and it's locking up this evening, it seems, while trying to access the leaderboards.
In a perhaps related note, the new version of Fruit Ninja (also Halfbrick) was locking up and having fits on me this morning.  Server issues?
When does their new one come out?  Colossatron?
Just looked at their Facebook page?  Man, we need an update to get some of those other costumes and vehicles...

I'm with you.  It would be nice to get some of the gadgets and a bunch of utilities to use, but I really don't want to lose all of my progress to do it.  Darn.

Got me some freebies, then my 920 locked up froze had to soft reset,,, I'll not do that again no freebies for me.

I just uninstalled jetpack joyride went to marketplace to reinstall and now I can't find it anywhere on my 920 but the marketplace place says share so it's on my phone but where?????

I had that happen to me with a different Xbox game. Sounds like the uninstall/install failed. Try going to the actual windows phone website www.windowsphone.com and log in there. Go to past purchases and follow the directions to "push" the reinstall to your phone. If the game installs, but shows up under the non Xbox section in the games tab, uninstall it. Then you can reinstall anyway you like, and it should work.

Got everything for free, my phone locked up, restarted, and I lost EVERYTHING (including what I had gotten before today). Probably just gonna uninstall...

UPDATE: I turned off my data connection, and my WiFi, and then downloaded [almost] everything. Then closed the app, turned on my Data/WiFi, launched the app again and now I have everything saved. The game plays fine, no issues at all. Just had lots of freezes when downloading the stuff.

Meh... not important enough to reinstall the game over.  Still nice that they're offering it.  Still love this game a few months later... Still having issues getting past 3000 meters. 

Opening the app locked my phone and when I do get in it is still asking for coins. Worst if both worlds

Fixing the crashing is easy, just turn off Wifi.
I've got the Walkies achivement to unlock offline but the A Man My Son won't as it won't let me restart the missions!

If it doesn't cost anything, then no. We're not running any hacks or doing anything nefarious. If it's offered for free, why shouldn't we take it?

Not a total fan but i unlocked almost everything.. Except the coins which i won't be needing anymore. Now i'm worried that i would have to pay for all the stuffs i just got later:|

Wow, buggy! Not only does it crash the game but it takes my phone with it. Have to reboot after every two purchases ...

Seemed to clear up after a couple of reboots (and draining most of the battery). Many of the purchases hadn't 'stuck' (they showed as not purchased) but I was able to go through them all again without any more crashes.

It crashed for me several times. Could only get 2 things at a time before crash. Restarted. Got everything with no hangs or crashes.

Yep, Daniel's right. Almost everything's free in the Stash, just needed to reinstall the game. And also the game runs smooth as butter after an initial few crashes. :) Going to enjoy this loot,guys.

I'm doing it on win 8 works like a charm once uninstalled and then reinstated still trying to get the fly 5k achievement but best is 3k

This is legit. I didn't have the game so I downloaded it in order to grab all the goods. It worked great except for one thing.. Kept freezing after each second purchase. That's for jetpacks and utilities I think? Still, grabbed a nice 40G for just tapping on my screen. And got the materials to earn the rest of the achievements at my convenience. :) It works.

disconnect from the internet
go in buy everything that is free(not everything is free)
close the game
reconnect to internet
use your new stash to unlock achievments and get more coins
buy everything else


The game is 29mb so you need to correct the information and I did not get anything for free now I am trying the re-installing trick. hope it works.

whooohooo re-installed and almost everything is free and yeah the game is freezing while purchasing but daniel's tip is working so no issue. First amber and now free stuff I am loving it :)

*Tip* if you want it to stop freezing uninstall, reinstall, then soft reset your phone. It worked like a charm for me, I have over 200 super boosts and bombs and lives bought and almost everything in the store without a single freeze.

As said, Uninstall and re-install to get nearly everything for free....did it on my 920 and Surface RT. 
Happy days...cant stop it crashing and having to relaunch after a few purchases on my 920 though.

925 here and loads of free stuff, it does crash after buying 2 things, but when i played the game it crashed the whole phone :(

Wtf are they doing with this game... Since yesterday the game freezes after like 5-10 minutes of play. 
I even had to soft reset once.... (btw why are my background tasks not working after soft resetting? chronos and weather flow)
Now they make everything free (bug or intented)... great, but the 2 problems: this kills the fun of the game, and more importantly the game is
STILL FREEZING... ffs (even not doing anything with the stash).
These made me delete the game... gz for the devs (or whoever responsible)

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Once it finished, my entire phone became incredibly unstable, actually freezing. This obviously caused great distress to me, because as we all know, Windows Phone is extremely stable and never crashes or freezes. Thankfully, a soft reset worked, bur once I rebooted, I noted it was trying to install itself again... This was too weird, and I'm worried it might compromise my phone, so just to be safe, I canceld the install and will leave it that way.

It's a shame, I've now likely lost several weeks of progress in that game, but hey, it's better than my phone being bricked, and I kinda deserve it. I uninstalled a stable version in the pursuit of free stuff, which came at the cost of a seemingly unstable build.

My phone is fine, and I'll await a fix. It just means I've got to work my way up the ranks... Again.

Exact same thing happened to me except I had no idea how to cancel a download and it also caused me to keep disconnecting from WiFi.