ProShot receives a significant update enabling new features for GDR2 Windows Phones

While some Lumia owners with the GDR2 OS and Amber update can now use the Nokia Pro Cam app to leverage advanced camera features on their device, the original ProShot continues to evolve and it still offers a noteworthy alternative.

Today, version 2.8.3 is available on the Store and it now controls some GDR2 features that weren’t previously available in earlier builds. It’s also touted as being faster than Nokia Pro Cam, though at least for Lumia 1020 owners, you won’t get those 38MP photos. So what’s new?

ProShot version 2.8.3 (8/22/2013)

  • Image processing pipeline overhaul: shot-to-shot time now a full second faster! Faster than Nokia Pro Cam*
  • Increased ISO range up to 4000 on compatible devices*
  • Added Macro / Infinity AF modes**
  • Added 3 second option to timelapse*
  • Added double-tap shortcut: double tap menu items to select them and close the panel
  • UI tweaks, improvements, and many bug fixes

* Requires GDR2 OS update (build 10320 and higher)

** Only compatible with Nokia devices with GDR2

While some may prefer the UI of Nokia’s Pro Cam, it’s all about what you are comfortable with when shooting. ProShot does offer 5FPS “burst mode”, macro settings and the ability to save pre-sets, all of which give it a slight edge over Pro Cam, especially for the 92x Lumias. Unfortunately it can’t be made a default camera app, though we hope to see something like that in the future, if possible.

Certainly ProShot continues to deserve attention from avid photographers and it is worth your time to evaluate its efficacy. Those with Windows Phone 8 devices can grab it here in the Store. $1.99 with a free trial.

via: Windows Phone Central forums

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Reader comments

ProShot receives a significant update enabling new features for GDR2 Windows Phones


that would be really fucking great to take advantage of.....if most of us didn't get phones from the "Premier Dreadful Partner" known as ATT.

Depends where you live. Where I am TMo's is as good or better than the rest, and faster too. Smoke that in your overpriced pipe.

And ProShot has an on-screen real-time level!  I haven't used Nokia Pro Cam yet, but I haven't seen anyone mention that feature.

You're saying Nokia Pro Cam lets you know if your shot was level *after* you take the picture?  ProShot has a level on-screen *before* you take the picture.  Because of this, I no longer take off-camber (slanted) pictures.
I can't remember anyone talking about this, but it's so important to me, I wouldn't even consider a camera app that doesn't do this.  Maybe not many people care.

This type of level shows the angle of the camera relative to the horizon.  i.e. You know when you're holding the camera perfectly horizontal, not tilted left or right.

ohh. good thing pro cam has grid lines to aid you. :

rule of thirds, crosshair, golden ratio.
you manually "level" your phone with these, especially crosshair for horizons.

I'm not talking about gridlines.  It has a real level.  To turn it on, go to Settings and check Level.  You'll understand once you see it.

How can I find a list of apps that I can set as the default camera?
All I've seen is the Nokia Smart Cam, and Pro Cam isn't available for my 822.

Oh, ok thanks. Maybe I'll try it. I was under the impression that Pro Cam wouldn't work on my phone because of some hardware/firmware limitation.

Thanks again.
Running through the proxy is a little iffy, I kinda expect that some hacker has all the information he could pull from my phone...
But I have Pro Cam along with the App Folder from Samsung, I would have gotten some HTC apps but there aren't many and I didn't want the ones they did have.
My phone is so different after getting GDR2/Amber, Pro Cam and App folder. I love it.

What's GDR2? If it's an update, when is it coming out?
Pro cam is excellent for preset pinned settings!

This app is fantastic... it would be great if this could launch with the camera button.
Will manual temperature adjustment ever happen on the Lumia series? This one absent feature (in every app) just kills the Lumia as a serious shooter.

The good news is that the API exposes manual temperature adjustment, but it's currently only supported by HTC (and I think Huawei?) hardware. I will update ProShot if Nokia ever adds support!

Ideally, every device would have the same features, but it's up to the hardware and the hardware manufacturers. Nokia's hardware supports Macro / Infinity AF modes, while HTC's doesn't. Conversely, HTC's hardware supports manual WB temperature control, and Nokia's doesn't. So HTC does have an exclusive feature :)

I probably missread the question :) Actually WB works quite well on my HTC. Btw when I switch to the new ISO levels the screen flashes for a moment then turns back to normal, when I shoot the picture is with the correct ISO though. Also I found that certain combinations of ISO and shutter does not change on 8X i think the phone overrides the settings if they are too off.

And I would love to have "delete" option because many times I experiment with the settings and make too much bad pictures.

The slight flash is the hardware changing to the ISO setting (happens on HTC, not Nokia). Also, there is an odd bug in HTCs hardware....if you manually set the ISO and shutter speed, the selected shutter speed might not be used :/

I played for a while with custom ISO and Shutter speed and sometimes it works, sometimes does not. Tried to make a reproducable case but I could not. I think it is not working if both options are set to something that is not supported by the hardware (as a combo). Btw in some extreme settings (like ISO 3200/ Shutter speed: 1/16000) the phone tries to make a picture witch is displayed for a while (some extremly noisy image appears), slides as it goes for saving, but it actually does not save. Sometimes after that, the gallery mode stops working and the left arrow dissappears too.
Also when you turn the phone upside down the arrow goes to the right of the screen and becomes unclickable.

The hardware supports all of the settings that are available to be selected, it just won't honor the selected shutter speed if the ISO is also set to something other than AUTO (note again, this only applies to HTC phones). Their firmware still has quite a few bugs that need to be addressed.

The left arrow disappears while images are being processed / saved in the background.

The left arrow bug when the phone is upside down will be fixed in the minor update I just submitted.

Can't set as default camera app? Thats disappointing. Was looking forward to doing just that.
(&*^&^%^% (^&*%^%^&  *&^&*(^&^&^&.......

Hey, You forget to mention superb support directly from developer. I wish they all were like him. :-)

There is another reader named Borri
"Default camera app?" is his quarry
Scroll up and you'll peek
At the answer you seek
Plainly seen in the article for ye

After downloading Nokia Proshot i'm actually still preferring the original app.  Nice to know i have choices.

One thing that would be really nice is if ProShot could be turned on by pressing the shutter button on the 920 or 1020 >_>  Only reason I think I'm using the Nokia Camera

Unfortunately even with Amber/GRD2 burst is still a bust with Lumia 810 even tho' "we fixed the burst issue'' You touch the shutter and the maximum of 15 shots is also the minimum and after 10 min of saving photos ( you can't  use the camera during that time) I just closed it out. BTW I do have the paid v 2.8.3 copy

I just got my Lumia 720 updated with amber....nd I used pro shot after that....smthing really surprising is that the maximum possible ISO is limited to 800....bt in auto mode...under very dim conditions.....the app selects ISO's upsto 3200!!!....it means higher ISO's are supported the device rite????