Rumor: Nokia combining Smart Cam and Pro Cam into one app later this year

Looking down at our plethora of Lumia devices, there’s a distinct pattern we’re noticing: there are a ton of Nokia apps. Indeed, when it comes to camera apps one could argue that Nokia has too many with some even overlapping in function. Such is the case with Smart Cam and Pro Cam, which makes us feel a little schizophrenic when we’re choosing camera Lenses to snap that perfect moment.

The app Nokia Camera is supposed to alleviate that problem by combining Smart and Pro Cams into one app for all Lumia devices. So says Nawzil, who according to his Twitter profile is a social network specialist at Microsoft Kuwait. He even posted a supposed icon of the new mega app, though we cannot verify its authenticity.

Suposed Tile for Nokia Camera app

Windows Phone Central hasn’t heard anything about this supposed merger, but much like Nokia’s HERE services, it’s not difficult to believe. Nokia often develops many technologies at once and release them as separate apps. If they resonate well with customers, later Nokia may incorporate them into other services. Think of LiveSight from City Lens and how it is in just about everything these days.

There is one area that needs to be explained though. Up until now, Pro Cam has been reserved for the higher end Lumias, specifically the 92x series and up. How Pro Cam's features trickle down to the more budget friendly Lumias remains to be seen, as it will mean a reversal in policy for Nokia.

Still, while we have not verified the information it is certainly plausible and it would seem apropos for the October 22nd announcement for the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 Tablet device launches.

Source: Twitter, FacebookThanks, Pawan K., for the tip


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Rumor: Nokia combining Smart Cam and Pro Cam into one app later this year


lets see, arafatx, that name must have some kind of meaning... Oh I got it! You 'are a fat ex'. Is that you Jessica? Jesus, stop stalking me.

the reality is both dont have any decent first party or third party apps that comes close to either of both nokia apps

+1 I was thinking the same thing. Plus, would love to get that extra icon off my list of apps... jejeje

Not only that. When do you know when someone's going to walk through your photo and that you will have to erase him/her out. At least this way, you can "enable" the multi-picture option easily instead of launching a separate app or lens, which takes time.

cool, i just upgraded my wife's phone to 7, but also haven't had a chance to play around with it either

If you lock yourself out of your iPhone, I've got some wood glue. I'm sure we can grab your fingerprint off a million things.

Like I've been posting I'm going with the next program so I don't have to wait for untimely updates anymore I'll just upgrade to the next phone seems like Ms is pumping out phones so why nit take advantage of it and there all coming with gdr3! Us on att are still waiting on gdr2 you think we wanna wait around for gdr3? Nope but we don't want to leave wp so well just upgrade no more frustration it ls win win.

GDR3, for sure. Just look at the Nokia Lumia 1520 and 929 photo leaks -- the Nokia Camera app is there.

Well spotted.
About time Nokia did this, lens are all well and good as an idea, but you just want one interface when taking photos. Switching back and forth depending on what you want to do is just too cumbersome.

A bit off topic: I'm using a 720 so I haven't got my hands on Amber as well as Smart Camera yet. Does Smart Shoot merge with Smart Camera after you install the latter?

I deleted Smart Shoot after I installed Smart Camera because Smart Camera does all of what Smart Shoot did and more.

I guess this would be great if I get a GDR2 update. Good they ate streamlining multiple apps that can be one as long as it don't clutter the features

Exactly. As I said in my full post about Nokia Camera app: "But non-PureView phones will not get all the features of Pro Cam when switched to Pro Mode, some features will only work on Lumia 920, 925, 1020, 1520, etc."

Glad they're merging them. I've placed Pro Cam to launch from the camera button but often have I been forced to leave the camera to go open Smart Cam for a specific photo. Having them together is a much more practical solution.

it's just two taps, tap lenses, select smart cam. I'm all for merging the apps, but switching between the two isn't a big ordeal.

It is when time isn't at your disposal. Smart Cam is mainly useful, to me, for catching fast objects. The time it takes to switch apps is normally the time it takes to lose the shot.

hopefully they'll come up with a smart way of joining them, kinda like switching between photo and video right now, just adding another bubble for smart cam, that would speed things up, otherwise i don't see it being an improvement

I was sure that nokia will be back with the bang. Microsoft would definitely have made some plans for Nokia. Hope to see these features in lumia phone soon. 

Now we are talking! Add in panoram too as 1 of the modes under Pro cam too! Is just lame to keep switching between lenses for different modes.

Correct me if I'm wrong but there's a video of Lumia 620 running the Pro version via a hack. I don't have the link now. So, technically, low end devices can run it perfectly. :)

I'm also running it on my Lumia 620. It works fine if you don't go into extremes with the settings, like very short shutter speed (like 1/16000), because the lower end cameras can't seem to handle that (I just get a black image with the 1/16000). But other then that it's completely fine. Mostly I like the manual focusing, great for taking macros :)

Makes sense, it was going to happen eventually since there were too many camera apps from Nokia. Just confuses everyone.

Smart cam takes multiple images and allows to to choose one, or use the various shots combined. Best shot, action shot, motion focus, change faces, remove moving objects

Absolutely nothing to do with this article but why isn't WP Central covering the Surface 2 event? I'd much rather follow it here than Engadget.

always wondered why this wasnt the case to begin with.  was annoying having to choose the best app for the situation as im taking the photo since a photo taken with the pro cam can't benefit from the smart cam features.

I don't know what the big hassle is for some to just be able to switch lenses rather than having a single application bogged down with extra settings or features which will only turn it into bloatware. You'll end up with a terrible camera application that resembles the hideous one found on Samsung Galaxy S devices.

I pinned them both to the start screen so I can quickly choose the one I want prior to shooting, but if I change my mind after opening, I have 15 lenses to choose from. It's easier to go to start and click the other. Too many lenses makes the lenses option not as efficient as it needs to be, sometimes

Sounds great, I would love to be able to use the app on my 920, but for some reason I can't. Maybe AT&T could tell me why...

Can't believe nobody's mentioned this but Smart Cam currently only supports lower res from what I recall 5mp?.  If the two were merged are we to assume that features like bursting would be available at higher (highest) resolutions or no?  Is the OS even capable of bursting 20+MP shots?

You will also get Nokia Camera app, but not all the features of Pro Cam. Read my full post about the app in the source link mentioned at the end of the article above.

Nokia needs to combine HERE Maps and HERE Drive+. It's very odd having to toggle between the two. I'm never sure which one will do what I want, and jumping from one to the other slows down the experience.

Did anyone notice that a few posts earlier we could see a render of Nokia Lumia 929...with the very same Nokia Camera app icon?