First Impressions: Mugen 1950mAh extended battery for the HTC Titan (Updated)


Woo, it only took a couple of weeks to get our Mugen 1950mAh battery for the HTC Titan, but it's finally here.

The battery has about 350mAh of more juice than the standard 1600mAh battery that the Titan comes with, giving it a claimed 22% more power on the go. Will it live up to the hype? We'll put it through its paces over the next week or so to get some good cycles out of it and compare it to our standard battery (we'll use WP Bench as well as the Battery reporting feature of Windows Phone).


So far though we haven't had any issues and all is working well. The battery is a tiny bit heavier and clearly slightly larger than the standard. Oh and Mugen was great when our inept local USPS office decided to send it back to China (hence the delay), so kudos on easy customers support.

For those looking for even more power, there's the redonkulous 3600mAh battery now available too. Clearly that one will have a "hump" on it though.

Update: It appears is you use the discount code "YOUHTC" you'll get a nice 7% discount on the price of the battery.  Not sure how long the discount will last but the original discount code "FACEBOOK" has expired.  Thanks MadSci2 for the tip!


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First Impressions: Mugen 1950mAh extended battery for the HTC Titan (Updated)


Interested to see how this works out. The worst part about coming from an iPhone 4 to a Titan is the significantly decreased battery life. (At least in my experience)

I have been using this since December when it became available and while it was great at first. I find that my battery capacity is decreasing the more I use it to the point where I can get equal from the OEM battery. Slightly disappointed.

Third party batteries are often of a much lower quality than official ones. Same thing with Seidio. Its just better to get an external battery pack so if you at one point change phones it'll be compatible as long as it takes USB.

My battery have been performing great, but then I been using it for 2 days so maybe it will get worse fast. To bad these more powerful batteries always gets you these "humps". Bought the hTC original hard case and then I will be unable to use that. I hope I will be able to live with current battery. So far its the best I seen on a Windows Phone. Any other experienced WP users feel the same? I have had the Omnia 7 and Lumia 800.

I have been using mine for a month now. It is equal or better than the oem. I cannot tell the battery life difference because I have my built on battery saver. 22% is hard to notice.

I have used Mugen battery for Titan two months now and it really does give that extra power. With my lighter usage, little bit of web surfing, mail checking and few calls, it lasts 3 days and little bit more.
If it seems to someone, that WP7 is using too much power, you should really check what 'backround tasks' are running on the phone, from menu: Settings>applications>background tasks.
For me it seems, that 'HTC Hub' is a real "vampire" and if the app gets an updates, it is back "live" again on the background, if it was turned off by user earlier.

I love the Mugen batteries, especialy if there's no "hump" to go along with the longer legs.  I find for travel it is particularly nice to have the extra juice, and if it's not enough, carrying around a charged spare (aka - the origianl battery it came with) is much better than fighting for the 2 sockets available at your gate at the Airport!
FYI Just bought mine on line.  Th e"FACEBOOK" coupon is dead, but "YOUHTC" got me a nice 7% off for a total of $41.80 with free shipping. Beat the $46 that was the best price on ebay too!

I have had my Mugen battery for about a month. To me it has some clitches. One day i went for 2 days with no charge, then the other day it went straight to 20% by the end of the day> it does come with instructions telling you to do at least 3 charge and dischargers: which i did. right now at 10:13 pm est it says its at 43% with 15 hrs of remaing use. Time since last charge was 17 hrs ago..but if leave it off the charger tonight, it will be DEAD by AM...im going to swap batterys with the stock one and see what percentage we will be at..until tomorrow or Sunday night, ill make some notes
atlanta ga HTC Titan on the 4g Network ATT

update: !!! im a believer... on this past Friday i put in the stock battery the night before. i fully charged the stock battery and used the HTC Titan like i would have normally would with the Mugen..here is what i can say @ 1044pm that Friday on the Stock battery from HTC: 18% left, estimate time remaining 3hrs and time of my last charge was 16 hrs ago: as you can see there was a BIG!!! differance from the Mugen to the STOCK HTC battery. So im back to my Mugen Battery
Dmiranda Atlanta Ga
HTC Titan on the Network ATT