Deal alert: Microsoft Store giving free wireless charging covers when you get the Nokia Lumia 925 (US only)

Lumia 925

There is nothing better than a good deal, especially for something you were going to get at some point. Here’s one for anyone thinking of picking up the Nokia Lumia 925 on either T-Mobile or AT&T. Buy through the Microsoft Store and get the wireless charging shell for free. Details below.

While the Lumia 1520 may be right around the corner, all of us here at Windows Phone Central love our Lumia 925’s like no other. The aluminum Lumia is beauty and beast in one device. You have a great camera with 8.7 megapixel sensor, optical imaging stabilization, PureView magic, and an extra sixth lens compared to the Lumia 920. Plus the display is absolutely gorgeous. Read our review to get the full details.

This deal is for potential Lumia 925 owners on either AT&T or T-Mobile in the United States. On both you’re looking at the device going for $99.99 on contract. AT&T gets the black variant, while T-Mobile picks up frost white. Both also come with 16GB.

If you get it through the Microsoft Store (either online or in-store) you’ll be getting the wireless charging case in black for free. It normally goes for $39, but it’s on the house this time. Hit up the Microsoft Store to take advantage of the deal if you’re in the market for a new phone.

Source: Microsoft Store AT&T, T-Mobile, Via: WindowsPhoneDaily


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Deal alert: Microsoft Store giving free wireless charging covers when you get the Nokia Lumia 925 (US only)


Actually, it's a horrible deal for TMoUS customers. Buy the goods at TMo and save $30+ compared to the Microsoft Store deal.

Deal is good for new contracts only. I was at the MS store in Houston last Saturday and was told it was for new contracts only. I spoke with the manager and told him that Microsoft's website didn't specify that the deal was for new contacts only, and that I drove almost 15 miles just for the free cover. He ended up giving it to me for free, but just thought I'd mention. 

1020. I have the 1020 and wanted to try the 925. I prefer the feel of the 1020 way more than the 925. The latter is a little slippery, and 16 GB blows.

Get the 925 if you don't need that great a camera and don't mind only having 16GB, which becomes like 12GB with the software on it, and the other section. Otherwise, get the 1020, and you get a free camera grip!

I find it silly that with Microsoft Store, you can't sign up for any of T-Mobiles new no-contract/jump plans. You have to sign one of their classic 2 year contracts. 

I finally talked my wife into ditching her iPhone and buying a windows phone. Is the 925 worth buying now or do you all think we should wait until something new comes out?

I say yes, if she doesn't mind 16GB. The 925 is still quite powerful, and I wouldn't see her (no, I don't know her, just guessing) using the 1520. So yeah, 925 is good, and so is the 1020.

I have the 1020 and at first she thought it was too big but now she likes the screen size. Her iPhone is 16GB so she'll be used to that.
Next question is where can I get a personalized or custom case for a 925? She wants a pic of our kid on her case. I found one site online ( http://www.case-custom.com/nokia-lumia-925.html ) but I was curious if there were others. Unfortunately she doesn't want to switch if we can't find her case. Women have their priorities...lol

How about them to give away free Wireless charding shell for 1020 since they removed this functionality. I switched from 920 and have the wireless plate already, but I was very shocked that they removed wireless charging oportunity and now asking for extra 30$... Fail!