Developers can now use Metrotube's player with app-to-app communication in latest update

The developer of Metrotube, Lazyworm has released an update for its popular Windows Phone YouTube app. So what's new in this latest release? Lazyworm has opened it up for other Windows Phone 8 developers to utilise URI app-to-app communication and automatically launch Metrotube's player from within their own apps. 

Should you click a video link in a third-party app, which uses Metrotube for said player functionality, you'll be transferred to Metrotube automatically where the media will be displayed. It's a handy feature to implement to further enhance the user experience. This will take place within our very own Windows Phone Central app (using Metrotube), so you'll be able to see just how cool this is.

As well as opening up this functionality for developers, the update also addresses numerous minor bugs and usability concerns that users have reported. We've got some news for the future too as Lazyworm is currently working on a UI refresh, so be sure to look out for a major overhaul in the future. We'll keep you all updated on progress and when the next update should hit the store.

If you're not familiar with Metrotube, it's one of many unofficial YouTube apps for the Windows Phone platform. Numerous features are sported by the app, including offline playback (preloading) and account management. Once logged in, users can check out playlists, favourites, videos marked for later viewing and more. There are a number of apps available that share similar functionality, including Microsoft's own official attempt.

You can download Metrotube from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99 (listed for both Windows Phone 7 and 8 -free trial available). A beta is also available on Windows 8, if you're interested. Developers, be sure to head on over to the Lazyworm website for more details on how to implement Metrotube support.

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Reader comments

Developers can now use Metrotube's player with app-to-app communication in latest update


Congrats to the devs for this. I really do not want to share my feelings for the "Program Default" manager in Windows Phone, its really hard for me to share my thoughts politely on this.

How about Microsoft gets serious about this major lack and give to the OS a true Program Default manager with Windows Phone Blue? The way the situation goes, we going to end up will all major apps in our device just to sit there unable to handle their own links and files.

I can imagine how to implement Program default manager ourselfs, something like Unification. Create app witch would be handler of the app-to-app comunication, it would get type and the data and let user choose the app for selected type, then resend data through app-to-app to the user selected (or default one)
Should be easy.

Thats needs to get injected into the OS. Developers cannot write separate code for each app handling specific scenarios, there just too many apps and different scenarios.
YouTube or MetroTube for example. I may get a link via email or chat, I may have a link on Evernote/Onenote, or the YouTube video may be embedded in a website. In any case once I click on that link the OS should detect and ask what App I want to use for this device, with options to remember this choice or ask again every time. Same should apply for all kind of links and file types. Currently ALL links no matter what are opening in IE any other file type open with WP pre-set default program.

Like I said, its like Unification, it would need a lot of work and cooperation with other devs - work which Microsoft should fix in a more simple manner.

Would this typically be set up as an option in a third party app? i.e., could the user select to use MetroTube, the "official" app, or myTube, for example?

And to the MetroTube dev, you have misspelled "popular" under the "popuplar + top rated" section :) Who are these second rate hack devs, anyway? /s

When you buy it, it will take you to a confirmation screen that says you have already bought it. It's a silly UI quirk that confuses a lot of people that Microsoft should fix, but it isn't a bug.

Yes I know that, but there is no "install" but there is "buy" - nothing about that I have already bought that app.

I was unable to update, so I uninstalled MetroTube and try fresh install. I have end up with this. Chronos Calendar has updated without problem.

You have to click buy THEN you will see the message that you already paid for it and can download.  If it still shows that it will cost money after the buy button screen, then there may be an issue. sign in then go to purchase history and reinstall using that. people should be made more aware of that website

No, you are right. I went through the exact same thing. I actually bought it again by mistake. Is like it didn't know I bought this already. I guess the Store issue strikes again.
At least is not an expensive app. LazyWorm can count on this as a gift from me to them. ;)

Same here. I have been in contact with windows phone support for 30+ Minutes. Says he can't find the app in my purchase history (nor can I on Sad that the MS Marketplace seems to be plagued by these issues.
EDIT: While the friendly support personel could not help me with the issue directly (metrotube seems to have been completely wiped from my purchase history), he asked me to buy it again and be reimbursed by MS points. Since I own an xbox that was fine for me. It's not about the 99cents, I could have simply purchased it again and shut up about it, it's about making MS aware of these issues since they pop up every few months. The support technician also said he's going to escalate this issue so hopefully it will be looked into.

I had the same problem. I recommend using the online chat.
I used the chat bring up the issue, and they told me to purchase it and they will refund to me credit card right away. All in less than 5 minutes.

I have the same problem, but I think it was actually free when I downloaded it. I keep all my Microsoft receipts in my e-mail (all the ways to when I first got my first Windows Phone), and I've looked through them all and MetroTube isn't in any of my receipts. It used to be a free app, and now it isn't. So, I'm just going to buy it.

Chatted with support and I repurchased and they refunded. A little hassle yes but MS needs this stuff documented so they can fix it

I had problems with the subscription live tile getting stuck. Anyone know if that's fixed? I have since unpinned that tile and just use the standard tile for the last few months.

Saw this update this morning and didn't update due to fear that they were being forced to remove offline playback ala Youtube app.

<p>And this is an OS feature, is the OS that&nbsp;provide to developers the possibility to implement their own URI scheme that makes possible this</p>

Do we know if this update REMOVES the DOWNLOAD function that was done in the Native youtube app?  Can anyone confirm because i don't want to download it otherwise despite the new cool functions!

I used to use the paid version of MetroTube. The official is at least a second faster so I am sticking with that. Still, if not for the official app, this is a fantastic app.

Excellent, Lazyworms. Just this afternoon, went back to Metrotube after dabbling with the 'official' YT offering. The resume during playback (if i need to back out if the app) and the preloading is priceless. Plus, the app looks wonderful. Glad that its still getting updates. Great work.