First 100 Surface puchases get a bonus on Black Friday at Microsoft Stores

If you haven't picked up a Surface yet and have been waiting for an incentive, here's one. On Black Friday the first 100 people to buy a Surface in a Microsoft retail store will get a special 'Designed for Surface' protective sleeve.

While you're not getting a discount on the tablet device itselt, it's still a $50 item thrown in that you'll probably put to good. Gotta protect that VaporMG casing! It's a nice little deal for those who were already looking on buying a Surface and happen to have a retail Microsoft Store around, maybe like the one in Canada that just opened.

Surface Black Friday Deal

Another deal with the Surface running this weekend in Microsoft Stores and their online component saves you another $50 off a second Surface Touch or Type cover. To get this deal, either buy a 32GB or 64GB Surface with a touch cover and you can then get another cover for fifty bones less. Deals all around this weekend.

No word yet if this deal is available at the pop-up locations, but we'll look into it and let you all know. Anyone plan on picking up a Surface this weekend or waiting for the Pro version to come out?

Source: Surface Facebook


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First 100 Surface puchases get a bonus on Black Friday at Microsoft Stores


I hear that! Ugh, I know they are saying January but I'd LOVE to have one by Christmas. I am ready to pre-order now!

Me too. I was going to say... $50 savings is nowhere near what it would take to get me to go to the MS store in Oakbrook mall on Black Friday. Maybe half price... But then I would already know I would never be able to get one.

Get out, take a walk, laugh at the people and grab some cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory across the street. I like going in and asking specific windows phone questions that they can't answer...

Here's to hoping Surface RT will be in Denmark by black friday! Orded my iPad last year from Apple's website and saved a lot :D

Hey MS! You wanna blow the doors down? BOGO! You heard me. First 10 in the door buy one, get one of ANY Surface. That would get some attention.

My guess is the Surface Pros are sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting for 2013. Microsoft probably made an arrangement with their OEMs to hold off, giving them a head start for the holiday season. Undoubtedly the Pro will be nice, but unless you have a specific need for the added features, the price may be hard to swallow.