Groove Music has snagged a pretty notable update on Windows 10 Mobile this evening. While it may not be the biggest update, it does contain one new feature that people have been clamoring for: Gapless playback. That's right, you can now enjoy listening to an album or playlist without any break in between songs. This is especially handy if you happen to be listening to a full album that was recorded with the intention of songs melding together.

Groove Music gets much requested gapless audio feature for Windows 10 Mobile

This has been a long requested feature on the Groove Music feedback page for a while now, so it's great to see that Microsoft has listened and brought it out in full force. To grab the latest Groove Music update and start slinging some tunes sans-gaps, be sure to hit up the link to the Windows Store below.

Thanks for the tips, Darren and Kyle!

Download Groove Music on the Windows Store