IM+ Pro and Surfcube 3D get Black Friday sale prices

Surfcube + IM+ Pro

In case you needed some apps today, especially ones that are on sale, we have two to mention for you.

IM+ Pro, the all inclusive instant messaging app with push notifications and Mango-optimizations, is 50% off from its usual $4.99 to a more reasonable $2.49. The app just hit v1.9 recently, adding more improvements. There is of course a free version of the app with ads, but with the Pro you get a less cluttered, more streamlined look--which is what we personally opt for. Seems like a good deal though, so grab it here in the Marketplace if interested.

Likewise, Surfcube 3D browser, which sets the standard for a great UI while browsing, is also on sale for $0.99. Surfcube 3D is a great tabbed browsing experience that allows you use gestures to "rotate" the screen around for quick access to the address bar, tabs and options. You also get full-screen browsing and some great share features as well. The app recently under went some Mango-upgrades itself and if you surf a lot, you'll want to give this great app a trial run too. Pick that up here in the Marketplace.


Reader comments

IM+ Pro and Surfcube 3D get Black Friday sale prices


Once skype comes officially, will there be a point in IM+? I don't see one right now, but i imagine there are people who need it for skype.
Way to expensive, they should try and grab something while they still can.

Only if you IM a lot.  We use several messenger clients a lot at work to communicate with different departments.  IM+ isn't mind blowing but it gets the job done.  It's easy and straight forward to use.  Also has Push, Tile, and Toast notifications. 

I bought IM+ for $10 back when it came out.  What a disappointment of an app.  Still laggy and still doesn't always push through conversations

Bought this app the day it came out (one of the few apps I actually have on my phone lol) only for the sake of Google Talk, and unfortunately had to pay $10 for it. Alas...
Anyway, I would definitely recommend it for this price. Pre-Mango, the push notifications never worked for me. Well, I shouldn't say never. They worked twice. lol
Post-mango, things have been much smoother. Push, Tile, Toast -- all notifications work phenominally. Never had a problem. :) I can exit out of the app and IM+ still keeps me "logged in" so I always show as "available". If I don't want to be "available" I can also set my own "away" messages as I see fit. (As you can see, I'm a very elementary/basic user of IM+).
Since I don't have facebook, skype, ICQ, whatevs, I can't provide you any info on that, but great app for Google Talk, ESPECIALLY for this price.