More Lumia 1520s receiving the Lumia Cyan update, including Hong Kong, Italy, and the Middle East

About one week ago, the Lumia Cyan update began a near global rollout for the popular Lumia 1520. We note 'near' global rollout because although many countries and carriers started to push out the update, there were quite a few that did not.

Beginning yesterday, many more Lumia 1520 owners were eligible for the Lumia Cyan update and we have crawled through all the tips and Nokia's own site to bring who is getting what now. Let us see if your Lumia 1520 is now flagged for Cyan!

Lumia 1520s now getting Lumia Cyan update (New)

  • Africa – South Africa CV
  • Asia Pacific – Australia CV; Hong Kong CV; Singapore CV; Vietnam CV
  • Europe – Germany Vodafone; Italy TIM, Vodafone; Poland CV; UK Vodafone
  • Latin America – Brazil CV
  • Middle East – Bahrain CV; Kuwait CV; Oman CV; Qatar CV; Saudi Arabia CV; United Arab Emirates CV; Yemen CV

See our previous list from last week with other Lumia 1520s.

Preview users still do not get Cyan (yet)

Even though many of you are likely on the Update 1 Preview, you still do not get Cyan just yet. In other words, although your phone may match the listing here, if you check for an update you will not get one. Those on Preview will get Cyan eventually, when Microsoft fixes the BitLocker problem. However, there is no ETA on that fix.

If you choose to not wait, you can always revert to 8.0, take the updates that way, and then continue up to the Update 1 Preview. The choice is yours and the only difference is either waiting or not waiting.

If you have questions, see the following helpful articles for further details:


Reader comments

More Lumia 1520s receiving the Lumia Cyan update, including Hong Kong, Italy, and the Middle East


Lumia 520 got Cyan in France & US. So the update is ready for 512 RAM from MS end (Atleast for Lumia 520, 625), Right ?
Indian carriers rolled out Cyan for 625. So they have tested the update for 512 RAM succesfully.
Still we dont see Cyan for 520. (I quoted India just as an example).

When asked (via Tweet), MS person said it depends on the carrier

Who plays the major role here ??

I am trying to understand the whole process of Rolling out an update.

Belgium is only CV when it comes to the 1520, yet, no cyan! So, yes, they are countries where CV is neglected! ;)

I don't know how much time have been since the official release of WP 8.1/Cyan, but today just a very short list of devices have received the update, it's such a shame, WP 8.1 was meant to be a huge impulse to the platform. But even Country Variants (that depends on Microsoft to be updated), are not getting the update yet.
And yes, I know it is worst on Android, I don't care about comparisons, this is Windows Phone and i was expecting a little bit more of agility from MS.

Agility?  If it's not ready, it's not ready - it's that simple.  I'd rather the update fleshed out rather than rushed to the table with lots of bugs remaining.

Well, that's a point, but how much time does it take to get it right?, WP 8.1/Cyan has being under testing (developers preview program), for a long time now, and even some carriers are updating faster than Country Variants, I don't know but that doesn't make much sense to me

Is there any actual proof that updates are worse on android, as people have claimed for years? Have to say I haven't seen any myself and this ridiculous rollout kind of makes it hard to believe.

WP devices varies. In Nokia alone, various Lumias wait in line for an update, and there were various CVs plus the carrier variants in a single Lumia. That's why update may take long or longer to reach specific devices.

That's the point, Windows Phone offers a different experience for each country, just to give you an example in my country neither MixRadio nor Xbox Music are available, also you can't get Bing rewards or enjoy Bing as US users do, and that's a huge b******, one of the advantages of Android is that the experience is almost the same whether you're in Vietnam or in Spain, I wish MS care a little more of non-US markets, where by the way WP have a better growing and share.

I think Nadella addressed this somewhat in a recent interview. In a nutshell MS have recognised the rest of the world has a better uptake of WP etc than the US and there would be a bigger push globally than just the States. Well that is the inference I took from the interview. So I hope that is correct but even though that's been said a large company like MS needs time to adapt to this directive.

I think we are seeing dribbles of this now where Cortana is now in alpha in Australia, Canada and a couple other locations, with the UK and China getting betas of Cortana too. 

Can someone help me please. After dhe gdr1 preview update (which toked me 12 hours at the spinin gears) now i cant use my data connection. Why so ?

Waiting or not waiting? What about living images? What about.... nothing else? OK, sure enough. The different is indeed waiting or not waiting

I have the country variant (Singapore version) but cannot update to Lumia Cyan after installing WP8.1 GDR1. Any others with the same issue or am I the only one? :(

You seriously make me want to facepalm.  How many freaking times has it been said that the update isn't going to be out for developer preview users until they fix the bitlocker problem?  YOU CAN'T GET IT UNLESS YOU ROLL BACK TO 8.0!  The article says this.  In fact there have been loads of articles on this.

I had know that the cyan update will rolling to Windows phone 8 users on 24 june 2014.then few selected Lumia 925,625 got the update in 2 or 3 country.then nokia officially rolled out in 15 July.so why tell us officially rolling out 24 june?and now only 4 Lumia got the update in country variant out of 6.and microsoft releasing developer preview update 1.so tell us cyan update will not distribute to another Lumia...i am using Lumia 620 in India and 620 generally gets the update in end....so I am hopeless to microsoft....

One question.... Only 1520 can get cyan if they revert to 8.0 or other lumia models can also get cyan if they revert to 8.0...

If the cyan update is available for that model, you will get it after rolling back to 8.0, if you're on Dev Preview, and this bitlocker bug is software related not model, so everyone has to roll back.

Was just curious if nokia giving cyan+ 8.1 update 1 to all lumia models(not just corporate ones i.e with bitlocker) if they revert to 8.0 or they will notify the lumia models which still dint get cyan update in future so then they can revert only then but not before :)

Another big issue with the AT&T 1520, loading screen after unlocking and massive overheating that kills the battery.Had to pull over on my motorcycle because it was burning my leg.Took the 1520 out of my pocket and my phone was fully charged when I left home, and it was at 60% after the load screen went away after about 30 seconds then had to turn the phone off so it could cool down.This has become such a big problem that I might have to switch to a new phone because the 1520 is just so unstable after the update to 8.1

Mine works fine... Did you installed that new lock screen app before? If so, that should be the reason why it's loading after unlocking.
You may go to setting, switching on the kids corner, then switch it off to solve the loading screen issue if that's what happened...

Nope,did not install the MS lock screen.This has to be a Cyan or 8.1 problem after updating.My phone ran like a champ before this.

By "popular Lumia 1520" do you mean..... Popular? Because I've read a substantial amount of your articles whereas you refer to it as niche, hopefully out is as you say, popular so Microsoft will developed similar phones in the near future :)

It is rather sad hearing all the complaints from users who complain about not receiving the cyan update and having to downgrade to 8.0. If you don't feel like doing that than just get your updates via the preview for developers or just don't use preview and continue to use your older software and sit tight. Never heard of someone's phone breaking because of using software that is older. I have friend still using WP 7.8! Sadly some Windows Phone users feel entitled to receive updates on demand.

I thought for sure I received it yesterday. After the update it read:

Windows Phone 8.1 (8.10.12400.899) Preview for Developers is installed. Your phone is up to date and ready to go.
Windows Phone 8.1 (8.10.14147.180) Preview for Developers is installed. Your phone is up to date and good to go. Have fun!

Microsoft have NOT even cover half OF the device they are supposed to roll out the WP8.1 to, but they have make resources available to push out the WP8.1 UPDATE 1. DP. Fucking shit....

The only thing I dont like about this whole cyan deal is that we spent little more extra time signing up for preview developer and they are taking their sweet time fixing the problem! Just doesn't seem right! I know DP is free and all. But at least we signed up for it and all! It shows we are dedicated and we love windows phone! please hurry up with the fix!! Thank you! :) Nokia Lumia 1520 here!

Well, yes and no. Signing up for the DP infers that you (we) are developers and want early access to things that will allow the quick release of new features that make optimal use of the OS. For everyone else, it's just an issue of patients...we want the newest stuff immediately. 

I'm almost at the point now where I should have just been okay with 8.0 and could have enjoyed both new features...but then where would I be without Update 1?

You can also add Vodafone Ireland rolling out Cyan for 1520 (the update was listed earlier as available, but actually it wasn't). Thanks for the article!

For a minute I thought the title said coming to ATT Lumia 920's but .... Oh well. Back to reading about Cortana's UK accent.

I'm one of those impatient people that want things 'now'!

So, it looks like I'll be spending this evening rolling back my 1520 to 8.0 again (which I did a couple weeks ago but updated to 8.1DP so I could get update 1), because I had read the same thing as a couple others on possibly other forums that the first smaller update before the 8.1DP update (GDR1) this week was supposed to have fixed the Cyan / 8.1DP issue. As I said, I'm impatient and will do the hard work to get Cyan then reinstall 8.1DP etc.

Have I said I'm impatient? ;-) That said, I'm thankful that Microsoft plays safe when it comes to updates and will halt updates if needed - I'd rather have to wait a little longer (if there's no other way), than see all the negative news of a rollout going bad. That doesn't help the reputation of a system or OS at all. That's why Nokia has/had such a great reputation for their devices, quality build, after sales support, and very little trouble when it came to updates.

Keep up the good work Microsoft. It's a long, complex road to create a quality item. Thankfully you are prepared to travel that road for us, who sometimes forget, or are unaware, of how complex the development cycle is.

I got mine today and it's great I can say. The only thing missing is the ability to create folders like with GDR 1. Anyway this is getting better and better

We have field test now.
LTE doesn't seem enabled, the status is invalid. (Sr, I'm not sure because there are alot of LTE...fields)

on field test select the three dots.. select settings, by default should be automatic... but from there you can normally select LTE and set the band to automatic...

Yes Jesus... Finally the Hong Kong variant got the update... And this swipe key board on the 1520 is from the Gods...i find any excuse to use it..(this comment it's a prime example)

I received the update some days ago on my Lumia 520 In zambia and its working magic its like a dream come true and cortanas works fine with the hot three way menu

I received the update some days ago on my lumia 520 and its working excellent with cortana and the three way menu its a dream come true Am in Zambia am like the chosen 1

I just bought Nokia Lumia 1520 and i have installed some apps in it. After a couple of hours, i got new update from MS. I am quite happy because it is too quick for me. Thank you MS. We love you :)

On 7th Sept. I have upgraded my Lumia 1520 (cv). At first battery drain was 2.35% PE hour. After 1 charge from 15% and a reboot drain is back to 1.95% per hour. Before update and DP update 1 it was 1.75%. Perhaps next charge and reboot show even better numbers.

Started with Developers preview, upgraded to DP update 1, downgraded to 8.0 (thought I did), but it actually installed Cyan immediately on my 1520. Because the start screen looked like 8.0, without checking, I assumed it was 8.0. Looking for Cyan update, but I was uptodate my phone said. What!!??. Did a hard reset. Same start screen. Still no Cyan update. Now I check software version. It says Lumia Cyan. That is what probably happened the first time. Only had to rearrange my start screen, move apps to SD card, which took a while. Wifi, data and location are on 24/7. Usage approx. 1.95%/hr. Have upgraded to DP update 1 also. Works nice.

My 620 (Hong Kong) got the update yesterday. Two of them in fact. I had the developer preview before so I'm not sure what has changed but performance is noticeably smoother.