Netflix for Xbox 360 receives update; sports new design and separate user profiles

Netflix - Profile Select

Netflix has recently updated their app for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console. The fresh update brought a redesigned interface along with the ability to select individual profiles for viewing.

The application’s new design puts the interface on the same visual queue board as the apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. The background is now darker and foregoes the company’s favorite color, red.

In addition, users can easily switch between separate profiles. No longer must you worry about your Mother’s episodes of "Sex in the City" being recommended to you. Separate profiles allow for different users to keep their content separated and recommendations truer.

Netflix - New Design

New Netflix profiles also allow parents to set “Netflix for Children” as the default option for their child’s tile. If you have not yet set up profiles for individual members of your family, you can do so by visiting Netflix.com and going to your account settings.


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Netflix for Xbox 360 receives update; sports new design and separate user profiles


As for as I can tell, the UI looks the same as it has for the last year....not sure where you guys are seeing this "new UI"

As a parent I would like the option to customize "netflix for children" for different ages.

You cannot. The editing options for the different profiles consists of changing the avatar and a checkbox for "under 12". There is no customaizable parental control options per profile - yet.
Pretty much a fail as far as I'm concerned (as a parent of young teens).

Ahhh. Ok, I gotcha. I did see the the 12 and under thing, but I didn't realize how limited it was.

Love it! Did a little dance when this came up on my system. No longer would Netflix think "I" liked Cailou.

I noticed the update and the color change a few days ago but didn't notice the new profiles I'm have to check that out asap!!

Netflix updated their U.I.? Isn't that a bit of a misrepresentation? A.F.A.I.K. Microsoft is the sole developer of apps on the 360.

That is definitely not true. The process to get apps published on the 360 is very strict, and developers have to be Microsoft partners agreeing to what I understand to be some fairly substantial terms and conditions, but there are several developers of apps on the 360.

My streaming quality sucks, 1 bar, using Netflix on the 360, I have to resort to my ATV for HD streaming. Anyone else having issues? Or is it just me....

This update was pushed out last week, but it's a nice change to have. Now just waiting for the WP8 app and Roku app to be updated with profiles.

Cool! Now all we need is the ability to retroactively remove previously rated and/or watched movies from our history and associate them with a new profile.

Unfortunately, this isn't going to ever happen. Most likely :(

And it seems that the user can pick whatever profile they want....so kids can still choose their parents profiles and rate and select their kids movies screwing up the profile. Strange....or am,I just not getting it?

It's not a parent control thing. It's about having Netflix personalized for each person that use the account. Own instant queues, own recommendations, own ratings, etc. Instead of sharing them with everyone.

Right, but I think they needed to go a step further. As I mentioned, its now too easy for someone to look at my personalized profile and actually screw it up. Between the phone, PC, xbox360, and other, a family member could click on anyone's profile and screw around with it. By offering a password protected profile, I can ensure the integrity of my ratings, queues, etc. Today's implementation is better than the previous, but not where I would like it to be.

What would be neat is if the profile system on the 360/X1/PS3/PS4 would associate with the gamertag signed in - thus eliminating (to a point) bullmoose20's point.

The only issue I have with the new update is that huge Netflix banner at the top of the screen, man that thing is fugly lol

Every time Netflix app is updated, I get a little excited that they might bring back party watching. Then get sad because they probably never will.

The Xbox Netflix app is the slowest, feature limited garbage. The ps3 one is far superior. They need to add instant queue, new releases and recently added.