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85 turns a year old - will give away prizes today to celebrate the occasion

Microsoft purchased its first email service, Hotmail, almost seventeen years ago from founders Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. After a $400 million, exchange and effort to move the service from a Linux based operating system to Windows 2000 – MSN Hotmail, as we knew it was born.

Now in the year 2014, a year after took over the reins and stepped down from its “preview” state to replace MSN Hotmail – Microsoft is ready to celebrate and look back at what the product has brought to consumers around the globe. Moreover, do not have any doubts, Microsoft considers as “the best email choice for people around the world” and the service’s 420 million active users helps to support that claim.

The beta version of Microsoft’s Outlook web email service was introduced on July 21, 2012 and was made available to anyone who wished to take part. In February of 2013, the product was officially crowned as ready and left the status of “public beta” behind.

Microsoft not only launched the service, but also played a large part in getting their existing Hotmail users to move to the newly redesigned As of April 3, 2013, Hotmail users atomically received an alias and had their accounts shifted; users were still able to receive mail at and, but their default account alias become associated with

According to Shwetha Nagaraj, a Program Manager on, customer studies are always being performed to enhance the web mail experience. The Principal Program Manger Lead for, David Dennis, even outlined a story when the service first launched – customers wanted more colors within the web’s interface and the team quickly responded with a “whole new color palette”.

In addition, who says that the team is not fun? Almost six months ago, the team decided to announce one of their major changes, the addition of IMAP, in a Reddit AMA.

If you are a big fan of Microsoft’s, make sure to wish them Happy Birthday on Twitter with the hashtag, “#OutlookTurnsOne”, and you might be in for a surprise. The team states that they will be “randomly selecting participants throughout the day to receive celebration packages.”

Are you an user – how are you enjoying the experience?

Source: Microsoft


Reader comments turns a year old - will give away prizes today to celebrate the occasion


Outlook is my primary ID now. Once you decide to replace your email, its not too difficult. Just go and update it to your most frquent contacts - took me a month max. I was tired of Google taking Gmail users for granted - no apps on WP or Win8 and they even did their best to block. I want an email provider who supports me on whatever platform I choose and not try to tie me down to its services. Outlook is the one.

one direction as in one drive, Xbox one... Not that stupid group that I personally know nothing about... I am buying into the the One Direction that Microsoft is introducing implementing.

Moved from gmail to outlook and very pleased I did, will be moving from android to wp when 8.1 is out :) then I'll have my Xbox one, venue 8 pro tablet, windows touchscreen laptop and windows phone. Everything works so I don't mind having it in one place tbh.

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Still on 7gb free... Been using outlook from day one, but nothing about any additional storage.
Had 25gb before outlook, but that suddenly vanished.

There was a period where you could go in and tell them you wanted to keep the 25GB for life. If you didn't click that then you would drop down to 7GB.

MTE, notning came to me about additional storage so this new 3GB is very since, especially because I use it whit my L920

Come on Rodney, you're better than that. I have my domains hosted at 1&1, but the MX records (email) pointed to through their Custom Domains program. It's free and you can create as many custom emails as you wish, they work as regular Outlook accounts, with their own Skydrive account and all.

For me yahoo is primary email service I make gmail & hotmail id for those other service eg. Gtalk, Skydrive, Youtube, Skype etc
But still I wish Happy Birthday

I like it a ton. I really do. A very simple and streamlined experience. Like it, but I kinda miss Hotmail. I thought Hotmail just had more personality.

Can we get a decent Outlook app for Windows Phone now? I mean, come on! As much as I enjoy the entire live tile experience, I need a friggin' e-mail app that has all the features, push notifications, and everything. - So many people I have told about it, so many more I will tell over the next year.. Nonetheless, happy birthday to all of us!

Started with Yahoo Mail back in 1997 and have used that for many years as my main provider.  Got in the Gmail beta early on and sorta used that as a secondary account for some time, but never ended up making my primary email account.  Later when I got involved with WP in 2010, I started switching over to all MS services to leverage the benefits of that platform and made a address which became and is still my primary account to date. is most definitely the best web mail client/system I have ever used and it just keeps getting better as time goes on.  Great things ahead with Outlook/OneDrive/Windows (Phone)/Office/Xbox and more...

Y! was my first mail. It got awfull and recently it got good again. New interface, more snappy, more visual pleaseant and HTMLish (I like this word). Then Y! started getting slow again and I get a lot of errors.

I tried Gmail. The whole UI looks cluttered to me. Either it's too minimal or too barbaric looking.

Then I found Outlook. I think I'll make it my default mail ^_^. Yep. Outlook so far looks to be the best mail service out there.

I don't understand why Microsoft is promoting Twiter?  I don't have account and I don't want to create one.

I have account, I created it 18 months ago. A little strange if Out; is 12 months old.

Maybe Microsoft employees should work more, and use competition services less.

Wow ur an idiot. Did you even read the article? Its was taken out of preview/beta status in Feb 2013. Hence the 1 year.
And what is MS exactly promoting twitter? They want you to tweet on their account so you could win something.

Why, O why, is there no dedicated Outlook app on WP8... There's an Android Outlook app, but not a Windows Phone app..? It makes no sense...

So according to this article, if I were to send an email to my address and replace "live" with "outlook" I would still receive it? isn't true. I have a address and I cannot have the same name because someone else has already taken it.

Unfortunately, Hotmail was better. Every forwarded e-mail to is marked as "Be careful! This sender has failed our fraud detection checks." And this issue is there since the introduction of and no one gives a damn about it at Microsoft. Mails flaged like this are not pushed to mobile phone or win8 mail app. They can only be seen in web mail. This mail is usless to me unfortunately. And i am a big MS fan. They could/should done it better. Hotmail didn't have this problem.

Happy Birthday, but I have a question:
Suppose that I have two accounts "A" and "B".  Is there a way to log in to "b" without log out from "a" any times through
P.s. without using redirects.
thank you!!

Too bad, over this aspect Google wins: from the same page you can switch accounts.
I hope Microsoft  realizes that but for the rest there isn't comparison!

I like the service, though i have a few issues.
1. I cannot always select the alias address from which I would like to send a particular email. It often defaults to my main account address (only multiple page refreshes sort that)
2. Many emails get flagged as fraud - even when they are in my address book! Stupid.
3. doesn't open on my Kindle 3G. When I am travelling, I have to forward all emails to my legacy Yahoo account which does open on my Kindle browser.
So yes...MS, stop patting yourself on the back. Get things sorted please :)

I'm a little bit peeved that when i switched from hotmail to outlook any emails being sent to my hotmail address don't show up in my outlook inbox,rather some subfolder, bit messy and MS didn't communicate this very well.

Awesome service, awesome integration. Its more than just an email, its an SSO (single sign on) across your Windows world.
Love the security, love the kids safety monitoring, love everything about it. I trust it implicitly. Makes me shudder to think people might do the same with Google.
Love Windows? Be proud and show it by making your Outlook your primary email!
Next step has got to be rich presence and integrated messaging. Please MS!