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Wow, so looks like that whole back and forth on whether Windows Phone 7 could tether is turning out to be settled: of course it can, they just hid it.

Much like the Samsung Focus and Omnia 7, the LG Optimus 7 has also been shown to be able to USB Tether as a modem. Once again, it's a bit tricky, requiring some drivers to download and tinkering with a diagnostic menu, but overall is pretty straightforward.

Directions are posted after the break.

There's a good chance that the LG Quantum will be able to do the same, seeing as they are essentially sister devices. Considering how cheap the Quantum is going for on Amazon Wireless (that'd be  1 cent), it might be a good investment.

Now we're all looking at HTC and Dell....fellas?

Source: SmartphoneFrance; via wmpoweruser

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Okay, not really. But WP7 did get another product placement last night when Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan received an important text message during an interrogation.

Once again, it was LG that received the honor of placement, much like last week on The Vampire Diaries and earlier this week on Hawaii Five-0. We're not sure how they get all the promo spots, but hey, seems to work.

What show will our trusty new OS appear on next? Stay tuned!

Thanks, Jamie P, for the tip

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As supplies on the Samsung Focus and HTC Surround were flying off AT&T's shelves today, it appears that the LG Quantum will soon be joining the action.

AT&T is now accepting pre-orders for the LG Quantum with a expected ship date of November 15th with all orders processed on a first come, first served basis. Pricing is consistent with the other Windows Phones, $199.99 with contractual discounts or $499.99 out of contract. Of course you could also just pre-order it from LetsTalk for $99 and save yourself a bundle.

So, if you're holding out for a Windows Phone 7 device that has a side-sliding keyboard... now's your chance.

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It's nice to know with just 6 days left to launch, AT&T is starting to rev up the PR engines. In a just released a new "Mobile Minute" video, part of their continuing series, This time, AT&T focuses on the new LG Quantum which features that handsome sliding keyboard.

Nothing we don't already know is revealed in the video, so hardly a must-see. But if you're in the market for the Quantum, then you'll want to tease yourself. Indeed, that keyboard is quite awesome to type on. Full video after the break!

Bonus: HTC Surround video too.

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AT&T's Windows Phone 7 lineup is now appearing over at Amazon.com. While the phones aren't listed for pre-order, like we have seen with the T-Mobile HD7, but it's progress.

The Amazon pages for the Samsung Focus, LG Quantum, and HTC Surround list the phones as un-available (expected to be in stock soon) and ships with free two-day shipping. There is also a notation that the phones come with an AmazonWireless Instant Discount. Could the Amazon discount drop AT&T's prices down lower?

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Hands-on with the LG Quantum

The LG Quantum is headed to AT&T Wireless and Phil was able to spend some intimate time with the phone during the Windows Phone 7 launch.

The 3.8" screen looks really responsive to the touch. The side-sliding QWERTY appears to be on the narrow side but when you're used to the five row keyboard of the Tilt2, a lot of keyboards appear narrow.

You can hear Phil's thoughts on the Quantum, as well as the other Windows Phone 7 devices he dropped handled during the Windows Phone 7 launch, in this week's Podcast.

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LG Quantum hands-on [Windows Phone 7 launch]

The LG Quantum is the lone QWERTY slider on AT&T's initial Windows Phone 7 lineup. We dare say it feels a tad on the cheap side, but that's not really a fair assessment. The keys are nice and clicky, and very well space. It helps that it's only a four-row keyboard and they're not cramming too many in one space. The slider mechanism is stiff, but not too stiff, and has a good spring to it.

The 3.8-inch screen is a dandy. Not as bright as Super AMOLED that you'll see on the Samsung phones, but for most people (like 99 percent of them) it'll be more than adequate thanks to its size.

More pics after the break.

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LG Quantum: AT&T for $199

The LG Quantum sports a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 16gb of storage, and a 5mp camera with 720p video capture. Naturally it also sports DLNA for wireless video sharing. The screen comes in at 3.8 inches with WVGA resolution.

The standout feature for the Quantum is that slide-out keyboard with a full four rows of buttons and we hope/expect that the hands-on we'll have later today will confirm our hunch - the keyboard looks fantastic.

It should be available in the next few weeks on AT&T for $199

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LG's C900 tagged by AT&T?

Engadget has been busy today and have stumbled upon yet another Windows Phone 7 device in the wild. While the Samsung Cetus was an interesting find, the LG C900 is equally interesting.

Instead of relying on an on-screen keyboard, the LG will sport a side sliding QWERTY keyboard. But that's not the interesting part. What makes the LG really stand out is the AT&T logo that appears on one of the C900's tiles.

The presence of the AT&T Logo is a strong indication that LG will have a spot in AT&T's Windows Phone 7 lineup that also is rumored to include the HTC Schubert and the Cetus.  Could we see more Windows Phone 7 devices headed to AT&T or is their lineup complete?

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LG's Optimus 7 (or E900) is being reported to have voice to text capabilities. This feature would allow users to convert voice into text for email, status updates and sms messaging.  No indications on whether or not this is a Microsoft feature, an LG feature or something lost in translation.  Regardless it sounds like an interesting feature.

The Korean Economic Daily spent some hands-on time with the Windows Phone 7 from LG and indicates the phone has a 3.8", 480x800 screen, a 1500mAh battery, 16gb of storage, and a 1ghz processor.

Another interesting feature mentioned in the review is the Optimus's ability to create panoramic pictures simply by panning the camera. Images are automatically stitched together.

The reports don't shed any light on when or where the Optimus 7 will land but the voice to text feature, if accurate, does give the LG phone a bit more appeal.

via: Engadget

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Hands on with the LG E900

The LG E900 Windows Phone 7 spent a little hands on time with the Czech website mobilmania.cz and they captured it all on video.

The twenty minute video is in Czech but shows off the LG Windows Phone 7 phone nicely. The 3.7" screen appears to be responsive to the touch but the accelerometer seemed to stick at times, slowing the screen rotation down.  The screen keyboard appears well spaced, especially in the horizontal view.

The reviewer does briefly visit the settings page for the LG Windows Phone 7 and shows that the E900 has 16gb of total storage.  It would have been nice if we had if the video showed the processor information so we could tell if the E900 is running a 1ghz or 1.3ghz processor.

All in all, the E900 does look nice and Windows Phone 7 appears to run smoothly and with some zip on the phone.

You can catch the full, twenty minute video after the break.

via: slashphone



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File this under: whoa, don't even know because there's so little to go on

Reportedly what you see above is Sprint's first Windows Phone 7 device from none other than LG and it's supposedly 4G ready. Those cats at WebOS World say "Our source had only a quick opportunity to take a this snap."


Really, that's all the info given. That's assuming what you see above is even a phone, or from Sprint, or running Windows Phone 7.

Going for a huge stretch, we could even postulate that this is the LG 'Apollo', something we reported back in January (with a bunch of other erroneous information) But back then that device seemed unrealistic and today it doesn't seem all that more real either. Then again, Sprint has wowed us before with the likes of the HTC EVO and heck, the HTC HD7 rumored specs aren't that far off from these, so who knows. A refresh on those supposed 'Apollo' specs from January:

  • Launching: August/September 2010
  • CPU: Qualcomm QSD8650; 1.3GHz
  • CDMA + GSM (aka a World Phone)
  • EvDO + HSDPA
  • Device Size: 115 x 57.5 x 11.2 mm
  • Memory (RAM/ROM): 1GB/1GB
  • External Storage: MicroSD (up to 32GB)
  • Screen Size/Type: 3.8-inch capacitive AMOLED “Multitouch Supported”
  • Screen Resolution: WXGA 1280 x 720 px
  • Camera: 10-megapixel with flash and autofocus; HD 720p video@ 30fps
  • ZOMG Lasers

Well, we'll wait here for some more definitive evidence before we go do a happy dance.

[WebOS World via Mobility Digest]

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LG E900 Windows Phone 7 spotted

As the launch of Windows Phone 7 gets closer, more photos are surfacing of the new phones in action. Danish website TV2 has captured a few shots of the LG E900.

The black slab device looks really nice. The 3.7" screen isn't too big or small in the hands. While there weren't any new revelations from the Danish review, the LG did receive good marks. The reviewer commented, "It gave the kinds of butterflies in the stomach, as we saw for the first time since we did play with the iPhone or Windows 7. Wow, it’s delicious it here!".

I'm not sure about the butterflies but the more we learn and see of Windows Phone 7, the more the anticipation builds.  I am sure we all are looking forward to a little hands-on time with these new phones.

Thanks to Brian H. for sending this end on the tip line.

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Hands On: LG GM750

One of the devices on show at Microsoft's Open House was the LG GM750, which is going to get some special attention here because of what LG has done to Windows Mobile 6.5: it's unrecognizable.

To refresh, the LG GM750 is due on Vodafone in a short time and has the following specs:

  • BT 2.1
  • WiFi
  • 3-inch 240x400 display
  • 1000 mAh battery
  • 5 MP camera
  • GSM (850, 900, 1800, 1900, 2100)
  • Optical joystick

We all know HTC likes to re-skin the OS with its TouchFlo/Sense UI systems, but LG, in one of its first Windows Mobile devices, has gone way, way beyond what even HTC has done so far. From playing with the phone for some time, it seems that LG has re-skinned roughly 95 percent of the OS — in fact the only thing that I recognized as being Windows Mobile was the Start bar, Mobile Internet Explorer and Start menu, everything else felt like a different OS altogether. E-mail, SMS, settings, menus, contacts, dial pad all felt like they were part of some proprietary operating system, like a "feature phone" on steroids.

A very strange experience, but not bad either. The soft keyboard seemed okay and the 5-megapixel camera was actually quite fast with very good results. Plus the vibrate/tactile feedback just plain works well here.

I wont comment if it is necessarily better than TouchFLO (we'll leave that to you), but considering the devices is running on the MSM-7200a chipset, it actually handled quite well — it was fast, responded well to touch and their layout grew on me after awhile. What was really weird though is how there is no Windows key on the device. In fact, the only keys are those Home/End keys, with the traditional softkeys as touch-only. 

We have to give credit though: LG has brought its game face to the table, doing some quite impressive re-workings of the OS. And considering they're the new guy in town, this is quite remarkable.

Many more pics after the break!

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Last we heard from NVIDIA, they were talking a little smack about Windows 7 on tablets and not getting much love from phone OEMs (despite a push starting two years ago to get in on Windows Mobile).

And while the Zune HD features the original Tegra, not much has been revealed about the Tegra 2's plans outside of 'it's coming'.

Now it looks like LG is the first major smartphone OEM to commit themselves to the powerhouse CPU coming out Q4 of this year. The Tegra 2 is no slouch, featuring 

...the first mobile dual-core CPU, the only ultra low-power NVIDIA GeForce(r) GPU and the first 1080p HD mobile video processor. Taking full advantage of the two speedy 1 GHz processors sharing the workload in Tegra 2, consumers can experience up to 2x faster web browsing and up to 5x faster gaming performance over single core processors running at 1 GHz. NVIDIA's leadership in graphics also delivers flawless 1080p HD video playback, console-quality gaming and amazing 3D capabilities.

Sounds quite promising and LG intends such a CPU for their Optimus line, which includes Android and Windows Phone 7 devices, though no word on whether both OSs will get the Tegra 2 treatment.

All of this sounds good, what with Intel getting ready to re-enter the market and Microsoft perhaps unfairly committed to Qualcomm, we say the more the competition the merrier.

Finally, no word on whether those current LG devices featuring Windows Phone 7 (C900/E900) have a Tegra 2 or Qualcomm, though we're leaning towards the latter. Who knows about production-ready devices though. We'll keep an eye out.

Read the whole press release after the break...

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Hands-on with the LG Optimus 7

The rumors are true, folks. There's actually a Windows Phone here at the IFA conference in Berlin, Germany. It's the LG Optimus 7, aka the GW910 aka the Panther. It's not a full production unit just yet, and it was on hand really to show off DLNA media sharing -- which lets you wirelessly pipe video, photos and the like from your phone to your TV. Photos and video after the break.

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WP7: What are the carriers up to?

Windows Phone 7 is, likely, just over a month away from hitting the store shelves in Europe and just over two months away from seeing the light of day in the States . We've seen manufacturer devices, app development, and (obviously) development of the OS itself over the past several months.

The one thing we haven't seen much from is the wireless providers. Who's getting what and how much is going to cost us when it gets there? While the "how much" is well in the shadows right now, we do have some idea on the "who" with respect to wireless providers. Here's how we see it breaking down.

AT&T: Billed as one of the "premiere launch partners", AT&T appears to be in a position to offer the largest selection of Windows Phone 7 devices. We've heard rumors of HTC (T8788 or HD7?), Samsung (Cetus), and LG (C900 and GW910) devices headed to AT&T. Our count shows as many as four Windows Phone 7 devices hitting AT&T's shelves this Fall.  Unless something changes over the next two months, AT&T will be at the forefront of Windows Phone 7.

T-Mobile: We are confident that T-Mobile will have a Windows Phone 7 device on the shelf at some point and the HTC Schubert has been quietly rumored to be that device. 

Verizon: Verizon and Microsoft may not be on good speaking terms these days after the KIN adventure. Rumors are that Verizon is simply not interested in Windows Phone 7 and a leaked "end of life" report has Verizon removing any existing Windows Phones from their line-up by March of 2011. Coupled with the signs that Verizon doesn't have any Windows Phones on their2010/2011 product road map, we won't be shocked if Verizon shifts their smartphone focus from Windows Phones to Android or Blackberry.

Sprint:  Listed as a launch partner when Windows Phone 7 was announced back in February (but that was a non-binding agreement), Sprint could go either way with Windows Phone 7.  They could keep everything under wraps and surprise everyone with a Windows Phone 7 or simply taking a "wait and see" approach (as they did with Android). Fared Adib, Sprint's Vice President of Product Development did say back in February, "Sprint and Microsoft have had a 15-year-plus relationship together. And we believe that the Windows Phone 7 Series will continue that relationship into a new decade." Our guess, Sprint will let Microsoft work out the kinks with Windows Phone 7 and eventually have a Windows Phone 7 device in their line up.  Maybe the Dell Streak Lightning?

Granted all this is speculation and the carriers still have plenty of time to throw in a few twists before Windows Phone 7 hits the shelves. 

We still have the nagging questions of "when will the carriers get these phones?" and "how much will they cost?". The OS was just released to manufacturers and best guess is still seeing mid-to-early November for availability. Pricing points are still anyone's guess. 

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LG C900 gets some more details too

As if yesterday's LG E900 pics, video and debunked 1.3GHz CPU story wasn't enough, this morning we have the same treatment for the upcoming (and U.S. bound) LG E900.

The device sports a slightly smaller 3.2" screen, features a 1GHz Snapdragon and has all the other hardware requirements we expect from our Windows Phone 7 devices.

The only other cool info that comes from the translated article is that the device is mostly metal, betraying its mostly plastic look. Because of this, the device evidently feels quite nice, giving it some heft. Although plastic is lighter, the consensus seems to be that metal feels better and we agree.

Check out the Android.com.pl for more shots of the device and if you're really hard up for media, you can watch the spectacularly boring video of it...booting.

[Thanks for everyone who sent this in]

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