Lumia 1520 with cyan

Here is what's new with the AT&T Lumia 1520 and Lumia Cyan update

Yesterday was both an exciting and frustrating day for Lumia 1520 owners on AT&T. On the one hand, the highly anticipated Lumia Cyan update was released, enabling many new features and tweaks. However, many users, including ourselves, quickly found out that we could not get the update unless we rolled back to Windows Phone 8.0. This update situation is not going to be a permanent problem as we do expect Microsoft to release an update to the Preview for Developers.

Regardless of these hiccups, we figured we would recap what is and what is not new on the Lumia 1520 with Lumia Cyan.

Lots of good news

If you followed our Lumia 930 OS and Lumia Cyan tour, there is a good chance you already know what is supposed to be in Lumia Cyan for the Lumia 1520. To put it another way, what was listed is what was expected, but until we had an update, no one knew for certain.

Luckily, our earlier reporting on what Nokia told us and our expectations are met. Most, if not all of the features present on the Lumia 930 are on the Lumia 1520. These similarities should be apparent as both phones share the same hardware. However, much like how the Lumia 930 and Icon do not have Glance, things sometimes do not go as planned.

To recap, here is what Lumia 1520 owners are getting in Lumia Cyan, which are not trivial. These features and changes are all in addition to what comes with Windows Phone 8.1, which are detailed in my review.

  • Bright Green Accent – AT&T is supposed to release a green Lumia 1520. In fact, if you watch their new 8.1-video tour, the 1520 used is said green device. We are not sure when it is coming (soon-ish?) but as a result, the Lumia 1520's firmware also has a bright green accent color. It rocks too.
  • Data Sense – Although everyone has Data Sense in the generic Windows Phone 8.1 OS Preview build, AT&T has never kept Data Sense on their phones for official releases. This restriction changes with the Lumia 1520, which now has Data Sense fully intact on the US carrier.
  • Data Arrows – Data arrows have been present in the Windows Phone OS for quite some time, but they were a carrier option whether to enable. Our hunch is they are part of Data Sense, and as such, users can now see the little arrows when data is actively being transferred on Wi-Fi or cellular.
  • Display fades on – This is a subtle change, but the screen does not just turn on any longer and instead, quickly fades on. This behavior is also present on the Lumia 930.
  • Performance – Perhaps it is new firmware and drivers, maybe its placebo, or perhaps it was the OS re-installation, either way the Lumia 1520 feels smoother for OS animations and scrolling.
  • Equalizer now works through the speaker – The graphic equalizer found under Settings > Audio on non-Cyan devices is limited to just headphone usage. Nokia has finally expanded this to the phone's speaker too, letting users have fine-grained control over music. Unfortunately, the EQ does not work through Bluetooth devices.
  • Dolby Headphone is now Dolby Virtual Surround – Also under Audio is Dolby Virtual Surround which is explained as "Surround sound enhancement for headphones enabled only for 5.1 audio". Functionally, the two may be the same, but it does add some new features like…
  • Dolby dialog enhancer – "Improves the dialog clarity for movies," which is pretty self-explanatory
  • Record audio for videos in Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 – On the Lumia 1520 users can optionally choose to record audio for videos with Dolby's new 5.1 technology. Dolby Digital on the Lumia 930 and 1520 represent the first time achieving this in a smartphone, and it should prove to be impressive
  • Brightness Profile – Users can set the default average brightness for their phone. Unlike the Lumia 630, which has controls for all three levels (low, medium and high), the Lumia 1520 now has a single slider. My guess is this sets the median, default brightness. Edit: If left on automatic adjust, you get one setting. Disabling auto-adjust brings back three presets.
  • Color Profile – With Lumia Cyan there are now three presets (Standard, Vivid and Cool) in addition to Advanced, which lets the user modify three settings, including color temperature, tint, and color saturation via sliders
  • Motion data – Part of SensorCore, Motion data lets users enable or disable the collection of movement information for apps like Bing Health & Fitness or Active Fitness, which can act as a pedometer to count steps. Motion data is only available for the Lumia 630, Lumia 635, Lumia 930, Lumia Icon, Lumia 1520 and devices with the modern Snapdragon chipsets
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE – Some Windows Phones had Bluetooth 4.0 LE enabled with Update 3 last year, but the Preview for Developers disabled it due to changes made by Microsoft to the stack. Lumia Cyan re-enables this feature for things like Nokia Treasure Tag or smartwatches. Official apps for smartwatches and other connected devices are coming later this summer once Cyan achieves a larger rollout.
  • Living Images – Also announced earlier, Nokia's Living Images briefly records a second or two before the photo gets taken. When viewing the image through Nokia Camera or StoryTeller, users can see the image animated, giving life to the memory
  • USB Settings – Currently hidden on devices with Preview for Developers, the USB settings are finally enabled with Lumia Cyan, bringing two options for users including "Ask me before using USB data connection" and "Notify me when I connect to a slower charger."
  • Miracast support – Found under Settings > Project my screen, certain Lumias are getting full support to wirelessly stream content, or mirror the phone's display on Miracast devices such as PCs and TVs. You can watch my demonstration of this on the Lumia 630
  • New Camera algorithms – For the Lumia Icon, Lumia 1520 and Lumia 930, its 20 MP PureView camera is improved. Changes include "much better low-light performance," "better colors," continuous auto-focus, better video quality and improved RAW quality. Continous autofocus works by autofocusing the image when the camera launches (and assuming the user does not use tap to focus). If the user steps back or forward, the camera continually adjusts without the need to manual refocus saving time and removing one extra step.

In regards to the frustrating 'screen tap sensitivity' issue that some users are experiencing with the giant Lumia 1520 display, the results are hit and miss. Some say it is better, others say nothing has changed (implying it may be a hardware issue). From my experience thus far, it does appear to be better but it is still too early to decide. I also am not experiencing the auto-adjust brightness issue where the display is unusually dim when powering on, though more usage is needed to reach a firm conclusion.

Overall, the Lumia Cyan update for the AT&T Lumia 1520 is a solid, if not unexpected, update for the flagship Windows Phone. The Lumia 1520 is still one of my favorite phones for 2014 and with this update, it feels even more refined and I am quite pleased with the support. Unfortunately, for those on the Lumia 820, 920, 925, and 1020, you do not have as many new features due to older hardware, but the Lumia Cyan update should still bring a few surprises and improvements too.

Now bring on Update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1!

Do you have a Lumia 1520 with the Lumia Cyan update – If so, what are your thoughts? Let us know in comments and if you need more assistance, head int our dedicated Lumia 1520 support forums!


Reader comments

Here is what's new with the AT&T Lumia 1520 and Lumia Cyan update



The entire process of downgrading and upgrading took about an hour and a half. Everything restored fine, but you loose obvious things like game saves, account passwords, and some app configurations. It was worth it.

why not?  To get 8.1 and Lumia Cyan on the 1520 you have tyo go back.  It's not difficult at all!

I noticed that there are 2 new features on my 925 (between dp and official with cyan) and they are Battery life last so much longer by 1day 15 hours for fully charged and the shutter speed on Nokia Camera is much faster. There may be some more features but i didnt have time to play with it. :)


The disappointment here is there's no option for DATA CONNECTION in Action Center and hopefully, it will be added soon since it is quite important for me (and most user, i think).

I think its about 20 MG.  On the Cyan update  it will tell you that you need to use wifi!

Me too!!! Saved all my pcs and music to my SD card and recovered 8.0, upgraded to cyan/8.1, and only had to wait for apps to redownload! Time.consuming but smooth and easy! Worth it!

I knew it.. And, as much as I hate that comment it actually does seem faster, and more importantly much more fluent, and smooth....
I've been looking for that WP7.0 polish for a long time, and it seems to have been lessened in WP8.0... But, this is the best its been in a while... So, I'm pleased........
This is also new...
"Use Cellular Data" "Don't Use Cellular Data"

I'll do a follow up post as I'm going into Boston tonight. Unfortunately, I don't have a second 'old' Lumia 1520 to compare it to.

I don't get brightness profile and audio update after Lumia cyan update on my Nokia Lumia 625 ! I am using developer preview with Lumia cyan. Plz help me.

My display is up-to-date but it does not show brightness profile setting and in setting usb option is also missing !

It's because you have the DP. On 'official' Cyan, there are a lot of optimisations and extras that have been implemented on top of what DP offered...

Revert back to 8.0 then update to 8.1 and then cyan. Don't wait unless you cant access Cyan yet.

If you are using Nokia Lumia can you tell me that in your settings>display do you have brightness profile option ?

Usmab567; dude, my L625 have the same issue as yours after Cyan update (I'm using WP8.1 preview for developer). My brightness and display setting is separated; meaning, the brightness setting is not under display. And yes.. There's no USB setting either.

Camera > Video > Settings > Surround Sound. Make sure your system apps are up to date (force check to get them) otherwise it won't be there.

Hey Dan, just to let you they that I can now use the 1520 as a a wireless hotspots on T-mobile network without any configuration. Before the Cyan update I tried all the various configuration settings provided at the forum but with no luck. After the update yesterday I tried to tether on my Surface Pro 3 and it works magically by default.

Super excited about the Miracast support. That was the one thing I really missed coming from iOS devices (display mirroring on AppleTV). Picked up a Netgear Push2TV for it, works great with my Dell Venue 8 Pro as well! So now, other than "The Simpsons: Tapped Out" missing from Windows Phone, I am fully happy with the switch :)

I really hope the others do. But the 1520 having it is a good sign everyone will be in luck.

I am still not able to connect to my Nokia Treasure Tag. It is giving error message that the bluetooth pairing failed. Also in the treasure tag application it is not able to detect the sensor.

I have the 925 and my main concern is does the official firmware improve battery life compared to the dev preview.
While they are different phones, I was wondering if any 1520 owners who downgraded then installed the official 8.1 update saw any improvements.

I downgraded my 1520 and installed the official 8.1 release. Not really noticing any improvements so far. Actually I'm still experiencing the same problem I had with Cortana on the developer preview. When I had Cortana pinned to the start screen at least once a day my phone would "lockup" and say Loading... and I would have to do a soft reset to fix it. The battery would get really hot and drain as well. After unpinning Cortana, no issues. Hopefully this gets fixed. My wife has the 920 running dev preview and has no issues with Cortana being pinned.

I installed 8.1 on my Lumia 1520 (from WP8) yesterday and pinned Cortana to my start screen. Today, I experienced that exact same problem. When I unlocked my phone, instead of my start screen, I got a blank white screen with "Loading" on it. Powering it off and on again took care of it. My phone had never done this before and I was wondering what it was. Now I know pinning Cortana to the start screen was the culprit. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future update.

Since the update yesterday (finished it around 6oclock pm) charging while updating and stuff. My phone right now is at 74% :)

I'd say battery has improved, and I'm looking the screen fade in/out. The only thing that hasn't been better overall is that the Photos app is not showing my images from my SD card (even after a card format and re-sync). It does show the camera roll..weird..

On some devices, yes. Not sure if all Cyan phones will have it or not, too early to tell. So far, 630, 635, 930 and 1520 do have them now.

It used to be with Windows Mobile, you could do tethering or reverse tethering. Meaning, if you connect your mobile via USB to a computer which has internet connection, the phone would use the data connection from the PC/LAN! I totally miss that feature!!

Does that mean I can use my phone as a modem to connect to the internet and browse on my PC? I think you should do a post on this Dan, could be helpful for many :)

Xbox Music sucks.

Out of nowhere, when a song ended, the next song wouldn't play. It played fine before, then the song before and song after wouldn't work either. Then, it started working again, Xbox Music is ultra bugged.

I am sorry.

I got the Cyan yesterday, and it comes with Windows 8.1, so with "Association" this is relevant.

Xbox Music for 8.1 is my direction.

I am waiting for VLC player, before I buy Music Pro...

I've noticed that the annoying static at the end of music tracks has now disappeared on Cyan...

Nice one MS!!!!

I fully agree with you, there were improvements.

I would have songs that are 3:00 long but the ending in WP8 would be 9 minutes, then it would count-down at the end bar, the song reaches its 3 minutes and the timer is like at 7minutes. Other players, computer-wize and my old Nokia(Xpress Music), plus other portable players, wouldn't have this problem.

The problem is not present in 8.1. :)

Did you guys with cyan on the 1520 notice any improvements to multitasking? On WP8, an app or screen would freeze in place in the background (webpage, app, etc.), but on the 8.1 dev preview every once in a while the app/page has to reload. On some web pages it will reload and go back to the previous position, but in most apps and pages that load additional content upon clicking (comments), there are issues. I really hope cyan does something about it, but somehow I doubt it.

I really am loving the official version. My phone was nearly unusable as a phone when I needed to talk due to poor reception/mic issues. It feels perfect now.

The send/receive indicators started showing up on my Lumia Icon with whatever that last update was. When the little indicator shows it shifts the wireless icon to the right. I cannot believe somebody let that out the door.

Yes, exactly that. I downgraded my Finnish 1520 to 8.0 so I could get Cyan and after updating the first thing I noticed was the WLAN logo wobbling backwards and forwards.

I don't know its been a week since belfiore said its soon , before two days he said they finished. It just last touches , I don't know untill know , I hope it arrives in the coming hours

Hi @Dan, I have a UK CV 1520 and last night downgraded from 8.1DP to 8.0, however there's no update available, when on the Nokia update tracker it says cyan is available for my phone. Do you know how to fix this?

One mistake in the article, as far as brightness control goes. You have yours set to automatic, switch it to low medium or high, the sliders will pop up for all three. Its only when you are on automatic that you get one slider.

Well hopefully on the next update ms/nokia will have a cellular toggle. Due to it being a pain in the ass to view pics or send pics in text messages.

Loads of people keep asking for the cellular toggle. It's not that important. Use Connectivity Tiles if you want that. Works perfectly!!!!

Thank you kind sir for essentially answering my tweet with an entire article :D (I know I wasn't the only one who asked)

Not able to project screen wirelessly. Searches for device and nothing happens. Have all software installed correctly on PC too.

The rollback was pain-free. A la WPCentral tutorial,

  1. Flash with Nokia Software recovery tool.
  2. Install updates.
  3. Hard reset.
  4. Restore backup.

And yeah, it does run more smoothly, at least on the 1520.

I hate the way those data arrows make the icon jump left and right all the time. Would it not have been to much to ask to keep the arrows inside the original icon size to avoid this? in India...with DP 8.1 ...experiencing the most pitiable situation...Nokia website says Cyan is Available in India...but with DP...not getting that update...:(..I hope all the features u listed here are there in indian Cyan update....Thanks for the info...

Tried it just as u said anirban...but its showing the same dialogue.." Your phone is up to date"..i think if it works.. Then definitely Daniel would suggest the same... Anyway thank you for the suggestion mate

U should install an app namely cyan update app from store.., that should give u some idea what's going on? Moreover India cyan update is only available for l625 n l925... Rest may be by next week

It doesn't work as it sees the software version as 8.1..... How many more times does this need to be said.


From what i understand you have dp 8.1 installed on your phone. If that is the case, you have to roll back to wp 8.0 to get cyan update as of now.

Hi sumanth...nenu ippudu try chestunnadi kuda ade...wp8 Ki roll back chestunnanu ...firm ware download avuthondi....:)

Really wish the EQ worked through bluetooth - don't see why it wouldn't work on all audio (music) that the phone is processing - either headphones, phone speaker, or bluetooth

The 720 came last when Lumia Black was out. I guess its because they didn't sell many due to the high price and low range specs. Still love my 720 though.

I still don't understand the order how Microsoft is releasing Cyan. First 625, then 925, then 1520, 1020. I guess 720 (that's mine) will be the last!!

So besides enabling Bluetooth 4.0 would I be missing out on anything amazing if I decided to not rollback to 8.0? Assuming MSFT fixes the bug that prevents Cyan from installing. I'm using the 920. From what I've been reading the "big" changes are for the newer chipsets. Right?

Hopefully the 1525 will be announced for T mobile soon. I'm ready for the cyan update. Hopefully these updates and new features keep coming faster

I did not see a Brightness slider in Settings / System / Brightness. I just happened to see the word brightness in the description of Settings /System /Display. The Brightness Slider that is in mentioned in the article, is in there.

I just updated last night, rolling back from the DP. It does feel more refined than the DP. I haven't played much with the new features. The only negative is I still have the screen sensitivity issue.

Before I downgrade and get cyan update, I want to understand... If I do so, can I resume the DP and presumably continue to get DP updates as MS releases?

The camera update is great, and I forgot that bing health actually can see the steps taken, thanks for that mention in the article. Overall update is good, but I am having some issue which I was having before in that the screen locks and won't respond to touch and it is as if the screen is detecting touch from something else. I can be in the camera and it happens there when taking a photo, sometimes requiring a soft reset other times on/off camera button on ... etc until it works again. 

This may be because of the screen protector I have on, which I may remove soon to see if there is any improvement in that. As for the tap scroll issue, it still happens but it seems improved.

Can you record audio for videos in 5.1 surround with Microsoft Camera? Or just Nokia Camera?

Thanks for the update Daniel you rock Bro....

Have you heard anything about the update on the 1020 and what is expected to be included? I know this isn't about that one, but it sure would be nice to know what if anything is going to happen with it


Posted via Windows Phone Central App

I didn't think it would because of the hardware, but if they were doing something with the software that can improve a already great phone, that would be awesome. It's still the best camera available for our phones right now.

Thanks again

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

It's faster and smoother,and glad to have quite hour and Cortana back after reverting back to 8.0 a couple months ago:)

I suggest you make a video on how to downgrade from 8.1 to 8.0 , I have been trying for almost 5 hours and ended up finding that the Nokia software program is only giving me the option to download wp8.1 which I already have

All I did was plug it in and click install. Once I did that the device had two updates. One to prepare for 8.1 and 8.1. Literally, all I did was click install.

Daniel - I would think that until the preview is updated to fix the issue prompting the need to rollback to 8.0...that non-Nokia devices are stranded for now?

They are, but like 90% of WP Lumia users aren't even eligible for Cyan yet, so best to take a wait-and-see approach instead of preemptively doing it. I mean, it's fine either way, it can just take 2-3 hours to erase/update/restore everything.

Oh, yep, no problem for me as my 8XT running 8.1 DP is stable.  Just might help explain why my wife's new 8XT is stuck at 8.0 and won't find the 8.1 DP at all now.

Just one minor point, Daniel. Although its a major one for me! Before the cyan update under lock screen setting there was a maximum of 5 minutes before the screen locks. Now the never option is present!

I have data sense with wp8.1 dp but i still dont get those arrows over my wifi. Is there a setting somewhere??
Lumia 720, India.

MS is dead slow in pushing the updates.... Nokia was much better in this.. and the worst part is, you have to go back to 8.0 if you have the 8.1 preview to install the Cyan.... If this MS trend continues, its hard to see windows phone grow.

Did anyone check if the WiFi speed is back to normal? With DP I have a horrible connection to any WiFi network. Sometimes it takes 1-2 minutes before it connects and with dismal transfer rates afterwards.

I would try it out, but I can't install Cyan yet since my last backup ran 2 month ago. So I have to figure out why I'm not able to backup anything. It always stoppes at 96% and a message appears that the backup did not complete successfully.


Wow. That's interesting. If I were you I'd wait to figure out the backup issue before doing anything else. The only thing I can suggest is to make sure you have plenty of free space in OneDrive for your phone backup.

@memristor. I have the same problem. I've tried five times. I have removed some files on my phone to have 2GB free. Still happens. @KMF79 , I have 100GB free in my OneDrive so I don't think that's the problem.

I fixed it by deleting the phones backup on the OneDrive website. But I still can't update the phone because it's a RM-938 (1520.3). I will have to wait for Cyan to be released for this version.

Whoa! This is one of the least bitchy comments section I've seen in a while on here. Look how well behaved Daniel was because of this. ;)

Two things that are still a MAJOR issue.

Screen tap sensitivity is abysmal.  Simply trying to scroll through NexGen reader accidentally opens up an article more often than not.  Same thing with MetroTube and tons of other apps.

But most importantly, STILL NO ALERTS TO EMAILS DELIVERED TO SUBFOLDERS.  This is killer in the Enterprise, where it is standard practice to have Outlook client side rules or Exchange server side rules that deliver messages to subfolders.  You get no toast notifications in the top bar, no count notifications on the live tile, no NOTHING.  You either have to pin a tile for every single subfolder, or dive into your mail every so often and browse all folders to look for any new messages.

Come on essentially invented and thrust upon the world email rules in arguably the most used email client for over 20 years.  You can't tell me that NO ONE on the development team has run into this issue on campus, or that they all just simply don't care.

iOS and Android don't do this, even with Exchange...YOUR product.  Built in mail, and even third party mail apps like Nitrodesk Touchdown get this right.  If you can't seem to manage it, allow third party Activesync based mail clients that can.

Until then, Android will remain my primary phone, while my 1520 just sits around as a toy with a better camera.  What a joke.

Submit this on the Windows Phone suggestion site. You make a valid point that should be addressed.

It's also redicioulous that you can't edit an email before forwarding it.  If you want to remove a comment from a  message that might be sensitive info, you can't.  I can't believe they want to move into enterprise without providing the most simple options.  :(

So backup, downgrade, upgrade, hard reset, and restore of all files and apps and settings went off without a hitch.  Was able to adjust sensitivity settings from high (default on reload) to normal, and it seemed to help with accidental clicks a little, but not completely.

STILL no fix for the multi-folder email issue, though.

Also has a NEW issue.  When taking a screenshot, it locks up the touch interface where you have to reboot the phone to get it back.  Does it every single time.  **sigh**

*Cyan update should still bring a few surprises and improvementstoo.


There, that's better.

Yes as you mention at the end of your article is unfortunate for is using a 920 925 or even the 1020 but in my country Nokia offers nothing newer than 1020. What are we to do. Not every imported Phone works for carriers in México.

Cyan looks sweet on the 1520. I can't wait for Verizon to get off it's butt and release it for my Lumia Icon. But the picture in the article, with that chartruse green theme --- Ouch! My eyes!!!

Anybody know hot to get the full size calendar live tile to look like the one in the picture in this article? After 8.1 update on my 1520, the tile looks the same as it did on 8.0. Or is this picture showing a different calendar app being used?

"Display fades on"  would be great if it is enabled in 920. I think that there is no hardware limitation for that. What do you think?

Was originally worried the update might not fix some of the issues I was experiencing with the Preview version. Everything is running smoothly. Loving it!

It certainly does, As usual, there are a few cynics/MS bashers who don't believe it, but glad MS will prove them all wrong!!!

I think its more fluid, it's more usable with the Cortana,VERY COOL, THE ACTION CENTER NEEDS MORE WORK.. ITS very limited can't change the 5 options on the top.. But over all its a nice upgrade.. Data sense is very nice... The calendar is very straight forward..

What? So the Lumia 1520 gets all the good features and the 925 owners get a less than half baked cyan update? Which is no different and no more stable than the dev preview? Come on! At least they could have given lumia 925 users brightness profile, its more than capable hardware.
If not even brightness then at least they could have fixed that 'popping' sound while scrubbing through videos. In the forums, as far as I know, even that is NOT FIXED on the 925.
Come on! That's no excuse! They managed to fix it with amber and black!

Even if cyan becomes available for my region and carrier before MS fixes the dev preview, I'm probably not going to downgrade. Too much hassle for a lumia cyan heading in the extras+info settings. That's all the 925 users het anyway, just a little blue writing to say that they have the latest firmware, very little optimisation afaik and according to the forums

Nope, your not missing anything. There are virtually no enhancements for any handset other than the 1520. Don't be surprised, no not even bloody brightness profile. I know, its sad. I'm very angry. I should calm down

Hey, can I ask you if when you play a video, and scrub to a different part, do you get a popping sound?

Just how confident are we that Microsoft are intending to provide Cyan download fix for those of us still sticking with Developer Preview ?  The aptitude from Microsoft so far seems to be to suck it up, and downground our phones back to Wndows Phone 8.0 to get Cyan.  I have not seen any suggestion from Microsoft that they intend to fix their Cyan download bug.

So much for supporting early adopters, it is only guys like us who are promoting Windows Phones to other users.  But this is all this silence from microsoft is just another kick in the teeth.

They did say that they are working on a fix and when fixed they will lish an update and also allow cyan to be pushed to phones with the dev preview

The Bitlocker problem will take a while to fix. It's not like updating a minor bit of software.

As Bitlocker is security software, this will need to be handled carefully. You may be waiting a while....

Love all the new features and improvements.  I was/am on the DP. Rolling back was painful.  The Nokia Recovery Tool process did not work for me.  I had to flash it with the Nokia Suite application.  The scroll/tap issue still exists on my 1520, but doesn't seem as bad, but still present.  Too early to tell on battery life cause I keep looking at the phone and tweaking settings.  I am also using the Bing Health and Fitness to track my steps so I am sure that is eating some battery.

I wish I had £100 spare to spend on my phone. Would have brought a 1520/icon/930, but had to settle for a 920, didn't know it and the 925 (would have been my next phone) were going to get left behind in the next update. If the 925 barely has any of the enhancements, (not even brightness control) than the 920 is dead if you look at it that way. :(

Really really really considering this ATM. I'm close to the edge, not sure if I should hold out for a fix from MS for dev preview or go forth with what AT&T hath given! What to do? I have a 1020 & 1520 and they are itching for Cyan.

Don't wait for a fix. Do it. Update now. I think that MS came across a major major problem, so go get it. I would if I were you

Me too, still waitning on the 1020 but rolled back the 1520 and updated. Phone works great but lost the option to choose search provider in IE.


It IS fixed as far as I'm concerned. A lot of others will confirm this too. The phantom tap was a big problem on my 1520. I had to modify the way I interacted with the screen. Lighter touches etc.

Now the screen is working as it should.

That shit moment when carrier locked At&t phones receives update faster than my carrier free factory unlocked phone. Still waiting for my Kuwaiti 1020 update.......

Wow. It fades!! Woo! Now an option between fade, quick turn off, and old TV flicker would rock.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Please take some time to consider those of us with 'older hardware' which don't get these features even with cyan. Yes you heard me. Not even a brightness slider... :(

has there always been audio scrubbing in the podcast or music apps?  I remenber not being able to do that but now I can.