Windows Phone Central 145 - Nokia numbers, Windows Phone 8 rumors and Games

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We're back for another exciting week in Windows Phone news. Jay and Daniel take on the headlines and your questions, including some Windows Phone 8 discussion.

Head past the break for the show notes and HD video. (Our apologies on the video as it's fairly laggy--you can do what we do and blame Canada)...

Windows Phone Central podcast, episode 145 for July 19th, 2012.

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Windows Phone Central 145 - Nokia numbers, Windows Phone 8 rumors and Games


What the hell?!  When did this happen?  And what's with the Blame Canada?  Are you jealous that the average Canadian is now worth more than the Average American?  Don't hate the playa...

Calm down, take a deep breath. Rene who handles our backend for the video portion and produces our podcast is in Canada and we were teasing him--his connection seemed to be causing the lag. (In fact, all our MN editors are going to Winnipeg next week, including myself).

No need to get all socio-political on us. Jeez...

Nationalism is sooo 20th Century thinking, btw. We don't play sides here.

you guys put it right, I think Nokia need to come out Ammo'd up and swinging like a windmill to create the next mass movement of users on different platforms to Windows Phone,
I think Disruptive technology causes Hype and excitement so getting things like PureView or NFC Wallets is a must if Windows Phone is to excite the public and entice them into buying a Windows Phone because of "companionship" with Windows 8 and Xbox but MS need to work on the software side of things to bring some weight into Windows Phone by making technology more exclusive in terms of feature set - not restrictive to make people feel they are being forced to buy a Windows Phone for the features they need but more of a complimentary set of features 

Ok I have a couple questions. I've heard and read some things from other tech sites that say that nokia is as good as bought by microsoft. Also people are starting to say (Sorry kevin) that blackberry is dead and that Microsoft should buy Rim not only for its patents but for its enterprise stuff. I know windows phone 8 will have enterprise things but could a "Blackberry" windowsphone 8 device possibly made by Rim propel windows phone 8 forward? How likely do you think it is that microsoft is/Could buy Rim?