Grab a great keyboard for $82 off with the Razer Huntsman Elite on sale today

Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard
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The Razer Huntsman Elite opto-mechanical gaming keyboard has dropped to a low price of $117.64 at Amazon. This is a keyboard that has sold for around $200 since it was released, and today's sale is only the third time we have ever seen it go lower than $120. That's a huge drop in price that likely won't last long. You can find it going for a similar sale price that's just a few bucks more over at Best Buy.

Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard $200 $117.64 at Amazon

Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard $200 $117.64 at Amazon

This is an "Opto-Mechanical" keyboard, which means it uses Razer tech that actually speeds up your actuation of each key to as fast as light can travel. It also has media controls, a wrist rest, and onboard storage among other features.

We reviewed this keyboard along with the regular Huntsman and gave it a Recommended badge in 2020. Daniel Rubino said, "those who need a competitive advantage, or who love mechanical switch keyboards won't regret this purchase." Razer adds a new spin on the mechanical switch with the Huntsman Elite's Opto-Mechanical switch, which requires less physical contact and has actuation that's as fast as light can travel (which I hear is pretty darn quick). 

Razer's tech also adds to the durability of the keyboard and claims it can last for up to 100 million keystrokes. Plus the keys have a stabilizer bar that ensures no matter how you hit the keys, you get a consistent and level motion.

Other features include a multi-function digital dial that you can customize and three tactile media keys you can use to do things like adjust volume or brightness. It also comes with an ergonomic wrist rest that Rubino said is "very cushy." The wrist rest includes a magnetic connector that both attaches it securely to the keyboard and enables the Chroma RGB lighting underflow, which you can customize.

You get anti-ghosting, 10-key rollover, and on-board storage so you can save different preferences.

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