Grab Alienware's 34-inch QD-OLED monitor with HDR for a new low price at Dell

Alienware AW3423DWF 34-inch monitor
(Image credit: Dell)

One of Alienware's most unique monitors with its Quantum Dot OLED panel, 1800R curve, and more has dropped down to just $999.99 at Dell (opens in new tab). That's still a pretty penny, but this same display was going for as much as $1,300 before Black Friday and only dropped to around $1,200 for Cyber Monday. Today's deal is the best we've ever seen. 

Alienware 34-inch monitor $1,100 (opens in new tab)

Alienware 34-inch monitor $1,100 $999.99 at Dell (opens in new tab)

The Alienware AW3423DWF display is loaded with features including a beautiful OLED panel, amazing HDR support for vibrant image quality, a high refresh rate, Nvidia G-Sync to reduce screen tearing, and plenty more. 

The monitor was first introduced at CES 2022, and we've been keeping an eye on it. The technology is so unique we haven't seen a lot of other screens using it, especially nothing affordable.

Even the basic technical specifications you look for in any monitor are great on this thing. You get 3440 x 1440 pixel resolution, a high refresh rate of 175Hz, and a true 1ms response time. Add on some other fancy numbers like an 1800R curvature, a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio for deep blacks and amazing detail, and over a billion possible colors. 

Then you also have Alienware's Quantum Dot OLED technology, which takes everything OLED already does so well and does it even better. You end up with wider color coverage, greater uniformity, and even better brightness overall. HDR is another tech you really want to see in your monitor if image quality is important to you, and the Alienware display includes VESA DisplayHDR TrueBlack 400 certification.

The monitor also has AlienFX customizable lighting, plenty of connectivity options including multiple USB ports, and more.

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