Grab this fantastic Samsung 32-inch 4K UHD monitor while it's 29% off

Samsung 32 inch 4K UHD monitor on desk.
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Earlier this year, I took a look at my desktop setup and realized that the monitors connected to my computer were several years old. If you're a budget-conscious person like me whose monitor situation is outdated, then you'll be interested to know that one of Samsung's 32-inch 4K UHD monitors is currently more than $100 off at Amazon right now. 

As one of the best monitors out there, this display supports HDR10 with a gorgeous 1 billion colors to really show off videos and imagery to superb effect. As a UHD display, this Samsung 32-inch monitor offers a resolution of up to 3840 x 2160 with hardly any bezel for a crisp and clear viewing experience.

Samsung 32 inch 4K UHD monitor | 29% off at Amazon

Samsung 32 inch 4K UHD monitor | 29% off at Amazon

With three USB-A ports, an HDMI In, and a PC In port, this Samsung monitor is ready to hook up to any modern computer tower or laptop. It offers 3840 x 2160p resolution and supports 1 billion colors with HDR10.

If you tend to struggle with eye strain after staring at your computer display for long hours, then this is a great monitor for you. It features an Eye Saver Mode which reduces blue light levels, making it easy to look at for long stretches. As you likely already know, blue light can also make it harder for folks to sleep as viewing it can suppress our bodies' ability to release melatonin, which helps us get sleepy. So who knows, this mode might have wider-reaching effects than you initially expect. 

With its auto-source detection, the monitor is also a great choice for anyone who tends to connect laptops or other signal-sending devices to it. This way, it's able to detect any device connected to it and switch to that proper source without having to fiddle with buttons or settings. 

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