LG's 27-inch monitor with 4K resolution and USB-C has dropped to just $380

LG 27UN850-W 4K monitor
(Image credit: LG)

The LG 27UN850-W 27-inch monitor is on sale for $380 on Amazon Prime Day. That's a huge discount off a display that has been selling for around $480 recently and really only drops to around $450 if it goes on sale at all. In fact, we've only seen it drop below $400 once before, which was nearly two years ago. 

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The price is lookin' as good as the screen

LG 27UN850-W 4K monitor | $480 $380 at Amazon

LG 27UN850-W 4K monitor | $480 $380 at Amazon

This screen is loaded with features, among them the 3840x2160 resolution on an IPS panel with great color accuracy. It also has a USB-C port with 60W Power Delivery and a fantastic price for Prime Day.

While this is a great monitor, I wouldn't call it a gaming monitor since it has the standard 5ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate. If you're looking for a gaming display, there are definitely some great options out there. This is more of a media monitor. It'd be great for binging shows or creating content or doing media work like editing photos. The 3840x2160 resolution is outstanding and will look amazing when you work with media.

The monitor has a lot of other great features as well, including an IPS panel that ensures great image quality thanks to its color accuracy and wide viewing angles. It also has a USB-C port with 60W Power Delivery, which means you could connect your tablet or laptop to this display to extend your viewing area quite easily. 

It also has a great design that is nearly borderless on three sides, which is designed to help with immersion. Plus, even though it has a stand that is fully adjustable, it also has the 100x100mm VESA mounting standard so you can get rid of the stand completely and put this display on an arm or wall mount.

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