Upgrade your gaming monitor with these terrific Cyber Monday deals

Alienware AW2521H gaming monitor
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If you've been eyeing a new display, there's no better time than Cyber Monday to nab a new screen, especially when they're on sale. Whether you need a fast refresh rate panel, an ultrawide display, or an OLED screen, we've got some terrific deals lined up for you for a new gaming display

Quantum Dot OLED: Seeing is believing

One of the more premium gaming monitors, Alienware's AW3423DW is a curved ultra-wide 34-inch monitor that packs in a bright and gorgeous quantum dot OLED panel. Made to match the aesthetics of the company's Alienware gaming laptops and desktops, this panel boasts a resolution of 1440p and comes with a 175Hz refresh rate, a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and support for HDR content. Nvidia gamers will appreciate G-Sync support, which will help reduce ghosting and tearing for fast-action games. And with support for displaying content in DCI-P3 or sRGB color spaces, you can even use this monitor for your creative workflow as well.   

Save $100 on Alienware's premium OLED display

now $1,198 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Alienware AW3423DW | $1,299 now $1,198 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Made to shine. Gamers will appreciate the color accurate Alienware AW3423DW monitor with its quantum dot OLED screen that's capable of a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. An ultrawide 1440p panel helps keep you immersed in the action. 

2K gaming with QHD resolution

Whether you're a console gamer or a PC gamer in need of a fast, responsive panel, Dell's 32-inch curved gaming monitor is bound to deliver. This display comes with AMD FreeSync Support as well as VRR support for stutter-free gaming. 

Save $70 on Dell's curved gaming monitor

now $279 at Dell (opens in new tab)

Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor – S3222DGM | $349 now $279 at Dell (opens in new tab)

Dell's 32-inch curved monitor delivers a more traditional 16:9 QHD resolution than other ultrawide curved competitors. This monitor boasts 1ms response time, 165Hz refresh rate, and the ability to display 99% of the sRGB color space for accurate colors. It supports AMD FreeSync Premium technology for ghost-free and tear-free gaming. 

Save $81 on Lenovo's 27-inch QHD display

now $188 at Lenovo (opens in new tab)

Lenovo L27q-35 27" QHD monitor | $269 now $188 at Lenovo (opens in new tab)

Lenovo's affordable monitor comes with a slightly elevated 75Hz refresh rate, making it ideal for entry-level gamers who don't want to spend a fortune on a new display. Still, you're getting QHD resolution with a color-accurate panel that's capable of displaying 99% of the sRGB color spectrum on the VA panel technology with QLED backlighting. AMD FreeSync is supported, and the screen has a slightly slower 4ms response time, but at $188, it's an excellent display for light gaming and productivity.

Go wide. Ultrawide.

A wide display will get you immersed in the action and is a great option if you're not playing a fast shooting game. The ultrawide panel gives you an even wider field of view to absorb more of the scene, and when you're not playing, this format is like having two displays connected side-by-side without all the complications of a multi-monitor setup. 

Save $150 on Samsung's ultra-wide curved monitor

now $399 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Samsung Odyssey G5 34-inch Ultra-Wide | $549 now $399 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

If you need an affordable ultrawide monitor that is fast, responsive, and high quality, then look no further than the Samsung Odyssey G5. This display comes with an UWQHD resolution panel that supports 165Hz refresh rates and 1ms response time. It comes with AMD FreeSync Premium support. 

Save $450 on Alienware 38

now $899 at Dell (opens in new tab)

Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor - AW3821DW | $1,349 now $899 at Dell (opens in new tab)

Alienware's ultra-wide OLED 38-inch curved display on our list is arguably one of the best gaming monitors on the market, but if you don't need the quantum dot OLED technology, stepping down to the company's IPS model will still give you plenty of features to love, including an ultra-wide QHD resolution 28-inch screen that supports a refresh rate of up to 144Hz, fast 1ms response time, Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate certification, support for DisplayHDR 600, and an IPS Nano Color experience for immersive gaming. And at $899, you can't beat the price. 

Samsung Odyssey G9 49-inch gaming monitor | $1,300 (opens in new tab)

Samsung Odyssey G9 49-inch gaming monitor | $1,300 now $899.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

This curved Samsung Odyssey G9 display is loaded with features including a 1000R curve, adaptive sync for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs, QLED technology, and a speedy 240Hz refresh rate for gamers with an ultra-wide 49-inch screen at a steep discount.

Fast refresh rates reign supreme for esport gamers

If you're playing fast-paced games and have a need for speed, opt for a display with a fast refresh rate. These panels usually have refresh rates above 200Hz, allowing you to keep up with the action on screen. Generally, the faster the refresh rate, the lower the resolution, so there will be some trade-offs involved if you're looking to stay within budget. 

Save $200 on Lenovo Legion Y25g-30

now $499 at Lenovo (opens in new tab)

Lenovo Legion Y25g-30 | $699 now $499 at Lenovo (opens in new tab)

Lenovo's Legion gaming monitor boasts a super fast refresh rate of 360Hz and Nvidia G-Sync support, making it ideal for those with newer GeForce RTX graphics cards. At 1080p resolution, this panel is great for esports gamers. This 24.5-inch panel comes with a 1ms response time, support for Nvidia's Reflex Latency Analyzer, and HDR support with 400 nits of brightness. 

Save $150 on Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor

now $199 at Dell (opens in new tab)

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor - AW2521HFL | $349 now $199 at Dell (opens in new tab)

Dell's Alienware 25-inch AW2521HFL boasts a speedy refresh rate of 240Hz and comes with a FHD 1080p resolution for esports gaming. Supporting 400 nits of brightness and a quick 1ms response time, this affordable monitor is capable of keeping up with the action no matter what you throw at it. Dell supports both AMD FreeSync Premium and Nvidia G-Sync technologies for tear-free gaming, making it a versatile option regardless of the graphics card in your system. 

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