Amazon Prime members can grab the Eero Pro mesh system for as low as $111

Eero Pro 6 Single Router
Eero Pro 6 Single Router

Today you can save on the Eero Pro mesh network system, and you can save even more if you are a member of Amazon Prime. For example, the single Eero Pro router is on sale for $159 at Amazon. That's already down from a street price of $199. With your Prime membership, the final price drops as low as $111. That would be an all-time low for the single router.

If you have a larger home or you know you want to cover more space, upgrade to the 3-pack Eero Pro. This version is also on sale for $449, which is $50 off its regular price. Then, thanks to your Prime membership, the final total comes down to just $314. That's an even better savings than buying three single routers, and it's also $10 better than the next best deal we've seen.

The one caveat here is that this is a Wi-Fi 5 system. The upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 is a lot more expensive and not currently on sale.


Eero Pro single router | $88 off

The single router supports Wi-Fi 5 and can cover up to 1,750 square feet all on its own. It is even backwards compatible and works with previous generations if you want to add onto an existing network.


Eero Pro 3-pack | $135 off

If you really want to ensure you have full home Wi-Fi coverage, grab this three pack. You save even more than buying three single routers and get a whole lot more coverage.

The single Eero Pro router is a great place ot start if you're looking to build a Wi-Fi mesh network on a budget. This price is uniquely low, and the great thing about the Eero Pro is that you can add onto it as you go. Buy one now and if there are still dead zones around your home, add another one later.

The Eero Pro system can replace your traditional Wi-Fi router and of course any boosters you have. It covers two to four bedroom homes in fast and reliable internet, and the three-pack can easily cover a 5+ bedroom home in Wi-Fi. The system uses TrueMesh technology and leverages its wireless access points for a dependable internet experience. It's also using Eero's 2nd-generation tech, which is a big improvement from previous versions. The Pro is twice as fast as the 1st-gen Eero and still backwards compatible with those devices if you happen to have any around.

The whole thing is super easy to setup, too, thanks to the Eero's companion app. The app provides you ways to manage and secure your network, too, so you can stay in control of your internet even as you extend how far it reaches. Use the app to get your Pro exactly the way you want it, then use the beacons to make sure everyone at home can connect.

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