This Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is $50 off and comes with a year of Amazon Kids+

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite kids edition was only first introduced towards the end of last year. We did see a deal over the Black Friday shopping weekend, but other than that it has sold at its MSRP of $160. Today you can get it at an even better price than Black Friday because the e-reader is down to just $109.99. That's $50 off and $5 better than any previous sale.

Keep in mind that the Kids Edition of the Paperwhite is a lot more than just the e-reader itself. For one thing, it comes with a kid-friendly cover that helps protect it from the wear and tear of a child handling it (and there are three options to choose from at this price). It also comes with a two-year worry-free guarantee that will provide you with protection should anything bad happen to the tablet. On top of all that, you get a year of Amazon Kids+, which is a service that gives you access to thousands of kid-oriented books and hundreds of audiobooks through Audible. A year of Amazon Kids+ is normally $36, and it will automatically renew for $2.99 a month after that year is up if you don't cancel the service. In total, you're saving more than $86 with today's deal.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition | $50 off

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition | $50 off

Not only do you get a new e-reader for your kid, this package also includes a year of Amazon Kids+ with access to thousands of kid-friendly books and audiobooks, plus a kid-friendly cover, and a two-year guarantee in case something happens.

If the Paperwhite is still too much, you can also save on the kids edition of the regular Amazon Kindle. It is on sale for $59.99 from a regular price around $110. This matches a low price we saw during last year's holiday shopping season, and you can choose between four different cover colors.

A regular tablet can be awfully distracting for a kid. There are so many apps and games and streaming services that it's hard to keep it under control. The nice thing about the Paperwhite is that while it might feel like a tablet, it's basically designed just for reading or listening to books.

The e-reader is waterproof so your kids can use it on the go or by the pool or leave it next to the sink. The Paperwhite even features OPenDyslexic, which is a unique font preferred by some people with dyslexia to help them read. And it has an adjustable warm light so your kid can read anywhere, even when it's getting dark.

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