Discover where you come from with the AncestryDNA genetic testing kit on sale for $59

The AncestryDNA genetic ethnicity test is down to $59 on Amazon. This price matches a low we haven't seen since March. Even on Prime Day the best price was $69. Outside of rare drops like this, the kit goes for $100.


AncestryDNA genetic ethnicity test

If it helps, there's like a 70% chance you're related to Genghis Khan if you come from Europe.

This genetic testing kit uses your saliva to collect and analyze your DNA. After you send in your sample, the AncestryDNA people will analyze it and uncover your ethnic mix. It's based on a DNA network that is six million strong and growing and covers more than 165 regions worldwide. This is one of the more popular testing kits out there and has 3.9 stars based on 5,483 user reviews on Amazon.

John Levite
Deals Editor

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